Why practice yoga? I started to increase the range of flexibility, but very quickly I also discovered its other positive effect

Why practice yoga? I started to increase the range of flexibility, but very quickly I also discovered its other positive effect

New Year’s resolutions go hand in hand with the new year. The arrival of the new year is a great opportunity to try something new.

How about trying yoga? How can it change your life? Watch with us and at the end I will share my personal experience with you…

Yoga is thousands of years old and its history reaches far away in India
It was recorded in the Vedas and in Sanskrit the word yoga means “connection” – that is, everything is interconnected. It probably reached Europe thanks to the English and French who colonized India. Yoga itself is not a religion, although the mythological basis is the same as Hinduism.

In short, yoga is a combination of body and mind exercise . There are many styles of yoga that combine physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation. It consists of individual asanas, i.e. body positions during yoga. If you have health problems, consult your doctor before any exercise. It is practiced in different ways, which depend on the type of school and the teacher (lecturer). There are different types of yoga.

Among the most famous types of yoga we include Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga, Hormonal yoga, Hot yoga, Jin yoga, Power yoga, Vinyasa yoga. An interesting exercise that is also based on yoga is the so-called Fly yoga. It is an exercise system that took the basics of positions from classic yoga, pilates and gymnastics. It is practiced with the help of special hammocks. The first style of yoga you try may not suit you, but don’t be discouraged and keep trying.

What do we need to practice yoga?

A big advantage of yoga is that we don’t need any special equipment to practice it. Apart from the will to try it, all we need is comfortable sports clothes and a yoga mat. It is recommended to practice yoga barefoot. Some styles of yoga also use yoga aids such as straps, blocks, cylinders and others. They serve to deepen the yoga position, or for various health problems. You will definitely find guided yoga lessons near your place of residence.

A good instructor is important for learning the basics. It doesn’t hurt to do a small survey among acquaintances, which study they liked and where they are satisfied. A yoga lesson lasts from 45 to 90 minutes, depending on the level of difficulty. After acquiring yoga practice, you can also try practicing at home. On the Internet, you can find many instructional videos not only for practicing yoga, but also for guided relaxation.


Benefits of practicing yoga

What benefits does her exercise bring? Yoga brings with it not only physical but also psychological effects. In addition to gradually gaining flexibility, it also contributes to a healthy spine. Its exercise is recommended for people who have a sedentary job. The overall posture of the body is also important, on which, among other things, yoga focuses. The basis of yoga is proper breathing.

By full yoga breath, we mean a type of breathing in which three types of breathing are gradually practiced. These types will finally be combined into one whole. The effects of yoga on the psyche consist in the elimination of stress and nervousness. By practicing it, we can calm our thoughts and relax. Currently, so-called yoga retreats are gaining popularity. They can take place both here and abroad.

Namaste gesture and Om sign

When practicing yoga, we encounter the Namaste gesture and the Om symbol. The greeting and gesture Namasté (also called namaskar, namaskaram) is used in Hindu culture. In this gesture, they join their hands either on the chest in the area of ​​the heart or on the forehead, the gesture is accompanied by a gentle bow of the head. It is a form of showing a person’s respect towards another person. It serves as both a greeting and a farewell. The Om symbol is the basic mantra of yoga. A yoga class can begin and end with the chanting of the Om mantra.

A yoga lesson usually ends with the corpse pose (Shavasana). It has a calming effect, relaxes the whole body. It not only calms the body but also the mind, the benefit of the asana is its meditative character. In this position, you lie on your back and gradually relax each part of your body under the guidance of the instructor.

Yoga is good for your body and mind
Yoga is good for your body and mind

My personal experience…

And how did I get into yoga? My first encounter with yoga was in 2019, when I started attending guided classes. However, during the worsening covid situation, I had a break, as it was not possible to attend courses personally due to the pandemic. During this period, I practiced according to instructional videos, but not regularly. I combined it with other types of exercise.

My “yoga comeback” happened a few months ago, when I rediscovered it. I especially prefer slow Vinyasa yoga. The main reason for me to practice yoga was to increase my range of flexibility. However, I quickly discovered its positive effect on the psyche. It is practiced with pleasant relaxing music that completes the overall atmosphere. Another advantage is that it is a group exercise. This means that you have the opportunity to meet new people and find new friendships.

Many articles and publications have already been written about the benefits of yoga. In my opinion, the great advantage of yoga is its flexibility. The instructor can adapt it according to the fitness level of the group. There are also versions of the exercise for pregnant women (gravid yoga) or small children. It is suitable for both women and men. Couples yoga is also interesting. Just choose and start.

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