Foldable cell phone for the wrist: Motorola shows crazy concept

Motorola presented an unusual foldable concept at Lenovo Tech World. It is a smartphone with a flexible display that can be worn on the wrist. According to Motorola, the “Adaptive Display Concept” opens up completely new possibilities.

Motorola presents futuristic smartwatch phone

We already know one or the other foldable smartphone from Motorola. But what the brand of the parent company Lenovo has now presented, even the competition from Samsung, Huawei, Oppo and Google cannot offer. The “Adaptive Display Concept”, as it is called so far, can be bent around the own wrist. It is a mixture of smartphone and smartwatch.

According to Motorola, the Android gadget can be used like a normal smartphone with a 6.9-inch display when unfolded. Wrapped around the wrist, however, the wearer has a smartwatch with a customized 4.3-inch screen. Only the visible part of the display is used in this case, according to the manufacturer.

If the smartwatch smartphone is on the wrist, an AI ensures individual adjustments, according to Motorola. Among other things, the background image is supposed to adapt to the wearer’s clothing in a matter of seconds (source: Lenovo).

Motorola has also thought of another possible application for the concept cell phone smartwatch. The gadget can be bent in the middle and placed on a table, for example. In other words, it comes with its own holder.

You can see more about the “Adaptive Display Concept” in the video:

Smartphone for the wrist only a concept

Motorola itself states that the smartwatch phone is not a production-ready product. Rather, the Lenovo brand only wanted to show what is already possible with foldable displays. Motorola leaves it open whether and when the technology will become a finished product.

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