Cutting-Edge Features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra: A Review

In this review, we will delve into the features and capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, the latest high-end Android tablet from Samsung. With its impressive specifications and advanced functionalities, this tablet aims to compete with the iPad Pro and establish itself as a top contender in the tablet market.

Design and Display:

The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra boasts a massive 14.6-inch screen, providing users with an immersive viewing experience. Despite its size, the tablet remains remarkably thin and lightweight, making it comfortable to hold. The device’s IP68 water and dust resistance rating adds an extra layer of durability, ensuring it can withstand accidental spills or submersion.

Performance and Features:

Powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy processor and equipped with a vapor chamber cooling system, the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra delivers exceptional performance. It excels in multitasking, scrolling, and app management, and the new processor enhances its gaming and video editing capabilities. The tablet’s quad-speaker setup, now with 20% larger speakers, produces loud and distortion-free audio, complemented by Dolby Atmos support for an immersive sound experience.

The S Pen, included with the tablet, features an IP68 rating and supports bi-directional charging. This stylus is a valuable tool for productivity, allowing users to sign documents and perform various tasks. Additionally, the tablet’s DeX mode provides a desktop-like experience, enabling independent windows and the option to connect to larger displays.

Camera and Other Features:

The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra boasts an impressive camera setup, including a front-facing normal camera and an ultra-wide camera. These cameras, located on the long side of the tablet, offer the largest camera viewfinder ever seen on a tablet. The tablet’s auto-framing feature enhances video calls and recording, similar to Apple’s Center Stage. While the camera setup is impressive, it is important to note that the iPad Pro still holds the crown for the best tablet speakers.

Comparison with the iPad Pro:

The question arises: can the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra be considered an iPad killer? While the Samsung tablet offers numerous advantages, such as a larger screen, bigger speakers, expandable storage, and a fingerprint reader, it comes at a higher price point than the equivalent iPad Pro. The iPad’s ecosystem, including iMessage and FaceTime, remains a strong draw for many users. However, for those not heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem, the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra presents a compelling option.


In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is a powerful and feature-rich tablet that competes head-to-head with the iPad Pro. Its impressive specifications, including the large screen, powerful processor, and expandable storage, make it a versatile device for both media consumption and productivity. While it may not dethrone the iPad Pro as the go-to tablet for Apple enthusiasts, the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra offers a compelling alternative for Android users seeking a premium tablet experience.

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