Marketing Breakdown Of Successful Solar Company


Hey guys Brent Hamel here in a new style of video. This video, what I’m going to do, is break down the successful digital marketing of a pretty powerful player of a specific industry. Between with this idea for a little while now and I’ve had to subscribe to reach out and his name kind of matter, or I whip up his comment somewhere around here right now and he said, can I break down the solar panel industry? So I’ve done a little bit of digging and diving it, and I found a solar panel company that is is, I think, is doing pretty decent in some of the areas in their digital marketing and what we’re going to Do is you and I going to sit down and we’re, going to poke holes in the stuff that they’re doing poorly, and I’m going to talk about how they perhaps could improve it? And we’re, going to also have a look about what they’re doing.

Solar Company
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Well, so we can learn from you know both sides of the fence there. So with that being said, if you like, you know just all the video and what I’m trying to do here, reach down in the comment section below and propose an industry or proposed a proposed, a competitor that you would like a deep dive Analysis that I’ve done on or a breakdown analysis done on very simple in this video I’m, going to go through Facebook, ads landing pages; Google Ads surgeon, optimization so on and so forth.

So you know without any kind of further conversation with from me, let’s, just jump straight in [, Music ], so guys. Here we are my computer and today I’m, going to be picking on, and I mean nothing negative by that semper Solaris.

Now these guys are they’re. Doing Facebook ads are doing certain optimization. They’re. Doing Google Ads they’ve got landing pages, dedicated landing pages, so this is like a really cool kind of you know, company that I’ve picked out.

I think, in terms of being able to showcase some aspects of digital marketing. These guys, I think, are doing pretty and reasonable. It’s hard to find some data, and I didn’t. Look too hard, no offense to myself.

I didn’t put in the effort there, but nonetheless these guys are covering the facets that I want to cover in these types of videos. So this is their website and it’s. A it’s, a reason website. I’m, not going to talk about this too much.

Yet what we’re gonna do. Is we’re gonna dive into the Facebook ads library and check out some of the ads that they’re running? There are pretty unique strategy here, so what we have here is a whole series of ads.

If I just scroll down – or it will stop here, you can see attention, you know LA and if we scroll down they’re being pretty geographical specific, we’re, they’re targeting of ads so kind of like a Little bit of like somewhat geofencing in some ways or it’s, just a geographic targeting.

I would suspect, as opposed to geofencing. But you can see here that that they’re targeting specific geographies, but they’re. They’re, trying to personalize the messaging to that geography, which is fantastic, and if we scroll down more, I think I think I saw San Diego as well.

There we go San, Diego, so essentially the same cool messaging of the ads in the same port, imagery, etc. But just you know attention San Diego calling out the audience that is going to be receiving this ad.

But if we have a deeper dive, we can see the stoles of ads that they’d having so, if we just have a quick look at their ads, we can see that the Tesla battery and solar kind of combination is is of the focal Point of their ads now we can see here that they ‘

Ve got a video ad and you may be out. You will be able to hear this, but we’re, not gonna watch. The whole thing goes for a minute, so this ad is kind of public the awareness stage they’re, trying caPSURE internet interested prospects at that Bakersfield or Inland Empire.

We’ll, see the video had four in Inland Empire, whether he look at the Bay Area. Here we ‘ Ve got another one for San, Diego, so on and so forth. So what they’re doing is they’re, capturing interested prospects and then people that I would assume that watch fifty seventy five percent or ninety plus percent of this video will go into a custom audience to somewhat see.

I would suspect these other styles of ads, which are more offer base twelve months same as cash, a get semper solar and a tesla powerwall. So it’s very much an offer base, but I think if they offered that straight away, it wouldn’t work anywhere near as well.

All the landing pages for these ads are the same. It’s, the same landing page, no matter what style of ad is is being shown which is which is fine. It appears to be congruent and we ‘ Ll have a look at that in a moment, and but you can just see that they ‘

Ve got a couple of different style based ads here and mostly all the same in terms of of verbage, but they’re only testing. You know that the same sorry, a slightly different image, which essentially they’re, both the same image.

Let’s. Let’s, be honest here, both featuring a battery that the Tesla battery it’s, a same core text and offer here headline a same kind of credibility, building factors all or brainy Khanna factors here, no testing.

This very similar stuff, usually doesn’t, yield all that bigger benefit. You want to be testing like with something of some substantial difference, so perhaps a radical redesign, a radically different offer, a rather radical different hook or piece of messaging to see how that works, and how do the market resonates with that? I think that’s, a far better tactic.

We can see here a slightly different ad store and use your solar energy day or night it that could be a perhaps someone that watches the video first and then goes into this ad, and then they see the off-road again.

That could be a more another step in that remarketing sequence, but let’s, have a look at there landing page. So we’re, going to have a look at their Google ads landing pages as well, and they’re. Vastly different to this one, this one is far better.

In my opinion, I think would be would be doing a far better job. So what we have here is a limited offer and we have a countdown timer to support that. Let that statement so that’s, that’s perfectly fine, and then we have a headline: get sent the solar into Tel in an tesla powerwall that’s, that’s; fine twelve months same as cash.

That’s. I’m, not that doesn’t make tremendous sense to me. I think they’re, trying to say that in twelve months you get your the money invested back to you, but yeah that’s. That’s a little bit that’s a little bit.

Solar Company
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You need to have some form of prior knowledge. It seems to understand what that means: get simple, Solara solar in tesla powerwall and pay zero for 365 days. So there we see clarification of that headline just above.

So i don’t think that’s, ideal that’s, make perhaps scratch that altogether and just have this one here you don’t want to be making people as silly as me think about this. This type of stuff, that’s, that’s, not a good idea.

So then we see it their first call to action and we’ll come back to that at a later date. So we’re, a tension. California – and perhaps that does change if we select some others, but we won’t bother with that, so it doesn’t really matter too much, and they start to build like a little bit of fear and pain here, just because California’s, had power crisis, etc, rolling blackouts! You know you don ‘

T have to be worried about these types of things anymore because of the Tesla battery war, so that’s. That’s. An interesting kind of play – perhaps that is real. I don’t live in California, perhaps so that is a major problem and as irritating people, we can see like a little funny Jif here of Christmas movie, that the title scare to my mind, but nonetheless, someone can perhaps give me the title of That in the in the comment section below, then we say more financial based offer.

I transform your house into an efficient, sustainable home for zero dollars down zero payment and zero interest for 12 months, so that’s, reinforcing this offer up here. So that’s, great we just to come here is, I think it’s kind of nice here that they’re, saying that the Tesla battery with this image is, it looks decent in my opinion, like you, think my Batteries are awful, but that looks kinda nice on the wall.

I think that’s, probably Photoshop. To be honest, but you know I mean what would you put it there in terms of outdoor in the weather and stuff? It might be a weatherproof, but just seems silly, and you know you don’t really want a battery being a focal point, but nonetheless it just shows that it’s actually quite decent to look at so moving down.

Keep your lights on when the power company goes dark again, reinforcing that that that fear and pain of of blackouts and so on and so forth, and as we come down, we see some some some gif images again with our fires that can call PAP cause power Issues we all just got flooding, and this is an earthquake so that’s.

That’s, an interesting kind of way to reinforce that. You know these things do happen in California, and you know this is reinforcing like this is somewhat of a benefit in some way, shape or form to the product that they’re selling.

So this is where we start to see the first benefit you get up to seven plus days of power apps, you know at your fingertips if the power cuts out that Tesla battery jump straight in and you can act as normal around your home heating cooling, you Know, refrigeration, you know all those kind of essential stuff – and you know non-essential stuff as well, is enjoyed.

So you know continuous power through an outage. You know so so seamless and reliable, so that’s kind of cool there’s. A visual you know somewhat of a visual representation on seven plus days, so it’s, easy to digest that information.

Then we scroll down and we can see the battery and we can start to watch a bit of a video about the battery. We’ll, just quickly see how long that goes, for we can’t see so that’s, not that that’s, a bit of a pain in the backside.

People do not like starting videos and finishing them when they don ‘ T know how long they go, for this is a kind of a cruel image of. In terms of contrast, we can see the light on here and the light on nowhere else, so it reinforces that that pain point it’s, I mean if you’ve app it we’ve all experienced a power outage Or some case – and you always look at the windows, everyone else having this and always just seeing black lights like wouldn’t, so not black lights, but no lights so that that’s.

I think that’s, kind of a cool image and the text underneath is supporting that. The only way that this image – or this home here is you know, has the ability to have power is because of the the tesla powerwall again we see that the next financial offer zero down zero payments until 2021, which is uh, which is in an okay offer.

I think that’s just one year, which is which is not too bad. In my opinion, no, I don’t think it’s fantastic, but I think it’s, not too bad. So moving down the ultimate power up, most companies won ‘

T tell you that the panels are only half of the solar, so solution, but it’s. True, so a little bit of controversy contrary and base, and you’ve. Probably heard about this before from myself, and I’m, a big fan of this people.

People love to hate, an enemy and the power companies are one for a large portion of people. They hate the bills, they feel like. The people are taking the absolute you know, you know, taking them, taking advantage of them with their power bills, jacking up the prices etc in efficient ability to supply power in peak demands, and things like that, so I don’t mind this little part.

It’s, a it’s more of a rapport building segment as opposed to a selling segment. It’s kind of trying to build rapport with with the need and desire of the prospect, as opposed to selling a really strong kind of benefits and or through a motion there.

It’s a little bit of emotion, but I would picture this as more as a rapport building and then, as this text transitions, it moves into again another little immediate energy demands slapping it there. So I’m.

Not I’m saying that the first half roughly is reporting and they’re moving into another call to action there. So this is another interesting segment here, just below where the government is paying twenty six percent of the cost of your solar energy system, and it includes the tesla powerwall so that’s.

I think that’s kind of cool, and I wonder if that should be earlier in the sequence of communication in this page, because I mean 26 % is a pretty decent discount. In my opinion, and the financial considerations are a big worry when it comes to things of energy consumption, so I think that’s, an interesting segment of the page that I think that I would test moving this up higher on the page and then Measuring was something like hot jar about page scroll and visitor interaction through video recordings and things of that nature to see how that that helps with the interaction of the page and conversion rate.

Obviously, then they ‘ Ve got some reviews, some some Yelp reviews, which is which is fine. Then they ‘ Ve got a Panasonic logo that serves no purpose that I can then I can think of. I think I actually think it’s, that’s just ridiculous, but I removed that because it’s, not doing anything in my opinion, but overall, I think a pretty decent landing page and then it gets a little bit More unique, so if we click one of the one of the call to actions, we actually go through a bit of a survey with a couple of pre-qualification questions, so I’m just going to answer them.

I live in Florida. I don’t really, but my main home in Florida. My budget is over three hundred dollars. No doubt that’s, a pretty qualification makes it easier for them to justify the sale of the solar system, so that’s kind of unique.

The next question: do you already have a solar system installed in your home? No, we want to try and what I think would be the best candidate for this survey. Did you know that you can finance your energy home improvements with assembly Solaris? I think I’m pronouncing that right.

Are you thinking of financing, not sure, although I’m, not sure, and what’s? Your first name, we’re gonna ask for an email, so my name is Brenna. Obviously, but I’m gonna put bang because that’s, the email that I Ben Rogers is just a spam email address and then I think 92131 is a San, Diego postcode.

So they might be happy with that, and then we’ll. Just go San, Diego see what we’re, going through pretty decent at this stage, and now they’re asking for a phone number. So what I’ve actually done is a little sneaky trick.

I’ve used their own phone number there and that’s, not ideal. What I’m going to do here, is put in my spam. Email address and then come back on the next portion. Just so I don’t get even more spam, then I already want and then the next question.

After entering the email, I’m ready for my zero obligation. Free in the home quote: please contact me to schedule ASAP there’s, no wrong answer here, because there’s only one answer, so, yes, I am ready, submit press ENTER and then amazing, one of our team members will be reaching out To you ASAP so that’s, a pretty cool kind of way to prequalify people.

I would suspect, with their Facebook, leads that they’re, getting pretty good volume, but the quality was a little bit low, so they’ve added these added steps to help pre-qualifier people out and allow their sales team to focus on more Desirable prospects so that’s, it that’s, pretty cool kind of feature, in my opinion and and something that is, is useful for many different industries.

For that reason of volume with low quality and if you don’t, have the sales team to support just pure volume, so pretty unique kind of angle there so coming over to AHS now or some people call it something differently.

Different eight reps or you know, whatever you want to call it – that’s perfectly fine and let’s, have a look at some of their paid traffic stuff. So we’ll. Also, have we’ll? Come back and have a look at their organic stuff here as well, so this is just the paid traffic overview.

We can see that they’ve, been running ads since all the way back to 2015. So that leads me to believe that Google ads are working for them. So if I was in this industry – or I had a client in this industry – and I have done things in the past – consulting with solar companies with tremendous success, I would be interested in in Google Ads based upon my prior experience.

But taking that away that these guys have been doing it since 2015, it’s essentially close to five years. So something’s going well here, but let’s have a little bit of a deeper dive and we’ll go into some of the key words, so we can get an idea of what, where are they allocating their Budget, so we can see here them segmenting or sorry, sorting by the percentage of traffic that they’re, getting via these keywords, so cost of solar panels, which is, I think, a little bit over slightly.

If you’re, looking at like a what style of keyword phrase that is it’s, not transactional, the cost is not transactional. In my opinion, I think that is a little bit a little bit consideration level, maybe towards like that.

The top awareness, informational type of of keyword, but let’s just narrow down. We just want to talk about solar, so we’ll. Just say that the keyword phrase has to include solar because we having lennox dealers and stuff like that.

So we ‘ Ve got some interesting stuff, such as don’t, buy solar panels. I think that’s, a poor keyword phrase in my opinion, what why would perhaps what? Perhaps, if someone is searching that phrase they’re, trying to find evidence for both sides of solar, which is someone really unique? But if someone is typing in that, you would somewhat want to believe that they have a predisposition to not wanting solar, so perhaps do not bid they’re.

The only caveat to that is that the cost per click is sorry. The cost per click is zero, so that again, that leads me. I actually thought $ 35. Is there so I’ll start thinking. Well, if it’s $ 35, that there must be something to that key will not be interpreted it wrong, but because there is no CPC cost.

I would start to assume that that is a pretty crappy keyword phrase. So you can see here that we ‘ Ve got some other kind of interesting keyword, phrases, son of a solar panels that could be a competitor to a bit of competitive bidding.

They’re triangular, solar panels, Orange County, location-based, stuff and J is New Jersey. Perhaps they do service New Jersey. I’ve, only seen like a bit of california-based stuff with the Facebook stuff.

So there you go hero program problems that’s, that’s. I think that’s, a poor keyword phrase as well, and then you know we can go through some of these and we can see that it doesn’t, look like they’re keyword.

Targeting is right on point. In my opinion, so they ‘ Ve got some work to do here and it doesn’t seem like they’re. They’re targeting many of the big hard-hitting types of keyword, phrases and a dress is not 100 percent perfect, of course, but there’s quite a drop-off here from eighty six hundred thirty six hundred down to you know thirty, five hundred And we don’t really see too many big.

That doesn’t count because we’ve, already counted that one higher. So if we just go through and we have a look and we’ll, just sort by volume, perhaps we’ll, see some other big keyword phrases, but we don’t.

So perhaps you know some of the head based kind of keyword, phrases, aren’t working particularly well for them, and perhaps they need to have a look at their strategy in terms of the head keyword, phrases backed up with Facebook and Google remarketing and Retargeting, that is the way to make the head kind of keyword, phrases work, so you know that could be interesting at some level.

We can see that the reason why this is showing up a couple of times that these are going to cite links so that that’s. The reason why this occurs, but the default landing page they have here is this page here, which is pretty damn poor in my opinion, so I thought the Facebook one was reasonable, reasonable, too good.

So, but this one is pretty pretty poor. So let’s, let’s, get the old spirit out and start poking holes right through this landing page. So we come here. We know where we are at simple: super Solaris, California, home so again, location-based up there mortal a defense with simple survives.

What does multi-layer defense mean and quite sure go solar. Go solar american-style so trying to you know a bit of people like to buy from you know from American owned or Schoen underpin. You know your local country, own kind of company, so no I don’t agree with that being as such, a setting having such prime real estate more to their defenses.

I said that’s, just garbage, in my opinion that I don’t know the understanding of that, but multi-layer defense, I assume, is solar panels and Tesla battery, but where’s, the Tesla battery? Where’s, the? Where’s, the definition of this you know I’m having to make draw conclusions myself, you do not want the visitor, as I said, if you, if you’ve, got a prospect as silly as I am.

You do not want that person drawing their own conclusions because they’re, most probably going to be wrong. So now we move down to a video in the video has no context to it. Why are we watching or why would we watch this video? I would assume it’s, not being watched all that much, and we would perhaps be able to see some proof here by clicking this, and we can see that the video was launched in 2018 and only 7,200 views.

So I would suspect that this video is not being viewed all that much because there’s, no context. Why watch it give people a reason to watch it. So we have a first call to action here and it’s a little bit of putting the horse before the cart and what I mean by that is they’re asking for marriage in the first date.

So someone’s first seen this ad and then they’ve, convinced landing page. We don’t know what multi-layer defenses if they’re brand new. The video we don’t want to watch because we don’t know why and then you can see my feeling of Joe Rogan and I don’t know what that is.

But and then we see a financial offer, but why would we want this? But there’s. No, there’s, no way to substantiate the reasons why this the CTA should have any action taken upon it. So pretty poor effort there.

We know you can feel the heat so oppressive summer heat is here. No, I think California is going into winter. So you know this is geographically wrong. We’re moving into summer here in Australia, so they’re.

Definitely moving into cooler weather there so that’s, that’s silly. I will put more put up or put a big hole through that. So we’ll, put a couple of holes and we’re just going to keep poking as we go down through you AC bills, so big you can’t bear to open the mail and that’s.

Probably definitely a fear for some people for sure, and then we’ve got if this train of thought is hitting a little too close to home, then to cut the electric company loose and etc. Now we see some bills here, and I assume that these are big bills in Australia.

They would be considered if these a if these are quarterly pretty decent people. Wouldn’t be too irritated with these, I would imagine I would actually be pretty. I know the doll is different, but I’d, be pretty reasonably happy some of these um.

Nonetheless, I’m sure they’re large and the context is right, but I’m going to refer back to these in a few moments. It’s time to flip the switch don’t. Let the Sun punish you, make it work for you: zero, zero down payments, zero down, zero down payment until 2021.

Yes, yes, you read that right. This is all salesy, but it’s kind of there’s, no substance to it. Don’t, let the Sun punish you make it work for you. It’s. I don’t, think people thinking in that way, but nonetheless, that III think this whole area is rubbish.

But you know that’s, that’s, my opinion, I would test it by removing it. I hope to be honest and then seeing how that seems seen the performance of that I’ve, actually read up the whole page, but nonetheless, for a limited time, we’ll move on because I don’t want to Seem too negative, but for a limited time free upgrade to a cool roof.

I’m. Not I’m, not sure what a cool roof is. I’m, not in the market for this, and maybe I’m, less educated than a normal prospect, but that’s. Okay, new solar system, zero money down tesla powerwall available now, but now again we’ve covered all this information in yet we still have no real hardcore benefits as to why we should work with these guys or why’d? This solar panel setup is good or it’s good or the right for me, and we have no reason why the Tesla battery other than the reputation of Tesla.

So I mean there’d, only pretty poor performance here. In my opinion, you can we see the that I think the same Yelp reviews. Then we see some third-party credibility again. We see this panasonic logo. Then we ‘

Ve got the 50 years patent protection, which is, I would assume, like a bit of a warranty, slash guarantee and then inherent third-party credibility with the tesla powerwall certified installer, which is kind of cool move to the call to action here.

We have no reason to fill in start saving. Now, okay, we’re, going to start saving, but what do i? What happens when I fill this form out? A sense of expectation uber is winning the taxi war, because there there there de meeting the need of of people wanting to know the expectation.

So what do I get when I fill the format? Is it in-house quote? You know something of that nature. So pretty poor form here pretty for pretty poor call-to-action. In my opinion, we move across here. This is where we finally start to see some benefits and if you think that’s, pretty load down on the page and their benefits out that great, to be honest, so we ‘

Ve got local in veteran-owned, which is cool. I don’t mind that solar panels made in the US again it’s, inherently saying that the quality is going to be okay, not the best way, in my opinion, si, but nonetheless multi-award-winning company.

Now there’s, a controversial character and he said something he said many things that are controversial and it doesn’t matter. If you’re loving my Haiti but Christopher Hitchens, I’m, not saying a fan of he’s at all.

But I remember me saying once I haven’t heard him. I haven’t. Read anything he’s ever written, but I’ve seen some quotes from him before when he said hey any. I think I think he said any statement that he’s not backed by evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.

So multi award-winning company, where’s, the proof of that. But I see no wards and that’s. Why I miss them, which I don’t think I did, and perhaps I just missed them again, but I don’t know if you’re multi-award wing there’s, no evidence to support that excellent, excellent Customer service everyone says that again it’s.

I mean if you do not provide evidence with a statement or a benefit that you that you, that let you that you have on your website, the customer or the prospect will dismiss that without any thought, because it makes no absolute sense.

This one is somewhat certified or made credible due to this logo that’s. Fine thousands of five-star reviews again Hitchens, is smashing these guys again. This statement is not backed by evidence. Therefore, it is dismissed without any thought, so just a terrible, terrible terrible section in our overall I’m, giving giving it like a sea there’s, only a few elements that are worthwhile again this page.

I would rate this page as a complete redesign. It needs to be printed off Burt and never to be seen again to be fair. I think they’re doing themselves a disservice. I may be wrong and if I am wrong well, you know I won’t a loss.

I’ll say I ‘ Ll say that I’m wrong, and but I think they can do a far better job a far better job. In my opinion, okay, so let’s, have a look at their search engine optimization – and I have found some some some naughty stuff in here.

It’s. These guys are doing some some naughty stuff. So we’re. We’re going to have. We’re, going to find some interesting findings here. So let’s start off with some some of the generic pieces of information, so we can see that they’re.

Organic traffic has been slowly growing over the last three approximate years, so you know on face value. Doing a you know, an okay job, more keywords being ranked four and being placed which is good traffic values going up so again substantiate about these two.

So you know no doubt they’re doing well. We can see that they were doing quite well through this period and then it petered off a little bit. You know, and that is somewhat suppose that we draw the line up again through this period.

So we could probably see that keywords were still being ranked but lower, lower, lower position. So if we Chris yeah, that is the case, because if you just have a look at the box that left between one and three hundred six and two seventy one – and that says pretty consistent through here but as we go up, we do say drop down to Roughly ninety and so on so forth, so perhaps that’s, the reason for the traffic value drop, but overall you would say that it’s pretty consistent again, ahs is not 100 % perfect, but in another way to see this, it’s time to tick this, and we can see that the positions 1 2 3 are slowly going up and if we just get rid of this 3 to 4 is going up, and we should.

I would suspect this also going up, which is good. So that’s, uh that’s, that’s, pretty cool! Now let’s, have a look at the cheeky naughty stuff that they’re getting up to so this just stinks of blood network.

Shane to say, but when you see so many links coming from decent, dr’s with high you arse or low deals with high, you bars it stinks of a bod Network. We start to have a look and that absolutely stinks of a blog network.

Like these, this is that’s, a blog network, this one just reaps even worse, so you know, but up here at an aesthetic clinic and then we’ll have something completely different here. I would imagine fresno solar company.

I mean these aren’t related, so stinking black synciq, stinking bog network there and naughty naughty in in my opinion. So i do not condone any of these practices and it is a matter of time before these guys penalized, so pretty poor, pretty poor.

In the SEO front, in my opinion, and these guys gonna get penalized there’s, just there’s, no kind way to say that and yeah they’re, disappointed disappointing, but still an interesting find. I think it’s, still an interesting find, so people are still seeing success with these.

These are these tactics. There won’t be long term. I can assure you that, so, if you’re, considering this idea, I urge you with every fiber of my being to say no don’t do this because you want to be building a business, not the building, a revenue stream that Will not last and that’s? What will happen with these guys so pretty pretty poor? In my opinion, so here we are some of the keywords that they’re ranking for we can see, the difficulty is pretty low, so you know they’re, not ranking for terribly competitive keyword phrases.

So you know we have to go down here until we see solar, MD FACS, which is not a buying keyword phrase and it’s got low CPC value to support that. Then we ‘ Ve got solar companies, which is somehow still a low key word difficulty like, but a by keyword.

We’ve, been that supported by the high CPC here and that their rankings are improving for that. So you know that’s somewhat interesting. In my opinion, you know that as it can’t actually overall, then we can see panasonic solar panels again.

I would say that that’s somewhat of a loose buying keyword phrase unless it’s, a DIY type of phrase, but nonetheless their rankings are subtly improving their okay and the keyword, difficulties extremely low solar panel facts were covered that one Interactive facts: again these are informational, based keyword phrases.

Then we can see here a pretty decent buying keyword phrase with the ranking of four cosmas CPC of 40 and a keyword difficulty of eight so would somewhat assume that some of these keywords are pretty low in in.

In difficulty, drink for but let’s just have a little deeper dive on solar power, San Diego. So here we are at the keywords: Explorer United States selected cent solar power, San Diego CPC of forty, so people are making money off this term.

We see a difficulty of eight, so you know, AHS are saying that you ‘ Ll need nine to you, know nine decent links to in order to rank on the first page, which is, which is nothing. We can see extreme stability here with the people that are ranking on looking at this for the first time.

So you know I’m touring the data, just as I see as opposed to previous some of the stuff that I’ve, been through previous. I had a quick look at, but this is for the first time, so we can see here some of the pages and we’d CD, ours that are quite tough in terms of their well-established, perhaps number one and number ten are the easy pickings Simple Solaris has a decent d & # 39; art served our ranking for this.

The do’s and don’ts so contrary and based page what to know before you get into solar panels in San Diego, so that’s interesting, I like that it’s completely different to all the Others, I suspect, except this one before you go solar, so these two are going down the same kind of theme and appeal, which is which is kind of cool.

If we go to referring domains, we can see there is somewhat low in some ways. The problem is, is that Yelp has a strong, dr, so it’s. It’s popped up by the dr and that’s. Why they’re, referring back into domains are so low, but some of the others that are in contention such as solar estimate, solar tribune and we’ll, say a live solar that have like we will say low here, but too modest D, ours that they’ve got links.

You know around that fifteen to twenty five. I would say that you could rank quite well if you, even if you have a load dr such as these guys and we could go into and have a look at the style, the links that they’re building.

But I reckon I would, I would say it’s, a very minimum. If you’ve got nine good quality links. Yes, you will drink, but I would say 15 and 25 and you would drink here quite quite comfortably. We could go into the on-page factors, but you know perhaps that’s, something that you know someone doesn’t want me to go into the on-page factors and things of that nature, but only wrap up the video.

You know this is kind of like a little bit of a pilot situation for this video, if you have any feedback or things that I should cover that I didn’t cover or deeper dives into some aspect or you even more importantly, you have An industry that you would like me to cover or a competitor that you would like me to cover smash a comment in the comment section below.

I would really really appreciate that you know this is for you and if you’d, like this style smash, the like button smash the subscribe button. I’ll, be producing more videos just like this, and you know with all that being said, I’ll, see you in the next breakdown video bye, bye,

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