Easy Ways to Download Reels from Instagram

After its release on Instagram, the relatively new feature, Reels, immediately garnered a huge amount of attention, beating the popularity of all the other updates that came before. Rails allow you to increase user activity and engagement, help promote your account and increase user awareness of you as an individual or your brand/company. However, the biggest disadvantage of this update was its inability to download your finished video without publication or someone else’s video you liked.

In our material below, we will tell you about several ways at once how to download reels from Instagram to your phone easily and simply.

What is Instagram Reels?

Reels on Instagram, also known as reels, are short videos on Instagram. Their duration is usually up to one minute. The format itself is quite similar to TikTok videos.

How to download reels from instagram? – screen recording

The first and easiest way to download instagram reels is to make a screen recording of your device. Remember, however, that all reels downloaded or recorded from the screen are not allowed to be republished unless you are the author, or published on another platform. They are all copyrighted.

How your screen recording is done depends on the device you are using. You can download reels to your iPhone in this way by following these steps:

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  • open the device control;
  • with Face ID – make a swipe from the upper right corner down;
  • with the “Home” button – make a swipe from the bottom of the screen up;
  • press the screen recording button, after three seconds your screen recording will start;
  • to record the screen with sound – do not forget to turn on the microphone;
  • open the instagram app;
  • select the desired reels and scroll all the way through – from the beginning to the end;
  • click on the red line at the top of the screen and stop the screen recording.

When the recording is saved in your gallery, you can crop the clip so that there is no start of the shot and selecting the desired reels, nor the end.

How do I download my reels to my phone?

The second easiest way to download reels is suitable only for those who want to save their own clip. Unfortunately, this method simply does not work with other people’s videos.

Before publishing

To download your reels before you publish you need to:

  • open your Instagram app;
  • go to the menu to publish/create stories or a new post;
  • select the Reels section;
  • record or edit your video in the built-in Instagram editor;
  • edit the video the way you’d like it to be. Add stickers, text, filters, whatever;
  • click the forward arrow;
  • in the upper right corner of your screen, you’ll see a download button for the file;
  • press it and the reels will be downloaded to your phone.

The only downside to this method is the lack of music. All music tracks are protected by copyright, for this reason, when you save the reels, whether they are yours or not – it does not matter, they are saved without sound, or with the sound of the original.

After publishing

You can also download your reels after publication. To do this, you need to:

  • open your Instagram app;
  • go to the Reels section of your profile;
  • select the desired video, open the menu to it;
  • In the menu select “save to film”.

Saved videos in both cases will be added to your gallery or photographic film. Recall that you can’t download someone else’s reels either before or after publication using this method.

How do I download other people’s reels from instagram? – third-party services.

Of course, this way, if necessary, you can also download your own videos, but in the case of other people’s videos, it is the only one available.

To download someone else’s reels to your phone, you will need online services or third-party applications that allow you to download videos, such as this link. We will tell you about those that we use ourselves and which we think are the best. Namely:

  1. IGSaved
  2. instload
  3. snapinsta
  4. save-insta

But really, what kind of app or online service you use is completely unimportant. They all work plus or minus the same principle:

  1. open the service you like, such as the one we suggest;
  2. go to the Instagram app on your device;
  3. In the app, select the one you want to download someone else’s reels;
  4. copy the link to the video;
  5. enter the URL of the video you want to download from Instagram;
  6. wait for the result;
  7. click the download button next to the displayed reels;
  8. the clip will be saved to your gallery/photo/files folder.

Easy Ways to Download Reels from Instagram

Easy Ways to Download Reels from Instagram

Easy Ways to Download Reels from Instagram

Apps for Android

An advantage for owners of Android devices are apps that are ready to download rils to your phone. It is easy to find such applications directly in the Google Play search engine. We, on the other hand, can probably only advise two:

  • Reels Saver.
  • Video downloader for Instagram.

The principle of the applications is also identical:

  1. install the app on your device;
  2. give the app all the permissions it asks for;
  3. go to instagram;
  4. find the Reels section and select the Reel you would like to download;
  5. copy the link to it;
  6. paste the link to the video in the app;
  7. press the “download” button;
  8. wait till it’s ready to download;
  9. save it to your device.

And that’s it. As you can see, if you have the desire, you can find a way to download reels from instagram. We hope that our material helped you, so we wish you success!

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