Apple is probably testing several M3 models

Apple has begun testing the next generation of its Mac SoC. According to a report, several models ended up in developer log files.

Apple has begun testing its next-generation Mac SoC. According to developers who wished to remain anonymous, corresponding entries have been appearing in log files of third-party apps for several days. This is reported by the financial news agency Bloomberg. According to the report, several models of the new ARM processors are involved, which are probably manufactured in the 3 nm process for the first time.

First an M3 …

First, a Mac model called “Mac 15.12” appeared last week, which contained an M3 SoC – with eight CPU cores (apparently four of them performance cores, the rest efficiency cores), ten GPU cores and 24 GB RAM memory. The machines run an as yet unknown version of the next Sonoma operating system, which Apple is apparently already testing internally – macOS 14.1. The specifications are reminiscent of those of the current Mac mini with M2 SoC. Therefore, it is suspected that it could be a new model of Apple’s compact desktop.

However, Apple only introduced the latest generation of the Mac mini last January, so it would hardly make sense to launch a new series this fall. Accordingly, it seems more likely that these are early tests. Thanks to the 3nm process, the new machines are supposed to run cooler, more efficiently and faster – how clear the gap to the 5nm M2 is remains to be seen.

… then an M3 Max

In the meantime, another M3 model has also appeared in the log files of independent developers. This is an accelerated variant, which apparently corresponds to an M3 Max. According to Bloomberg, it could be a MacBook Pro, which was previously unknown and is probably codenamed J514. It could appear in the coming spring. A total of 16 CPU cores and 40 GPU cores are integrated. 12 of the CPU cores are supposed to be performance cores, the rest efficiency cores. Furthermore, the computer comes with 48 GB RAM according to the log files.


The 3 nm technology is supposed to be launched at Apple for the first time with the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, which are expected in September – the smartphones should come with Apple’s new A17 processor. In a second step, it will be the Macs’ turn. This is exactly where Apple currently needs a boost, since the current lineup is running rather poorly according to the latest quarterly figures.

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