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High Paying Jobs Without a College Degree

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High Paying Jobs Without a College Degree

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics identifies some high paying jobs without a college degree. These include mechanical and plumbing repairs. These jobs require no college education, although they do require an apprenticeship and aptitude for mechanical repair. Some of the most high paying jobs without a degree require some sort of mechanical aptitude and knowledge of plumbing. Other job descriptions include construction worker, wind turbine technician, and gaming manager. These are just a few examples of high paying jobs without a college degree.

Wind turbine technicians

While a college degree is not required to become a wind turbine technician, having a certificate or diploma will make you more marketable. Several community colleges and technical schools offer one-year certificate programs in wind turbine maintenance. Certificate students take classes on basic turbine design, diagnostics, control and monitoring systems, and repair. Associate degree candidates take more general education courses and often get hands-on training on school-owned turbines.

The hours of operation of wind turbines determine the frequency of maintenance and repair tasks. Manufacturers recommend annual maintenance that involves visual inspections of all parts, fastener torque checks, and lubrication. Since these wind turbines are electronically monitored 24 hours a day, maintenance technicians may not be required to travel to the site. The job requires specialized knowledge of electrical systems and the mechanics of wind turbines.

Those interested in becoming a wind turbine technician should have a mechanical background, be capable of climbing high, and be detail-oriented. They also must be good communicators. Wind turbine technicians can expect physical challenges and long hours outside the office. Those with a high school degree should consider taking courses in math, computer science, and metalworking. Regardless of their education level, wind turbine technicians will have a job in the industry for decades.

Since wind turbines are so prevalent across the U.S., you can work in rural areas and help provide clean energy for big cities. Some states, including Texas, Iowa, Washington, Illinois, and Colorado, have the highest number of wind turbines. Whether you live in a rural town or big city, wind turbine technicians are a great choice for those who like nature and adventure. And while it can be a remote job, you’ll need to consider a few important considerations before deciding to pursue this career path.

A bachelor’s degree is enough for entry-level positions in wind turbine technology, but a master’s degree is highly preferred. For positions requiring expertise in site suitability, environmental impact studies, and expert guidance, a Ph.D. is preferred. In addition to having a college degree, computer skills are crucial for most wind turbine jobs, especially those involving solar and wind energy. The use of computers for data analysis, data integration, and digital mapping are common tasks in this field. Wind turbine technicians are often certified by State licensing boards, which require postsecondary training.

Gaming manager

Many casinos promote from within, so you can start out as an entry-level employee and work your way up to a management position. Some companies even promote from within without a college degree! The best way to get a management position without a college degree is to build a good reputation within the company. Below are some tips to become a gaming manager. Read on to learn more about the career.

Applicants must have at least a high school diploma and some supervisory experience. Many aspiring managers start out as dealers or croupiers, and they then progress to management positions. The educational requirements for this role vary from one casino to another, but an associate’s degree in management is often required. You should be willing to work long shifts and be willing to undergo background checks.

A gaming manager can earn up to $160,000 per year. These jobs require no college degree, but they require specialized training. You don’t need to live in Vegas to become a gaming manager. You can also work as a powerline installer. Despite their name, this job requires an extreme amount of fearlessness. These workers repair downed power lines after disasters. In addition to having high salaries, this job has many benefits.

A gaming manager is also known as a pit boss. This position requires supervision and oversight of the casino’s gaming operations. These employees are required to work irregular hours, and the schedule is unpredictable. These managers usually have a few years of experience in a casino before they become a gaming manager, but this does not mean they need a college degree. However, you may want to consider a college degree to get a better position in this field.

Streetcar or subway operator

If you’re not looking for a high-paying college degree job, consider working as a Streetcar or Subway Operator. These positions require no college degree, but you will need some relevant experience. Most Streetcar and Subway Operators get their training by driving buses. After completing the training program, they must pass a qualifying examination. In addition, they must possess at least a high school diploma or GED.

Subway and streetcar operators are responsible for driving electric or light-rail vehicles on streets. Their routes may be built directly into the pavement or may involve grade crossings. Streetcar and subway operators must pay close attention to traffic signals and cope with vehicle traffic, including slowing and stopping their cars. They must also interact with passengers, take fares, and make change. There are many ways to become a subway or streetcar operator.

Subway and streetcar operators work for public transit authorities. In addition to driving the vehicles, they oversee other systems. They monitor system components and must watch for hazards, report problems to supervisors, and direct passengers to safety in an emergency. Operators also collect fares, make announcements, and regulate the speed and time spent at each stop. However, the educational requirements for this position vary greatly between cities.

In 2016, there were approximately 12,800 Streetcar and Subway Operator job openings nationwide. This growth is much slower than the national average. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that in 2026, about 600 new jobs will be created. That means that about 1,300 positions will become available annually. States with the highest growth rates in this occupation are Texas, Colorado, and Georgia. States with the lowest growth include New Jersey, Maryland, and Nebraska. These occupations typically pay between $37,310 and $82,100 a year.

Construction worker

A construction worker’s salary is highly dependent on various factors, including his or her experience and skill level, as well as the job market in his or her city. While some high-paying construction jobs require a college degree, the majority of these positions require little more than a high school diploma and work experience. Below are some of the most high-paying construction worker jobs without a college degree.

While the average salary for construction workers is around $906 per week, the hourly wage is much higher in certain parts of the country. Hawaii and Illinois, for example, pay over $35 an hour, while Massachusetts and the Midwest pay around $30 an hour. On the other hand, several southern states pay as little as $18 per hour. With this in mind, it’s crucial to find a construction worker high paying job without a college degree that suits you.

The construction industry has been seeing rapid change over the past several years, with more minorities and women choosing a career in this field. And the number of opportunities for people with these skills is increasing exponentially. Many companies are looking for younger professionals to fill vacant positions. With so many options available, this is an excellent choice for someone who is looking for a high-paying job without a college degree.

One of the biggest benefits of a construction career is that it is not the typical job. While some jobs require some desk work, most are out in the field. This means you get to see your work in action and see the physical result of your efforts. Moreover, construction jobs can be highly satisfying and mentally stimulating. With the proper training and hard work, a construction worker can even start his or her own construction business.

For those without a college degree, construction inspectors are another high-paying job without a college degree. This job requires several years of relevant experience, but the salary and responsibilities are excellent. These professionals need a license and certification from local and state authorities. They ensure that buildings meet building codes, zoning regulations, and contract specifications. In addition, construction inspectors must submit findings to regulatory bodies and stakeholders.

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