Apple or Samsung? How to choose the right brand

There are numerous smartphone manufacturers in the market, but Apple and Samsung continue to dominate. But which ecosystem is the right one for you? We can help you make the right choice.

In the smartphone market, there are many providers, but Apple and Samsung are among the largest and most well-known smartphone manufacturers. Therefore, many smartphone owners ask themselves which brand they should choose when purchasing a new device.

Operating System: Android vs. iOS

One crucial difference between Samsung and Apple smartphones lies in the integrated operating system. Samsung uses Android, while Apple relies on its own operating system, iOS.

This gives Apple a unique selling point that sets it apart from the competition. Additionally, iOS is known for its highly intuitive user interface, making iPhone operation extremely straightforward. The seamless integration with other devices from the same brand, such as a MacBook, is another advantage. However, Apple demands very high prices for its products. They are significantly more expensive than those of the competition.

On the other hand, Samsung offers its users greater adaptability and freedom thanks to the Android operating system, allowing for greater personalization of the smartphone. Those who prefer a user-friendly interface that allows for easy navigation, even for less technically inclined users, may opt for an Apple smartphone. However, those who value personalization of their phone will be better served with a Samsung device.


What can the smartphones do?

The performance of a smartphone is of great importance to many users as it is typically used daily. Apple devices are equipped with powerful processors, and their software and hardware are optimally integrated, enabling excellent performance. The brand is also known for its long battery life.

Samsung, on the other hand, offers highly capable smartphones in its flagship models but also provides more affordable models with lower performance. As a user, you have a range of options to choose from. One advantage of Samsung phones is the ability to expand storage using microSD cards. This is not possible with Apple, so purchasing the appropriate storage capacity upfront is essential.

New Purchase: Getting Value for Your Old Phone

When deciding to buy a new smartphone, many people also plan to sell their old phone in the future to invest the money in a new device. Therefore, the expected resale value plays a significant role.

Apple products usually have strong demand in the used market. Consequently, iPhones can be sold at a very good price even later on.

On the other hand, owners of Samsung smartphones typically achieve a relatively lower resale price in the used market. However, there are several ways to increase the value of a Samsung phone when selling it:

  1. Take good care of the device to maintain its condition. The better the condition, the higher the price.
  2. Provide an accurate description of the device’s condition and functionality to give potential buyers a clear picture.
  3. Choose a trustworthy platform for the sale transaction.

With just a few clicks to the perfect smartphone

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