Being healthy isn’t about losing weight, it’s about gaining life.


We are definitely not born to lose! So, how about thinking what you will gain by losing weight? 

Did you know that there is in our brain a decision-making system that is based on a win-or-loss system? Your decisions are more likely to be influenced and driven by what you consider to be gaining.

Generally, the mind of someone who has difficulties in sticking to a diet ends up focusing more on what they will be losing when adopting a diet, such as: pleasurable foods, social life with friends, the supposed freedom to eat whatever they want, etc. How can anyone imagine living a lifetime in this “deprivation”?


Hence the brain, as it is a saboteur, generates thoughts like: 

“What’s the point of so much effort, depriving yourself so much, if later I’m going to end up giving in?”

 “Why so much suffering? I prefer to enjoy life without feeling like it.”

The mindset of staying slim and healthy is different. She focuses on the gain of adopting a healthy lifestyle.


He notes all the benefits like:

The satisfaction of having a nice body;

less pain and discomfort;

less shame;

less embarrassment;

more energy and disposition;

high self-esteem;

pleasure in feeling good about your physique;

self confidence; 


For a person who has a “thin mind”, all these benefits are greater wealth than a momentary gratification of tempting food. She even eats “junk”, but at a controlled and lower frequency. So guilt does not arise.

The instinctive nature of our brain is always to prefer immediate gratification, that is, to always desire the easiest pleasure. But you can teach her to focus on gain rather than loss. Always ask yourself, “What am I getting for not eating this now”? Focus and direct your mind always towards gain.

Of course, this alone is not enough for weight loss success, all the other pillars are fundamental: intestinal health, restful sleep, conscious eating, regular practice of physical activity, in addition to physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health. 

Before doing a food reeducation, it is necessary to do a mental reprogramming so that you can truly commit to achieving your goals. 

Through coaching tools I help my patients to focus on the gains that will be provided through a healthy lifestyle. Combining medicine with coaching makes it possible to identify and change mental patterns that led to weight gain, in addition to setting goals, reprogramming habits and thus achieving your goals efficiently and lastingly.

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