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Applications of Sensor LiDAR

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Applications of Sensor LiDAR

Sensor LiDAR is a powerful technology that can help engineers map roads and identify obstacles. The technology works by illuminating a target with laser light and measuring the return of the reflected light. Differences in the return times and wavelengths of laser light are used to create detailed maps of individual features. This technology is especially useful for highway construction and road safety. It can also identify obstacles and generate accurate information about road structures. Listed below are some applications of sensor LiDAR.

LeddarTech’s LeddarEngine

Renesas has partnered with LeddarTech to develop a family of SoCs for sensor lidars. The SoCs power the newest generation of sensor lidars, resulting in a more cost-effective system. These chips also offer a range of other features, including an open-source API and data set viewer. The SoCs are compatible with Renesas’ R-Car V3U processor.

LeddarTech’s SPAD cell sensor

The SPAD is a pixel structure that is designed for high-precision long-range distance measurement. The SPAD pixel uses a process called avalanche multiplication to amplify electrons from a single incident photon. The resulting avalanche is a cascade-like effect that allows the SPAD to detect weak light. As a result, this sensor is able to measure distances with extreme precision even in the worst-case scenario.

Blackmore’s LiDAR system

The Lidar Development Platform pairs a Blackmore’s sensor lidar engine with interchangeable optical sensor heads. Users can tailor operational parameters with an API. The company has launched its long-range forward-look optical head, which provides two beams with a field of view of 40 degrees by 40 degrees. The system can detect objects at a distance of up to 500 meters. The system will eventually offer additional sensor heads, with prices depending on configuration.

LeddarTech’s ADAS system

LeddarTech, a leading ADAS technology company, has announced the availability of a new version of its LeddarEngine software. This software enables the development of high-performance lidar sensors. It is designed for manufacturers to build fully integrated solid-state lidar solutions. It is compatible with new hardware platforms and introduces separation of signal processing, point-cloud processing, and control.

Blackmore’s RADAR system

The sensor lidar technology used in Blackmore’s RADAR vehicle provides instantaneous velocity measurements. Traditional pulsed lidar systems do not directly measure motion, requiring complex analytics and multiple frames of data. The Blackmore sensor, on the other hand, delivers instantaneous Doppler-enhanced data that improves the vehicle’s perception and long-range performance.

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