6 Best Business ideas that will make you money in 2021


These business ideas will make you money in 2021

6 Business ideas that will make you money in 2021
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1. Delivery and career services. Now, in case, you guys haven’t noticed thanks to covert a lot has happened. A whole lot has happened this year, but for me, one of the biggest things that has actually gone down is the fact that a lot of companies have realized, especially here in africa, that if they are not online forget it there’s.

Nothing happening. You know um that global footprint is necessary by being online, so people can actually continue to do business with you continue to patronize your services, etc, etc. Now the whole boom of e-commerce, suddenly in africa, ghana and elsewhere around the world has taught us that there’s.

Another side hustle emerging, because all these people who are coming up with products that you can buy online suddenly need people to deliver them. Need companies who are reliable and can deliver their their products or their services their products, mostly in a quick, reliable fashion and um.

You know if you’re someone who’s looking into businesses or needs ideas for businesses you can go into. I would recommend going into delivery and courier services just make sure that, especially here in ghana, you’re.

Getting really reliable human resources because i know too many horror stories when it comes to that. So just make sure you can employ really good, faithful people who will uh. You know hold your your company values and goals to the t such that you will not lose customers as you go along, and so, if you’re going to career or delivery services.

Well, that, for me, is one of the biggest ideas for a business that will do well and make you money good luck to that business idea. Number two apps and website development. Have you noticed how suddenly lots of lonely people are going online even to date?

You know all these dating apps are suddenly gaining um popularity all over again and that’s, just like on the relationship side of things, then again remember all these businesses, who are suddenly also realizing that hey you know what we need to be visible Online, we need to make sure that we have an online presence, are going to be looking for apps and web developers to sort of hook them up.

And so, if you’re someone who has the natural skill or has gone to school, to learn how to build apps and that kind of thing this is your time to cash in, and cash in big. My personal web developer will tell you he’s, making so much money.

Okay, so perhaps you don’t even know how to develop an app or a website, but you can pump in some capital into someone who does perhaps that’s, something you might want to look into because everyone wants to go online.

These days, and if you’re able to build them a really good website, you’ll, make some decent money. Business idea number three companies that are offering experiences. What am i talking about events, tourism companies who are promising experiences? That will be etched in people’s minds for a really really long time now mind you around the world.

Lots of people have been in lockdown literally since march. They’ve gone and locked down. They’ve reopened. They’ve shut down again boy. Can you imagine how many people out there just like really really trying to get out? You know and suddenly realizing that life is too short and they need to experience the world not wait till tomorrow and who are gonna literally hop in a plane the next minute.

These lock downs are over and covered as a thing of the past. You should look into perhaps starting in some kind of company that offers experiences, because lots of um people will have money to spend and will be able to attend these events and or um tourism opportunities that you create for them.

Okay, so look into that tip number four online, coaching and tutoring, who would have thought i mean gone – are the days that you know we would simply let’s say you were a teacher in ghana and you would finish your daytime job where you’re in class and you teach for x number of hours and then finally, you’d, go home and you have to go in home, be a home teacher to some other child out there who can afford or who needs extra classes.

Now think about it, you can actually reach all these extra class students at one time from the comfort of your home. If you decide to go online online tutoring online coaching is fast becoming the big thing to do.

I mean look at what i’m doing eh, who would have thought that i would become a youtuber and absolutely love the experience as well plus get paid for it when you watch my videos and so guys, let’s, not even Like take this for granted online coaching online tutoring and it doesn’t matter, maybe a personal trainer who can do like workout workouts that people can follow.

Maybe you’re, even a website developer. Anyone can tutor if you have a skill, that you can teach others. You have something there and it’s, something that you should absolutely milk, and so that is a business.

You can definitely look into and really it wouldn’t require. So much because it already would come from a skill that you’ve garnered over the years and will just be sharing or imparting your knowledge to others.

Arguably, this particular business idea could also be something that could fetch you some good money. If you are in the legal fraternity – and i’m talking about offering your legal services now there’s, lots of research out there.

There are lots of articles out there that talk about the impact of covet on our relationship. Suddenly, families and mothers and fathers are being stuck at home with their kids for hours on end. Well, i wouldn’t, say under the guise of lockdown, because they’re, actually locked down, and suddenly people have to face their spouses.

When work used to be a dis, you know an escape, and so you would realize that a lot of relationships are breaking down and breaking down fast. Now, if you are a lawyer or if you are someone who can offer legal services to you, know people who are looking to exit their relationships, will you not make a lot of money? Yes, you would take advantage of it and there’s.

That side and there’s, also the the whole new thing where, since everybody’s going online, lots of people, especially here in africa, are breaching copyright. Um laws right they don’t even understand how it works.

They are downloading music for free, they are doing all sorts of things that could land them in trouble and inadvertently will come to you for help right. So if you’re, someone who is in the business of offering legal services, this is something i would like you to watch out for.

If you do position yourself properly, trust me, you will be making loads of money come 2021 or whatever year. You’re watching this. In i mean a couple of months. You’ll, be raking, it let’s. Talk about cleaning services for a second, because that’s.

My next idea that i think can make you money, because suddenly people are a lot more careful about what they touch, where they walk, who they speak to, etc, etc. Such that cleaning has become center stage right.

So imagine all the healthcare facilities across the country or the vicinity or the capital or the city in which you live right. Looking for cleaning solutions, maybe you’re, someone who can manufacture, cleaning products and sell to them? Maybe you’re.

Someone who can actually get a whole or put a whole cleaning company together and try and get contracts from some of these big organizations. They will be doing you’ll, be doing cleaning on a daily and imagine how much money you’re, going to make just by doing that, and people become a lot more aware of stuff that they took for granted way before covet.

Hit you know we’re, washing our hands a whole lot more, so you can imagine if you could come up with a hand, washing solution that you know would suddenly be novell and everybody would, you know, sort of run to as an option if They ever wanted to wash their hands so think, think and see.

If you can develop this particular idea. I think cleaning services are going to go a long way very fast and are going to become very profitable if they aren’t already. As we speak right now so yeah, i’m, not going to stay too long on this particular video.

I mean that’s, really it a couple of business ideas that i thought about that could probably help you make some money in the months ahead, business ideas that can make you money fast. Let me know what you think if there are any business ideas that you think i’m missing as well.

Please write it down in the comment section that will be really appreciated. Plus i’ve got a big announcement come 2021 and i can’t wait to have your support as well um, so yeah watch out for it. In the meantime, my name is jessica.

If you like, the video don’t forget to like it uh, you know smash the like button. That is, you know, subscribe turn on. All notifications share the video and do leave a comment. I’ll, totally appreciate that until next time i say goodbye for now.


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