4 Tips to lose weight the healthy way


Many people spend their entire lives trying to figure out a way to lose weight. They don’t give much importance to what makes them gain weight , they just care about fighting the scales, in order to reach the ideal weight. In fact, this practice, which is often combined with “ miracle diets ”, can be quite harmful to health. In a rational way, it seems easy to say that it would be enough to focus on what makes us gain weight, but we know how difficult it is to change habits and adopt new behaviors.

For this reason, many people need the help of professionals to help with weight management. They are nutritionists, endocrinologists, psychologists, physical trainers, the most suitable professionals for the treatment of obesity and overweight. Often, a multidisciplinary team welcomes the patient who wants to lose weight in a healthy and definitive way. But as in any process in which effectiveness is sought, first, an assessment of the patient’s body composition must be carried out to then direct the most appropriate weight loss treatment. One of the most accurate tests to measure body composition is bioimpedance.

What is Bioimpedance? This is the most accurate test for assessing body composition. In just 30 seconds, the exam provides a segmented analysis of lean and fat mass, percentage of fat and muscle mass, BMI, total body water, waist-hip ratio and basal metabolism rate, all without needle sticks or anything else. discomfort.

Once body composition is identified, other aspects of the patient’s health must be evaluated. This is because situations of overweight or obesity can be derived from several factors that go beyond poor eating habits or sedentary lifestyle. It is necessary to identify the causes of weight gain, whether genetic or behavioral.

Among the best practices to lose weight in a healthy way are:

Look for a transdisciplinary team specializing in obesity treatment

As we have seen, following the well-known “miracle diets” or even someone else’s diet can be harmful to your health. To have a diagnosis of what is actually causing weight gain, it is essential to seek the support of a team of professionals. which will indicate the best treatment for your specific case.

A nutritionist, for example, will be able to create the correct food plan for your type of need and metabolism, helping to develop a healthier food routine that is favorable to weight loss; while an endocrinologist will diagnose and treat any hormonal deficiencies in your body; a psychologist will help with emotional balance and anxiety control; finally, a physical trainer will create a routine of activities suited to your biotype and body conditioning.

Get medical checkups periodically

The practice of regular check-up is very positive to help detect problems in their initial stage, making your treatment more agile and assertive.

The lack of vitamins, iron, among other elements, can cause several health problems. And by having check-ups you can detect them before they become chronic, properly adjusting your diet to lose weight without losing health.

Make time for physical activities

Regular physical activity is recommended in any situation, especially when you want to lose weight. Therefore, a sedentary lifestyle is an obstacle that needs to be overcome in order to lose weight in a healthy way.

So, find a physical activity that is of interest and pleasure. It can be in a gym or even to be practiced in your condominium or outdoors – the important thing is to keep your body moving!

Know that, in addition to helping in the weight loss process, physical activity will facilitate fat loss and the development of lean mass. Exercising will bring a sense of well-being and reduce the anxiety that often leads to overconsumption of food. Make time for you!

Change your eating habits to lose weight

Contrary to what some people think, “shutting up” is not a good practice to lose weight in a healthy way. Nobody needs to starve to lose weight! You must make the right choices and switch from low-calorie, high-calorie foods to low-calorie, but nutrient-dense foods. In this case, only with the help of a nutritionist will you know which replacements are suitable for your food reeducation program.

It will be important to eliminate the consumption of ultra-processed items and fast foods from your routine. In addition to causing various types of diseases in the long term, this type of food has, in its composition, excess fat, sodium and simple carbohydrates, which makes the weight loss process much more difficult.

Eating meals more often, but in smaller portions, is also a healthy weight loss strategy. Naturally, for this, it is necessary to give preference to more nutritious foods.

According to a study carried out by Ibope Conecta in partnership with Centrum Vitamints, 80% of Brazilians do not adopt a regulated diet. And to live healthier and manage to lose weight in a sustainable way, the adoption of new habits, like the ones we have seen here, is essential to change this situation and achieve better results.

Finally, it is worth remembering that many people who are looking to lose weight consider bariatric surgery . The procedure, in fact, is recommended for certain cases, but this indication can only be given by a specialist.

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