Apple has hinted that it will soon introduce its own artificial intelligence

Apple plans to introduce its own generative artificial intelligence to users in 2024. This was announced by the CEO of the company, Tim Cook, during the quarterly report.

In an audio recording of the speech published on the official website of Apple, Cook said that the company continues to invest in the technologies of the future, including AI, and promised to talk about the details of the work this year.

Perhaps new features with AI elements will appear in iOS 18.

“We will continue to invest in technologies that will define the future. This includes artificial intelligence, which we continue to devote enormous amounts of time and effort to. And we’re excited to share details of our ongoing work in this area later this year”, said Steve’s successor Jobs.

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So far, Cook has not revealed specific details about the new AI, citing Apple’s tradition of talking about work after it’s done. However, it is assumed that the company may announce the introduction of its own AI model or other functions at the presentation of the new version of the mobile operating system iOS 18, scheduled for September 2024.

Apple lost to the EU

The long lawsuit between Apple and the EU’s antitrust laws has borne real fruit. From March 2024, iOS users in 27 European countries will have new opportunities, according to the company’s website.

The iOS 17.4 update brings big changes, including options for downloading apps. Now you can do it not only from the App Store.

Customers can also use their payment systems, not just Apple Pay, and choose a default browser.

Apple is unhappy

After the disclosure of the ecosystem, the company said that devices with sensitive data will now be at greater risk than before.

“The changes we are announcing today meet the requirements of the European Union’s Digital Markets Act. They are designed to protect EU users from the growing number of privacy and security threats, which, however, this regulation increases”, App Store chief Phil Schiller said displeasedly.

He also noted that the company will make more efforts to ensure the safety of users under the new conditions.

There are already consequences

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s statement surprised investors. In their opinion, such a move calls into question the long-standing reputation of a safe company. This did not forget to affect the stocks, which fell on January 25.

Schiller, in turn, noted that “Apple is forced to create technology that allows third-party applications to be installed, and this is associated with risk”.

The company continues to appeal to European authorities, but the decision is unlikely to be overturned.

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