Inside a California hospital battling COVID-19


What we’re seeing is like nothing. We have ever seen as coronavirus cases continue to surge in California and throughout the U.S. providence, Saint Mary medical centre. A small hospital in Apple Valley has run out of ICU beds for patients inside coronavirus.

Patients on stretchers lined the corridors of the emergency room outside a tent has been erected to screen and test people for covet 19. The pandemic is taking its toll on medical staff, with many unable to cope executive director of acute care at providence, St Mary medical centre Mindy Hickey, we’ve, had physicians retire, we’ve, had lab staff quit we’ve had nurses quit, we’ve had CNAs quit, monitor text quit people have left critical care and gone to other units because it’s just too much for them any more. It’s, really taking a toll on people. It is Carrie McGuire, the supervisor of palliative care at the hospital says.

Carrie McGuire

The death numbers are staggering. In my years of doing palliative care, I’ve, been doing this now 13 years. I’ve, probably seen more deaths in this last month than I have almost in my whole career and been at the bedside of that.

So yes, we want the public to take this very seriously. Cemeteries are struggling to keep up. Robert Gordon is president and CEO of the cypress lawn cemetery association in coma California. It’s, a significant up tick in what we’re doing, and it’s, really taxing our systems.

We’re very fortunate to have made some decisions early on to prepare for the capacity, but it’s a lot last spring. The cemetery purchased two cold containers used to store bodies, the containers which each have room for up to 50 people went unused into the fall.

Inside a California hospital battling COVID-19

California, the nation’s. The Most populous state, with more than 40 million residents, has emerged as a leading U.S. epicentre of the pandemic. Despite reimposing, some of the most stringent restrictions on social gatherings and business activity, covet-related deaths considered a lagging indicator in the pandemic’s.

Trajectory have mounted steadily in California crossing the grim milestone of 30 thousand to date, as of Tuesday

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