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eBay Online Marketplace Considers Crypto Payments

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The giant e-commerce company eBay seems to be taking concrete steps in the near term to embrace the crypto industry. Reportedly, the company is currently intensively studying the possibility of facilitating crypto payments in order to attract the younger generations to the platform in large numbers.

Crypto Payments

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eBay CEO Jamie Lannone said in an interview with The Street that the company’s ambition is to become the marketplace of choice for Gen-Z and Millennials. For that reason, possible payments in the form of cryptocurrencies are seriously considered.

We are just completing our transition to manage payments, where we now manage $85 billion in volume directly on our platform. This gives us the opportunity to open new forms of payment.

Although eBay has not yet specifically stated that payments with, for example, bitcoin (BTC) or ethereum (ETH) will be possible, the CEO seems cautious to admit that the first decision may be made next month.

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We don’t currently accept crypto, but “on March 10, we’re going to dig deeper into all these things, payments, advertising, our focus categories.

NFTs on eBay

At the moment it is not yet possible to pay with cryptocurrency on eBay, but it is clear that the company will look into whether this can change in the near future. It is now possible to trade non-fungible tokens (NFT) on eBay.

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We changed our policy last year to allow you to trade NFTs on the platform and essentially, you know, eBay is a place where people have something to sell and people have something to show.

According to Lannone, eBay will continue to be the place where people can continue to buy and sell virtually all kinds of stuff. Whether these are digital or physical goods does not matter to eBay, Lannone says. It will not be completely surprising if in the near future it will indeed be possible to pay with digital currencies.


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