Cd Replication And Dvd Replication


Replicating compact discs and DVS that are suitable for sale at any retail establishment is an orchestration of marketing techniques and professional mastering of digital data onto compact disc or DVD media forms. The replication process for a music CD entails pressing the musical media into a compact disc using a master disc that is provided by the client, or a glass master that is produced at the replication company.

The music is replicated onto 5? inch glass disc medium, and then it will be ready to go through the phases of printing the artwork on the disc face, and reproduction of all artwork on the various sleeves that will go in the compact disc case. The packaged goes through a finishing phase where bar codes are attached and the compact disc is shrink wrapped and ready to be sold.

The compact disc or DVD can be packaged in jewel cases that contain two-panel inserts, four-panel inserts or six panel inserts. The client can select from 5.5? cardboard sleeves, cardboard wallets or shatterproof clamshells, or choose to place their compact discs in plain paper sleeves inside a standard jewel case that is clear.

There are three components in a DVD product and they are the DVD compact disc which will have a printed face that usually consists of a digital photograph, but it can be designed by the client using templates available through the internet. The full color images on the face will come from five color offset printing and the client must choose which method they want to be used on the artwork.

Many replication centers silk-screen printing on the disc face, and the offset printed disc faces will deliver the best quality in digital video disc artwork. The DVD case will include the printed cover art work supplied by the client, and the client will be able to design any inserts that will be included in each DVD.

The DVD replication center will require the customer to submit a DVD master for replication. The client is responsible for any errors or problems that might occur with the original master and this includes all navigation elements that are used for menus on the DVD. The DVD master should be tested on a computer system to ensure that it will operate like a customer would expect it to when they purchase it in a store.

For a DVD 5 replication, the client will be able to store more than 2 hours of content. The single sided and single-layered disc will hold more than 4.7 billion byes of information. A DVD 9 replication uses a dual-layered disc that is single-sided. This disc will hold more than 3 hours of content or 8.54 billion bytes of information. The HD DVD replication contains a single layer has a capacity of holding 15GB of information, or the dual-layered capacity will hold 30 GB of data.

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