4 habits of financially successful people

4 habits of financially successful people

1. They set goals

Probably only a very negligible percentage of people become successful without having to work hard for it. For you to succeed, you should have a predetermined destination for the journey you want to take. Most successful people start setting certain goals at an early age.

With the completion of each milestone, one moves further and further. It is important not to stop, to actively set new goals after you have achieved the old ones. Make sure any goals you set are realistic.

Don’t let failure get you down, try to take it as a motivational factor, the fact that there is always room for improvement in your plan. Don’t think about what you did wrong, but about how to do it better next time. Celebrate even small progress and track your progress towards your goals.

2. They surround themselves with interesting people and are not afraid of discussion

It is no coincidence that Warren Buffet and Bill Gates were friends. Whether through school, sports or various networking organizations, try to keep in touch with people who share the same values, have similar goals and inspire each other.

Try to surround yourself with positive people who will give you energy, strength, and inspiration. Do not worry! As the well-known quote says “The scholar did not fall from the sky”, therefore do not be afraid to ask questions, and discuss your suggestions, procedures and solutions.

Constant questions broaden your horizons and others will appreciate your interest. Numerous studies show that communicativeness, the ability to work in a team and an enthusiastic approach to work are among the qualities that are most valued in the work environment.

3. They plan and save for the long term

People who are financially secure today started working to make it so yesterday. Being able to think about long-term financial goals, look for different solutions, and how valuable your money is and not just let it lie unappreciated, is one of the key skills.

Currently, when interest rates are in the order of one per cent, it is not worth leaving all the money in a savings account. A large number of alternative solutions are offered, which bring a much higher valuation.

Porto is one of them. Invest part of your free funds in portfolios made up of shares and bonds, tailored to you according to your willingness to risk, and let your funds appreciate with a return of around 7%.

4. You create your opportunities

Successful people do not sit at home and wait for money, success or luck to fall on them from the so-called “sky”. They look for opportunities and go towards them. For you, creating your opportunities may mean, for example, trying to negotiate a raise with your employer, starting to look for a new job, finding a part-time job on the weekend, investing in further education or even starting a business.

Currently, flexibility and the possibility of working remotely are very popular. Yes, people with an IT education, designers and similar professions who essentially only need a computer for their work and can work from anywhere are certainly at an advantage.

Even if you don’t move to this area yet, don’t despair. Nowadays, there are a large number of quality courses, from design to programming. It’s a hard and demanding journey, but the result is worth it. Be proactive

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