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American Banker: 300 banks to offer bitcoin in 2022

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In 2021, several rumors were already circulating that hundreds of American banks would start offering bitcoin to their customers. In 2021 we only saw a number of banks take this step slowly. The Manasquan Bank in New Jersey and the ICCU credit union , among others , dared to start offering bitcoin.

The major adoption by banks did not come in 2021. Perhaps they were waiting for the final green light from the FDIC . Indeed, the FDIC only announced at the end of October this year that US banks will be allowed to hold bitcoin. This means that by 2022 there will be nothing in the way for American banks.

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The renowned magazine American Banker confirmed yesterday that 300 smaller banks are ready to offer bitcoin accounts next quarter. We will see how many banks will eventually follow now that it has become known, among other things, that Google is also getting ready to offer a Bitcoin payment service and that Intel will directly get involved in the Bitcoin mining sector.

It seems very likely that 2022 will be a very important year for further bitcoin adoption in the United States; especially now that inflation is at a record high and interest rates are historically low.

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