5 ways to automate security testing in DevSecOps

DevOps have completely changed the way IT businesses used to function previously. Before its release, the automation and will to innovate businesses across IT hubs were almost unthinkable. However, DevOps has taken that task upon itself to take the operations done by IT businesses to the next level. It has already started to shift the majority of IT company’s focus on its platform due to the benefits it is said to provide in its incorporation. Speed and upscaling are expected benefits your business can enjoy once DevOps is fully integrated. Due to how these companies operate in the market, experiencing security breaches is a common issue for IT businesses. Hence, one of the significant reasons behind DevOps popularity is the security enhancement it brings to the overall server in your business. 

What do you mean by DevSecOps automation?

The automated security testing offered by DevSecOps is popular for its mechanism to detect any potential security flaws in the business software that might cause heavy repercussions later. The chances of any security breach happening reduces significantly when the DevSecOps automation program is instilled in your business. DevSecOps is the combination of Dev, security, and operations that not only takes care of external threats but also ensures the coding isn’t done in an improper manner. Moreover, when you have DevSecOps on your side, you wouldn’t have to individually recruit other security teams in your business, as this software will be enough. Hence, it will save your business the additional cost that could go towards hiring new people into your workforce. 

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Steps to build an Effective DevSecOps automation strategy

If you are impressed with how DevSecOps could improve your IT business, here are some ways you can strategize your DevSecOps automation plan. Every business software has its pros and cons, which you need to remember in the back of your head while trying to work with DevSecOps. 

  • Reconcile the need for you to use DevSecOps.

The first and foremost thing you need to do before incorporating DevSecOps into your business would be to identify the purpose for which you need it. So many tools are available in DevSecOps that sometimes it could even overwhelm you with its sheer aura. In most instances, DevSecOps is used to enhance the security of a business by using the tools and techniques it has at its disposal. Therefore, you need to choose a specific bunch of tools that can close out the security needs of your business and help you use the resources efficiently. 

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  • Double-checking the application codes

Nowadays, most software development of businesses is taken care of by third-party coders who use their capabilities in the open-source platform provided to them. Due to it being an open source with third-party wranglers, many bugs and flaws come alongside it. To help detect such problems before they become significant issues is one of the major tasks of DevSecOps automation. With the help of this platform, you can ensure that the coding of your software is security checked to clear it as non-vulnerable. Doing this later will not create any problems for your system software, as third-party coding will be checked efficiently. 

  • Picking up the right tools

When you come across a DevSecOps automation tool for the first time, you need to keep your strategy in check to ensure you pick the right tools. There is no shortage or limitation of tools that could improve your IT business when it comes to DevSecOps. But only by picking up the right ones can you improve your business’s shortcomings. One of the few things you must look at in your DevSecOps should be its speed, accuracy, and ability to manage tasks efficiently. If all the above criteria are met, you can pick the toll that you find most suitable or relevant to your business. 

  • Keeping a close eye on the whole process

Previously, picking the right tools could be your only task in DevSecOps. However, it is different from that, as you need to constantly monitor the work you leave in the hands of DevSecOps. While the process goes on, there could be inevitable hiccups here and there, which you might need to sort out at that time only. 

In such cases, only through close monitoring can you detect the problems that might be going on in your business. Moreover, doing so will help your team identify the problems and find feasible solutions that could help sort those out as quickly as possible. Additionally, your business wouldn’t even have to spend any extra capital in solving your customer’s problems as everything could be sorted out beforehand. 

  • Training and development of your employees

The most crucial part of a business when it comes to implementing a new software like DevSecOps would be to train and develop its employees efficiently. If your workforce isn’t aware of all the technicalities involving the new software, then you might not be able to use DevSecOps to your advantage. Therefore, distributing training modules to your employees and helping them learn about DevSecOps in detail could greatly benefit your business. Moreover, having DevSecOps is a matter of security, so employees overseeing its application would play a significant part in your business. 

5 ways to automate security testing in DevSecOps

Advantages of using DevSecOps automation

When you have successfully formalized the perfect strategy regarding DevSecOps automation. The next step would be to learn the benefits it can bring to your IT business, and its speed and accuracy could elevate your business to extraordinary heights. Hence here are a few of those benefits which we have provided a listicle of for you to understand the capability of DevSecOps effectively. 

  • Eliminates the need for manual operation

From the name of DevSecOps automation itself, you can probably guess the reason behind its popularity in the IT sector. The workload for an IT business seems to stay the same as most companies operate 24/7, even though most of their employees go back home. 

Moreover, security breaches are often in IT businesses because of how these companies conduct themselves across the market. These software development companies face regular issues regarding bug fixes, coding problems, server crashes, and many more. All such things could be easily automated if you integrate DevSecOps automation into your company grounds. 

Artificial intelligence has indeed made its presence felt across various businesses. Still, the place where it has made the most impact is IT companies with its incorporation in major software like DevSecOps automation, to name some. With modern technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence, any potential threat looming around your business could be detected much earlier. DevSecOps could sort out any problem regarding incorrect coding or such related operations in an instant without causing the business to worry. 

Suppose a business needs to try its best to innovate itself by putting to use all the latest technologies like DevSecOps into its business. In that case, it could fall prey against other similar companies. Moreover, the competition across IT sector businesses is much larger than other categories of companies as there are a lot of similarities among them. 

When you have software like DevSecOps in your business, managing any task that needs an urgent solution could be easily carried out because of the speed and accuracy maintained by it. Most of these large-scale businesses have a lot of data in their hand which needs to be replicated, or else the customers on the other side could be disappointed. Therefore, such manual tasks could be easily automated with the use of DevSecOps efficiently. 

When trying to find the best-automated security platform for your company, you might come across many options. However, none can save a significant amount of your investment, as regular updates and maintenance could take a massive toll on your business. Whereas an automated platform like DevSecOps could provide top-class service without investing additional money into it. 

As soon as you enter its server, you will come across many tools from which you can choose any one that fits your requirements. Moreover, if your gamble with other automated platforms doesn’t work for you, you might have to pay huge chunks of money back to your customers as they will not be satisfied with your service. This could also lead to a loss in a significant loyal customer base and a decline in the overall popularity of your company. 


These are all ways you can integrate DevSecOps security automation tools into your business. Regarding DevSecOps, you will find only a few replacements or alternatives in the market. It is said to not only enhance your business’s functionality but also significantly boost your business server security. Automation is one of the prime features for which DevSecOps is chosen by most businesses as it eliminates the need for any manual tasking by the employees. 

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