15 Big Changes Coming to the iPhone 15

Apple enthusiasts and tech aficionados, get ready for some exciting updates as we delve into the 15 major changes to expect from the upcoming iPhone 15, whether it’s the Ultra, Pro Max, or whatever name Apple decides to grace it with.

1. Titanium Frame

The iPhone 15 Ultra will boast a robust titanium frame. This material not only offers enhanced strength compared to stainless steel but is also remarkably lighter. Moreover, the brushed finish ensures it remains fingerprint-resistant, unlike its stainless steel counterpart.

2. Action Button

Apple is shaking things up by replacing the traditional mute switch with an innovative action button. This button will be customizable to perform various tasks, providing users with a more personalized experience.

3. Dynamic Island on Standard Models

One of the most exciting changes is the farewell to the notch. All four variants of the iPhone 15 will feature a dynamic island, marking the end of the notorious screen cutout.

4. Slim Bezels

Apple is taking the bezel game to the next level. The iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra models will sport incredibly slim bezels, making it one of the sleekest smartphones in terms of design.

5. New Chips – 3nm

Under the hood, the iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra will be powered by the A17 chip, manufactured using an advanced 3nm process. This translates to not only a significant boost in processing power but also improved energy efficiency, promising both speed and battery life improvements.

6. Big Battery Gains

Reports indicate substantial increases in battery capacities across all iPhone 15 variants. When combined with the efficient 3nm chip, the Pro and Ultra models are poised for significant gains in battery life.

7. More RAM

Finally, Apple seems to be upgrading the RAM on the Pro models to 8GB, a much-anticipated improvement from the previous 6GB configuration.

8. 256GB Base Storage

Starting from a generous 256GB of base storage, the iPhone 15 Pro duo offers users ample room for their apps, photos, and videos. Rumors also suggest the possibility of a massive 2TB storage variant.

9. USB-C

Apple is embracing the USB-C standard for all iPhone 15 variants, a change driven by EU regulations. USB-C offers significantly faster data transfer speeds, although this speed boost will be limited to the Pro variants.

10. Braided Cables

In a pleasant surprise, the iPhone 15 will ship with braided USB-C cables. These cables are not only thicker and higher in quality but also longer than standard cables, offering added durability.

11. Vibrant Colors

The iPhone 15 Pro duo will be available in four stunning colors, giving users a chance to flaunt their personal style.

12. Cameras

Apple is stepping up its camera game by introducing a periscope zoom lens exclusively on the iPhone 15 Ultra. While it may offer a 5X or 6X optical zoom (less than Samsung’s 10X optical zoom on the S23 Ultra), the 48MP telephoto camera and software optimizations could bridge the quality gap at higher zoom levels.

13. Higher Prices

With these exciting upgrades, it comes as no surprise that Apple is planning to raise the price of the Pro variants by $100. However, the addition of higher storage options may soften the impact of this increase.

14. Launch Date

Mark your calendars! Apple is set to unveil the iPhone 15 on September 12th, so make sure you stay tuned for more updates and exciting announcements.

That wraps up the 15 major changes to anticipate in the upcoming iPhone 15. Stay connected for further updates!

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