Boost Your Mobile eCommerce Conversion Rate: Essential CRO Strategies

More than 58% of web traffic comes from mobile users and this figure won’t stop here. Mobile eCommerce is eyeing 5.22 billion mobile users and wants to provide the best user experience in every possible way.

eCommerce businesses are always worried about how to increase mobile conversion rate because with an increasing number of mobile users the number of apps is also increasing.

As a digital solution provider, we have catered to hundreds of clients within the span of more than two decades. The foremost question we have encountered is how to improve and increase the eCommerce conversion rate. The answer is conversion rate optimization (CRO)!

In this post, we are mentioning some important tips that can help you with CRO for mobile devices and mobile searches.

Before delving into useful CRO strategies to increase mobile conversion rates let’s understand what mobile conversion rate optimization is.


Mobile conversion optimization is a structured process to convert and persuade users to take action- either buyers or prospects. It’s all about making the users and web visitors complete the checkout process and generate revenue. CRO for mobile devices is also about improving and enhancing the UI/UX so that users can enjoy online shopping effortlessly.

So, without wasting any time let’s see what effective steps you can take for CRO mobile optimization that could help you increase mobile conversion with immediate effect.

Though mobile users contribute the highest volume of web traffic, desktop users tend to convert more. Multiple psychological and technical factors affect the conversion rate of desktop and mobile leads. As per the data released in 2022, mobile commerce accounted for nearly 65.7 percent of total global eCommerce retail sales. So, ignoring the potential of mobile eCommerce might become beneficial to your competitors.

Mobile users are in quest of immediate information making them switch to another app or mobile activity that makes them abandon the cart or app without even adding anything to the cart.

If you don’t want to lose your customers and want to ultimately improve your mobile eCommerce conversion rate you need to concentrate on the CRO for mobile devices. Apart from the thumb rule that applies to mobile conversion optimization you also need to go into minute details of making your software or app that can help convert your leads into buyers and committed customers.

There are multiple micro and macro ways for mobile devices CRO but we are listing some important and predominant strategies that can help you in improving mobile eCommerce conversion rate in no time.

  1. Unparallel Mobile Page Speed
  2. Optimizing Website for Mobile Devices
  3. Using a Responsive Design
  4. Mobile User-friendly Checkout Process
  5. Mobile-only Discounts and Promotions

1) Unparallel Mobile Page Speed

To make the mobile users engaged and to improve the CRO for mobile phones, you can use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to increase the mobile page speed.

AMP pages load 4 times faster as compared to standard HTML pages. As per the data, eCommerce websites that uses AMP pages experiences 20% more conversion rates and increased web traffic other than the non-amp website.

AMP is an open-source that loads faster as they are cached by Google AMP cache automatically providing a swift solution to slow-load times.

Images account for the majority of the site load and large images should be avoided for faster page speed. Try to use compressed images to eventually increase the page speed. You can also opt for using a content delivery network as it helps you utilize caching to reduce hosting bandwidth and enhance overall performance.

Try to avoid unnecessary redirects to increase the mobile page speed. Because when your mobile users get forwarded to another URL after clicking the page link it generates additional HTTP requests. Such unnecessary URL redirection slowdowns the loading speed.

2) Optimizing Website for Mobile Devices

The mobile-first concept is the thing you need to keep in mind while designing your website. Remember, there is a remarkable difference in the way users navigate and interact on mobile and desktop websites.

You can take the help of analytics to track user engagement, navigation, time spent on site, and bounce rate to understand what lack in your site to improve the eCommerce conversion rate.

To enhance CRO for mobile devices remove excess plugins, pop-ups, or any other screen inhibitors and clutter on the mobile version of the business site.

Test your site on different mobile devices and tablets to see how it looks and feels to use. It will help you know the navigation mistakes of your site, loading speed time, how users will behave on the site, whether the content is readable or not, and how product images will look on the small screen.

To maximize the conversion rates on mobile phones, prioritize user experience. Choose responsive themes and plugins that are mobile-friendly keeping your business site in good shape in small screens.

3) Using a Responsive Design

CRO for mobile devices is a whole different ball game and the design of your business site plays a vital role as it directly impacts the user experience. To maximize the conversion rate on mobile the first thing you need to do is to make a responsive design.

Your customers can visit your business site from any device and responsive design will help your site fit the mobile screen size giving a unified user experience to the customers on multiple devices having different screen sizes.

Use custom CSS for implementing responsive design which we also call ‘media query’ ranges to make your business site fit the different screen sizes. Media queries are an essential part of HTML, CSS, and JS libraries, with responsive breakpoints or CSS grid layout you can tell browsers when to load different layouts for a page as per the size of the device screen.

Apart from images and other visual elements on a page for mobile conversion optimization texts also need to be responsive. Otherwise, the user will be able to see one or two words on the screen before scrolling down.

Boost Your Mobile eCommerce Conversion Rate: Essential CRO Strategies

4) Mobile User-friendly Checkout Process

Don’t make your mobile users lose their patience and abandon the shopping cart because of a long and complicated checkout process.

Filling out a checkout form on a mobile screen is a bit more difficult task than filling it out on a desktop. Many buyers tap the close or exit button due to the complex checkout process.

Simplify the checkout process and you will observe a remarkable increase in mobile conversion rate as you will stop losing the buyer at the last moment before closing the deal.

To simplify the checkout process, follow the tips given below:

  • Keep limited and essential fields
  • Offer multiple payment methods
  • Auto-completion and form filling
  • Enable guest checkout
  • Implement a progress bar
  • Large navigational buttons

Boost Your Mobile eCommerce Conversion Rate: Essential CRO Strategies

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5) Mobile-only Discounts and Promotions

Mobile conversion optimization requires multiple measures and strategies, the more creative your strategies are, the more the chances of mobile eCommerce conversion rate.

There is a high chance of converting the mobile visitors into buyers, you just need to provide the incentive that could help them complete the purchase process. Giving mobile-only discounts could be the best idea for CRO for mobile phones.

It will trigger the customers psychologically to complete the purchase as they can get this discount only on a mobile.

For this you don’t need to make special amendments to your website or app, you just need to design a campaign that gets popped up on mobile devices only and a special discount coupon code that could be used during checkout. You can also create an email marketing campaign to promote the mobile-only discount code.

Boost Your Mobile eCommerce Conversion Rate: Essential CRO Strategies

Mobile eCommerce has a high potential to grow as the number of mobile users is increasing day by day. Undergoing proper and planned mobile conversion optimization can surely enhance the mobile conversion rate. Focusing on design, layout, navigation, and UI/UX is a few of the parameters that could help your business gain more customers and curb cart abandonment. If you want detailed guidance and result oriented solution of CRO for mobile devices to increase mobile eCommerce conversion rate, contact us.

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