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40 Business ideas with small capital in 2022

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Local business ideas? Valuable ideas for your own business.

A local business is one that you run in your own village, small town or large city.

All activities take place in one clearly defined place, which is both a disadvantage and an advantage. The disadvantage is that the group of recipients of your goods or services is limited to the maximum number of inhabitants, and the advantage, is that when you hit the right niche – you have a constant supply of customers, even in the form of the same people.

In a business of this type, it all depends on your preparation and the niche researched. If you enter into it – you will achieve great success, if you fail – you will be at the starting point.

1. Tutoring

Many people start their business adventures with them. This is a good step, but tutoring involves researching what areas of expertise are being sought in your area. If you feel that you will solve problems plaguing society – act!

2. IT services

IT is still not a strong point of Polish society, so if you feel like a hardware or software specialist, this business is for you. It can also consist of repairing, cleaning inside, assembling or installing software. The costs are virtually zero, as you always have tools at home and the software can come from your customers. You can also make friends with a local IT store, from where orders can flow in as well.

3. Gastronomy

Maybe it is worth opening a gastronomic point with freshly squeezed juices, healthy food or maybe a point with delicious food? Food trucks are popular recently, maybe it’s time to invest your time and money in it if this is your passion.

4. Cafe or Ice Cream Shop

Especially in highly touristic places, such points are very popular and have above-average profits in the season. Or maybe a niche cafe? Recently, cat cafes or cafes with board games are popular. Stand out from the competition!

5. Instructor of skiing, swimming, diving, fitness

Do you have any passion? Become an instructor and teach others for money. It’s a perfect business idea! For example, an hour of skiing lessons costs about $15. Similar rates apply for learning to swim, learning to play tennis, horse riding, etc. In addition, you can organize camps, and group activities and hire additional people, thanks to which you will develop your business and increase your profits.

6. Broadly understood consulting

Everyone needs the support and words of an expert in an unknown field. If you can advise, for example: when obtaining grants, writing applications, or writing a CV, you can open a niche business.

7. Dietary catering

Probably everyone dreams of having only tasty, homemade dishes on his table every day or on special occasions. Unfortunately, desires don’t always go hand in hand with skill, so this is where you can step in and offer your custom cooking services. If you meet the basic condition, i.e. cook well, you can count on constant orders not only during the season of weddings and communions.

8. Discover your talent – Course of beautician, masseur etc.

Take a course in your city, maybe you will discover your talent or passion? Try something new that you enjoy. Let’s say you take a massage course and maybe this is your perfect business and company idea? Earn up to $15-$20 per hour of massage. However, remember that you must be a specialist and have extensive knowledge in the industry and keep developing.

9. Hand-made production

Handicraft is your passion? Turn your interests into business! If you can create unique bracelets, earrings or embroidery, you can start selling your products. Among the inhabitants of your city or district, there will certainly be people who will appreciate your work. In addition, you can also sell at regular cultural events: festivals, fairs, church fairs, or in open-air museums. There you can get new recipients who came from outside the area, thanks to which your business will grow.

10. Franchise

Open a franchise company. What is it about? You open a point under a well-known brand, such as Żabka, McDonald, Pizzeria and many other companies that provide you with their brand in return for giving away a part of the profits or a franchise fee. There are several hundred companies in Poland that can give you their brand in return for running a point in their city.

11. Organizing events

The event industry is demanding. Working in the organization of events requires you to have networking skills, as they play a significant role. If you can talk and negotiate effectively – it’s worth thinking about creating an event brand.

12. Real estate industry

Real estate trading can still generate profits. If there is no professional real estate agency in your area – maybe this is an opportunity for you?

13. Photography

To take good quality photos, you just need to invest in photographic equipment, complete the course and start working on your own skills. The last element is especially important because it is the photographer’s skills that play the most important role. The photographer’s salary ranges from $110 to $650 for the event. You can also do photo shoots or sell rights to your photos online.

14. Cleaning

Everyone can clean, which is why this type of activity is aimed at people of all sexes and ages. You can start a cleaning company. No job is a disgrace, and many people need a person who will clean the office or apartment for an appropriate fee.

15. Skiing, swimming, diving and fitness instructor

Keep your eyes peeled and talk to people. The idea for the company will come to you by itself. Walk around the city and chat with friends and loved ones to find the perfect way to do business.

16. Agritourism

If you have a house in the countryside or you intend to buy one, it is worth considering arranging agritourism there. It is an increasingly popular way to spend weekends or holidays. Even in a little touristic area, in addition to resting, you can offer guests many attractions, such as learning how to cook regional dishes, growing interesting plants or taking a close look at animal husbandry.

17. Commercial fishery

You like water, fishing is your passion. Combine pleasure with earning and invest in a commercial fishery. There will always be a lot of enthusiasts to fish without a fishing card. It is also worth opening a small fish fryer, necessarily with fries, for people who do not necessarily want to fish but want fresh fish.

18. Car wash

Car washing can turn out to be a pretty good business. You don’t have to invest in a professional large car wash right away. In the beginning, all you need is a square with appropriate drainage of dirty water and appropriate utensils. It is important to do it carefully and with passion. Customers will appreciate it.

19. Car Repair

If you like cars, you know them well, and you enjoy spinning your engine, maybe you should consider a small car repair company. A good car mechanic is always in demand, so there is no need to be afraid of competition.

20. Wedding consulting

A wedding is like a fairy tale or completely crazy. What does a young couple really want? If you like to advise, you know how to arrange parties, you can perfect everything, then thanks to you, future spouses will be able to organize a wedding and a dream wedding. Wedding counselling is a big challenge, but also a great satisfaction from the fulfilment of desires.

21. Babysitter

It often happens that parents have no one to leave their children with, but have to go out. Therefore, babysitting can be a great business idea, as long as you like children and have the right approach to them. If you’ve been caring for your neighbours’ or friends’ children before, ask them for references. They will be very useful in building the company’s credibility.

22. Small tailoring services

We buy most of our clothes in stores today, but often we need to modify something in them, e.g. narrow or short. If you like to sew and you do it well, it might be worth advertising your services. There will be plenty of people willing to sew a zipper or shorten trousers or a skirt.

23. Beekeeping

This could be the business of a lifetime. In the beginning, however, you need to learn about bees and their breeding. All beekeepers appreciate this lifestyle very much. Good, organic honey will always be valued, and it is you who can provide it. In the beginning, beekeeping can be treated as a hobby, and only after some time, it can be turned into a profitable business.

24. Growing organic herbs

The fashion for ecology does not pass. If you live in an area with no industry and you have a patch of land or can lease it, why not think about growing herbs. Fresh and dried organically grown herbs will always find buyers. Or maybe the cultivation of edible flowers, which are becoming more and more popular in Polish cuisine.

25. Manufacture and sale of ecological cosmetics

You don’t need to be a cosmetologist to create a good cosmetic with herbs or herbal infusions. You can deliver them to a small group of recipients at the beginning. Many people are eager to buy such niche cosmetics or handmade soaps. You, on the other hand, can give free rein to your creativity and earn money on it.

26. Antique trade

This is a great way to earn money for people who like antiques and know about them at least a little. More and more people are looking for old items to beautify their homes and give them a special atmosphere. It is worth taking advantage of the demand for such things. There are still lofts in many of them and in the cellars you can find real gems. And you have to remember that items from the Polish People’s Republic are also antiquities.

27. Interior arrangement

Your friend does not know how to decorate an apartment, and is it a pure pleasure for you? Do you have good taste and your apartment is simply delightful? Start making money on it. There are really a lot of people like my friend. Advice on how to arrange an apartment, house or just a room can be your calling and a real chance for success.

28. Making greeting cards

Admittedly, we make wishes for various occasions by phone or e-mail more and more often, but there are still occasions when a greeting card is necessary. You can buy prefabs, but many people are looking for something original. You can sell handmade cards at various fairs and fairs and online.

29. Car rental

Have you needed a car more than once and had no one to borrow from? Definitely. So maybe it is worth investing in car rental. It can be both a car rental for everyday use (because your own is being repaired) or a rental for special occasions, e.g. for weddings, communions or other celebrations. More and more often, for example, high school graduates want to come by limousine or a vintage car.

30. Elderly Care and Caring for the Disabled

These services will be increasingly needed. So if you like to look after someone, think about doing it professionally. Helping parents care for a disabled child can be very useful to them, and for you, it is a way of doing business. It is similar to caring for Elderly people. In Western countries, it is one of the fastest growing service sectors, so it may be worth investing in it also in Poland.

31. Microbrewery

Home brewing is becoming more and more popular. Maybe it’s a good idea to turn this hobby into a business and start producing more beer for sale. Beer from small, local breweries is gaining more and more popular among lovers of this golden drink. So if you like beer, you make it yourself and it’s not only delicious but also original, think of it as a business.

32. Tourist guide

It is a job for people who like tourism, have knowledge about the region and want to pass it on to others. You can also specialize in trips abroad, but a good knowledge of a foreign language is important here. You should also remember that you need special qualifications to tour the Polish mountains, which you get after the training and exam.

33. Organization of training

It’s a great business as long as you can easily handle and coordinate multiple threads at once. It is important that the individual elements of each training are matched in detail. And since the demand for various types of training and workshops is constantly growing, the chance for good earnings is high.

34. Learning to play an instrument

If you play an instrument well, maybe you should think about teaching it to others. There are many people of all ages (often older) who would like to be able to play, but don’t really know how to go about it. You can help them with this and earn money at the same time. And you have to remember that they don’t want to be virtuosos, they just want to play for fun.

35. Baking cakes to order

If your cakes are loved not only by your family, but also by your neighbours and friends, and you love baking them, it gives you great pleasure and turns them into your business. Start baking custom-made cakes – name days, communions, and weddings are just some of the events where good cake is appreciated. Eager for good, homemade pastries will always be found. Also, remember about advertising, although it is often replaced by word of mouth.

36. The handyman

Repairing a tap, or an electrical outlet or replacing the hinge in the cabinet is no problem for you. You can deal with virtually any problem at home. And did you know that the demand for such services is quite high? Start earning money from your handyman skills. You will see how many volunteers will come to you.

37. Repair of computers

Hardly anyone can imagine life without a computer. And these, unfortunately, sometimes break down. If you can repair computers, take advantage of it and do it professionally. This is a great way to do business because there are not many companies repairing computer equipment, and every customer wants to have their equipment repaired as soon as possible.

38. Restoring old furniture

The fashion for old furniture does not pass but is even developing. Therefore, it can be a great business to restore and sell old furniture. This, of course, requires some knowledge of wood and manual skills. However, in addition to earning, there is also satisfaction from the saved beautiful piece of furniture.

39. Occasional decorator

This business will be great for people who have an artistic flair. It consists in making occasional decorations in companies, shops and offices. Instead of a traditional Christmas tree, the decorator can propose original decorations or an unusual Christmas tree, tailored to the company’s profile.

40. Event animator

He is an increasingly popular figure at all kinds of games, parties and meetings. A party animator is more than a fan. It organizes the event, proposes various attractions and encourages participants to have fun. If these are your moods, then maybe this is the idea for your new job.


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