How Much Does Rita’s Franchise Cost?

Rita’s Italian Ice: How Much Does Rita’s Franchise Cost?

Rita’s Ice is one of my top choices when it comes to affordable franchises.

In fact, with an investment of just $278,194, I can become the owner of Rita’s Italian Ice franchise.

What’s more impressive? On average, I can expect a yearly profit of $58,677, which is quite impressive.

Different Rita's Ice products showcased for franchise cost.

If I’m thinking about diving into the Rita’s Ice franchise world, I need to be well-versed with both the costs and the potential profit.

Beyond just the financial aspects, there are other factors to think about, like territory protection and support.

Plus, convention centers, sports arenas, and theme parks are venues where this franchise could thrive.

My first restaurant could be an exciting venture, especially with options like express units. I’ve even had the opportunity to purchase express units, which we’ll delve into below.

In the upcoming sections, I’m eager to explore the potential earnings with Rita’s various franchise opportunities, and the true costs involved, and evaluate whether it’s a wise investment for me. Now, let’s get into it!

Key Statistics: 

Franchise fee $35,000
Royalty fee 6.50%
Marketing fee 5.00%
Investment (mid-point) $216,000
Average sales $248,000
Sales to investment ratio 1.2x
Minimum net worth $300,000
Minimum liquid capital $100,000
Source: Rita’s Franchise Company

How does Rita’s Italian Ice Franchise stand in the Food and Beverage sector?

A franchise shop of Rita's Italian Ice.

When I look at the regional economies and especially the U.S. economy, the food industry stands out prominently.

This sector, where Rita’s Italian Ice and other food service franchises like it play crucial roles, employs a significant portion of the workforce.

In fact, it accounts for around 13% of all U.S. manufacturing employment.

As someone closely observing the industry, I’ve seen how swiftly it adapts to customer needs, introducing innovations to satiate the ever-evolving taste buds, especially with delights like Italian ice and frozen custard.

Taking a broader view, the American consumer market comprises over 320 million consumers, contributing to 5% of the GDP, 10% of U.S. employment, and 10% of the U.S. consumers’ DPI.

Impressively, this market rings in sales of approximately $1.4 trillion, with food service franchises, including those offering a full menu with items made fresh daily and available year-round, accounting for around 10% of this staggering figure.

The increasing embrace of rapid delivery systems, augmented with budding drone technology, makes me bullish about the potential expansion of the food and beverage industry.

When I think about food costs and the business aspects, alongside the rich variety from frozen treats to a full menu, the future of the industry, especially in niches like Rita’s Italian Ice, looks promising.

Rita’s Italian Ice Franchises Pros and Cons

Different Rita's Ice products showcased for franchise cost.


Intensive Training

They gave me extensive training on the business model as a franchisee of Rita’s Italian Ice.

Not just stopping there, they’ve taught me how to establish and successfully run the franchise.

This training was comprehensive, consisting of 40 hours in a classroom setting followed by another 40 hours of hands-on experience.

Marketing Insights and Assistance

Rita’s showcases significant opportunities with strong marketing strategies and advertising campaigns that increase awareness about its offerings.

They’ve equipped me with tools like promotional campaigns, social media outreach, regional ads, and loyalty programs to effectively market to a broader audience.

Diverse and Evolving Menu

At Rita’s, there’s a plethora of American-Italian menu choices, ensuring fresh and high-quality frozen delights for all.

They’re always looking for the next big flavor, adapting to the evolving market and customer preferences.

This unique brand guarantees not just a meal but a delightful family experience.

With such offerings, I can distinguish my outlet from others and tap into vast sales opportunities.

Territorial Exclusivity

Rita’s has granted me an exclusive territory, ensuring no other franchisee or competing entity operates there.

This mutual evaluation process has made it easier for me to scale and enhance my reach.

Straightforward Business Model

The Rita’s model is uncomplicated and tested.

I’ve found running a Rita’s Italian Ice franchise relatively straightforward, especially given the fewer equipment and staff requirements.

This simplicity further augments growth and success.

Adaptable Franchise Formats

Rita’s presents a variety of franchise opportunities, allowing me to choose based on my budget.

Whether it’s a standard shop with walk-up, walk-in, outdoor, or indoor seating options, I have the freedom.

Furthermore, there’s potential for me to expand through mobile units or satellites, giving rise to increased revenue.


Hands-on Involvement Needed

This is not a venture where I can sit back and watch the cash roll in.

Rita’s demands that I be actively engaged in my restaurant’s daily operations.

It isn’t something I can do part-time; it’s an all-in commitment.


While ice is beloved, it’s not a year-round favorite.

During colder seasons, I’ve noticed a dip in sales, prompting the need to introduce alternative menus or even consider adding catering options to ensure consistent sales.

No Direct Financing

Rita’s Italian Ice hasn’t provided me with direct or indirect financing options for things like the franchise fee or inventory.

I had to resort to third-party sources, which might not have affiliations with the brand.

Incorporating mobile options and considering unique locations can offer more business opportunities.

For instance, being operated seasonally in some places, or leveraging areas with more footfall can lead to extra cash.

The entire experience has been a blend of challenges and opportunities, but it’s all a part of the journey.

What’s the price of acquiring a Rita’s Italian Ice Franchise?

I had to pay an initial franchise fee of $35,000 to kick off my journey with the Rita’s Italian Ice franchise.

This initial franchise fee was an essential upfront cost to secure my stake in the brand.

A franchise shop of Rita's Italian Ice.

Cost of Rita’s Italian Ice Franchise

When I weighed the entire investment amount for establishing Rita’s Italian Ice franchise, it ranged between $278,194 and $502,040.

This Italian ice franchise cost encapsulated various one-time fees essential for launching my Rita’s shop in 2022.

Delving deeper into Rita’s franchise cost, several factors come into play, and having good credit certainly helps.

It’s common for those with good credit to typically finance a chunk of these costs.

Below, I’ve outlined a detailed breakdown to give you a clearer picture of how much it takes to be a part of Rita’s brand.

Standard Shop (Walk Up-Walk In- with Drive-thru)

Type of Expenditure Amount To Whom the Payment Is To Be Made
Low   High
Initial Franchise Fee $35,000 $35,000 Rita’s Franchise Company
Lease Deposit $0 $6,750 Landlord
Leasehold Improvements $103,000 $240,731 Suppliers
Equipment $89,744 $144,213 Rita’s Franchise Company and/or Suppliers
Permits & Licenses $1,200 $5,870 Government Authorities
Signs & Awnings $5,500 $17,989 Suppliers
Insurance $200 $3,000 Insurance Carrier/ Broker
Initial order $8,000 $17,500 Rita’s Franchise Company and/or Suppliers
Minimum New shop marketing expenditure $12,000 $12,000 Rita’s Franchise Company and/or Suppliers
Training $50 $5,000 Food and Lodging Providers
Architect & Attorney Fees $3,400 $13,487 Architect/ Attorney
Additional Funds (3 months) $20,000 $30,000 Your employees, suppliers, and creditors
TOTAL $278,194 $502,040  
Source: Rita’s Franchise Company

Rita’s Italian Ice Franchise Requirements for 2023

Regardless of the specific Rita’s location type you’re eyeing, they require a liquid capital of $100,000 and a net worth of $300,000.

Most individuals with good credit lean towards financing most of the startup costs, aiming to retain a very modest additional investment cushion for the initial months of operation.

Various charts outline the estimated initial investment for different developmental scenarios. There’s a large range in the potential startup costs due to several influencing factors.

These figures originate from Item 7 of the franchise disclosure document (FDD).

Shared with aspirants during recruitment and the mutual evaluation process, the FDD goes into detail about each of the startup costs listed.

It touches upon facets like construction costs, leasehold improvements, suppliers’ permits, attorney fees, and the nuances of the franchise agreement. 

Through this, candidates have a significant opportunity to garner a comprehensive understanding of the initial training, the financial qualifications whichever type they gravitate towards, and the entirety of Rita’s startup costs, spanning net sales expectations to the preferred location type.

Earnings of Rita’s Italian Ice Franchise Owners?

Typically, Rita’s Italian Ice franchisees see an annual median sales figure of $248,340.

This statistic represents the performance of 424 franchised ice cream outlets across the US, marking a +5.2% revenue growth compared to 2020 available data.

Now, let’s delve into the performance of these 424 establishments, categorizing them by tiers from the least to the most successful franchise owners:

Is Rita’s Italian Ice Franchise a Good Investment?

Is my initial money put in worth the profits I might get? It seems to vary based on the type of shop I go for.

I noticed Rita’s Italian Ice franchises have a few styles I can pick from standard shops, satellites, express versions, and mobile units.

With development options in mind, choices might change if near transportation terminals or if a lodging provider architect is involved.

Different Rita's Ice products showcased for franchise cost.

But let’s break it down. Given an average spend of $215,839 and a yearly income of $248,340, it does seem promising.

My calculations show that it’d take me about 5-6 years to get my initial investment back from future profits.

This might not be the fastest, but it’s a solid return.

So, waiting around 5 years to earn back my money, either through profits or my salary, does feel good.

Especially when compared with similar franchises, it appears to be a smart choice, and the menu sold at these places might further influence this decision.

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