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10 business ideas to easily earn money and change the world

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The coming generations are becoming more and more aware of the world’s problems and are motivated to implement changes. From being better consumers to having a positive impact on the environment, playing a role in helping underdeveloped countries, playing a role in politics, helping others, and even sharing your knowledge to educate people in need, more is done to make the world a better place.

This, combined with the desire to own businesses and be their own bosses, has led many people to seek new and innovative ways to earn money while having a positive impact on our planet. If you are one of those people, here are 10 business ideas that could enable you to earn money while changing the world.

1. Creating Chatbots

Though initially dismissed as a marketing fad, chatbots have proven to be extremely valuable to all kinds of businesses with a variety of capabilities:

  • Building awareness and empathy
  • Public opinion sentiment in polls
  • Conducting civic engagement
  • Help in the fight against pollution
  • Disseminating accurate information on public health
  • Encouraging a healthy lifestyle
  • Offering guidance to individuals

There are many chatbot-building platforms that allow you to build bots in minutes with no coding knowledge required.

2. Online fundraising consultant

If you are experienced in finance and sales, you can use both of these skills by starting your own charitable fundraising consultancy. You will need to choose the types of charities you want to work with and access the web to build relationships with those you feel most passionate about. From there, all you need to do is prove to them that you can create and implement well-defined and effective fundraising programs to help them raise the money they need for their cause.

3. Educational blogging

Do you read blogs to get your questions answered? Do you have a specific knowledge base that could be of use to others? Maybe you are an expert in all things related to travel, languages ​​or ecological living? Whatever it is, you can share it with others for free! All you have to do is choose a free blog template and write regular posts. From there, you can read about different ways to earn a living by writing about something you love. Some of the ways to earn a living include, but are not limited to:

  • Use of Google AdSense
  • Starting an affiliate program
  • Creating webinars
  • Providing online courses

4. Online Learning

As with blogging, if you have a specific skill set why not teach them to others. You will serve people, and help them earn a better living on their own. You can:

  • Teach college students
  • Teach the language
  • Teach someone how to do their taxes
  • Create an online course on how to start a small business
  • Create a YouTube channel to educate people about a healthy lifestyle.
  • Become a startup sustainability consultant

5. Developer of green (eco) applications

People looking to go green often don’t know where to start, so why not help them? If you know how to build web and mobile apps, you can create one that tells users how they can adopt a greener way of life. You can either create an app that covers sustainability as a whole or focus on niches like:

  • Energy saving
  • Recycling
  • Buying and manufacturing environmentally friendly products
  • Green life at home and at work

6. Uber driving

You may not have thought about it, but Uber drivers save the world step by step! It’s an easy career to start and do. As an Uber driver, you encourage sharing your ride and make sure people in your area get safely where they should be. You would also supply food, which would reduce fuel emissions.

7. Social crowdfunding

As in the case of micro-loan platforms, social entrepreneurs find funds for their projects through social crowdfunding. You can create a social crowdfunding platform that connects humanitarian projects with those who want to fund them. Instead of charging high-interest rates and fees, they are offered a promise in return for their monetary investments. For example, positive advertisements highlighting them as investors or lifetime membership in their corporate projects.

8. Creating an improvement program

Help those in need better yourself by creating a space where they can learn new employment skills that will help them get back on their feet. It could be a restaurant where you can train and hire people in need to teach them skills with which they can start a career or even an e-learning course in business, marketing or network development … the possibilities are endless. Profits from your facility can go into paying and training them as well as creating new programs.

9. Writing e-books

Like blogging, ebooks teach others new skills through a digital book that will cost readers a fraction of the cost of a print copy while still providing the same level of education. E-books are free to start and can be sold on huge platforms like Amazon. You can even donate copies to non-profit organizations that believe in your cause.

10. Establishing an educational tourist company

More people are saving their money to see as much of the world as possible before it changes. Not only that, travellers are becoming more and more interested in visiting countries where they can be involved in a social project. While these types of matchmaking websites do exist, why not start an online travel company that:

  • Educates people about the country in which they will volunteer
  • It tells volunteers what equipment they will need
  • It shows travellers where they will live
  • Offers an insight into the country they will be working in
  • Offers all-inclusive packages (e.g. flights, accommodation, meals, transport, volunteering etc.)

People became more aware of their surroundings. This news allows us to better understand what is happening around the world, and much of it is not good. Everything we do as people has an impact, and the business ideas outlined above are not only a good way to make money, but also to make a difference.

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