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At what age should you take out health insurance?

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Above all, in the last decade, medical insurance has been establishing itself in the insurance market. They have gone from being a product that, for many, was superfluous or elitist, to become a protection tool that reaches all kinds of profiles and users.

However, in our country we still do not have the insurance culture of other countries. This is probably helped by the fact that we have very good public health in comparison. This means that there are still doubts and medical insurance is associated more with one stage of life than with others.

For what age is health insurance suitable?

Health insurance is really interesting at any age. In fact, as a policy holder, health insurance can be perfectly valid even before entering the labor market.

But, without a doubt, the key moment is precisely that of access to the labor market and family independence, something that in our country today is done later and later.

It must be borne in mind that, fortunately, the insurance plans of many companies allow family insurance in which parents can include their children, with which, effectively, they can be covered even during adolescence or part of youth, in addition to the childhood.

In short, contracting health insurance has more to do with the option that said insurance covers those contingencies to which we can really be exposed. For example, in adolescents issues such as oral health are key, and if they do not have correct dental insurance, it can mean a very high expense for the family.

When does health insurance become necessary?

Although for many people health insurance may not be necessary, according to their criteria, never, really the key turning point is paternity/maternity. In the same way that occurs with life insurance, the fact of forming a family will generate higher protection needs that will benefit from medical insurance coverage.

Both from the point of view of the children, and of the parents themselves generally, it is from that moment when it is considered that both life insurance and health insurance are necessary.

It is important to note here that life insurance is becoming more affordable. This is largely due to the fact that it can be configured by adjusting the coverage to the user’s needs. Even insurance without excess can be adapted so that any pocket can benefit from its coverage.

The summary would be simple, medical insurance is a protection tool that must be contracted whenever the user considers that the coverage will provide a better response than the one that can be obtained by ordinary means. When this happens, you should look for the insurance that best suits the coverage that the insured considers appropriate and necessary for his policy.

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