How Online Business Start? (and Businesses You Can Start Now)

Someone typing on a laptop about how online business start

They say that having an online business is a no-brainer by today’s standards; in fact, one should have one if one wants to earn extra money online.

If you’re a full-time businessman that knows how to construct an effective online business model, you’re already a pro in this. But what if you’re just an amateur who badly wants to start an online business today?

This blog is for you, then!

As an experienced online businessman, I’ve been sharing my knowledge with my close peers about how they can start their own online businesses or make their business idea a reality.

You see, online businesses are the new trend nowadays, and it’s crucial to have at least one business idea you’d like to pursue.

So I thought to myself, maybe it’s time to share my knowledge about how to start an online business.

Remember, it only takes a business idea and a proper business model to have a real small business online.


A man on his laptop writing some blogs

The most popular way to start an online business is through blogging, where many online business owners express their thoughts and feeling on a business website.

Blogging is an online business and, at the same time, a wonderful side gig. It started with Justin Hall, who was hailed as the first blogger by most bloggers.

You see, what sets blogging apart from your typical content making, like videos such as skits, pranks, etc., is how authoritative it can be.

It just sounds better when you’re a blogger than a vlogger. It screams superiority (well, at least in my case).

What’s more, many people like getting information from articles. They’d rather read long forms than watch videos with unnecessary introductions, effects, and whatnot.

How to Start a Blog

The best way to start an online business, specifically your own blogging online business, is through Blogger. It’s the holy grail of start-up bloggers.

To start writing a blog as an online business on this website, follow these steps:

  1. Create an account. You need to have an account to start blogging on this website. Fortunately, there’s an option to log in through your Google Account, so it’s much more convenient.
  2. Choose a name for your blog. This is what’s on Blogger once you click the small “Create Blog” option at the left-side corner of the website, just below the three horizontal lines. So, just choose a name; this will be your blog’s title.
  3. Choose a URL. You can customize your URL, but it will end with “” If you have the budget, you can always buy your own domain online through Wix or WordPress.
  4. Add a new post. Once everything’s set up, you can start writing your blog. There are tools on the left side of the site; explore them as much as you like.
  5. Publish. After writing your blog, publish it. It might not be visible yet on Google Search for the first few months, but it will (trust me).

Once you post blogs regularly, it’ll be a successful online business idea turned into reality.

Monetizing Your Blog

Monetizing blog as a way on how online business start

Once you publish your blog, start earning money online by monetizing it. That’s the whole point of blogging as an online business.

You see, it won’t just start monetizing itself without you doing something about it.

There are many ways of monetizing your online business or website, like selling ad space. It’s the empty space on your site that you can rent out to people where they can advertise their products or services.

Other ways are the following:

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored posts
  • Selling digital products or services
  • Offering coaching or consulting services

Google Adsense is a good online business or service you can rely on when it comes to monetizing your blog site. It basically works by giving your site an ad according to the preference of your readers or visitors.

But how do they know their preferences? Let’s leave it to them for now.

Online Courses

A woman doing online business by connecting to her clients

Speaking of offering online coaching or consulting services, it’s another good online business idea that you can take advantage of, given that you have a great business model for it.

In fact, if you have the passion to teach or coach, it’ll be easier for you to start an online business about it.

How to Create and Sell Courses Online

Here are some steps in creating or selling courses as an online business:

  • Choose a topic. An effective way of choosing a topic is knowing your expertise. I mean, your customers would surely like it when you offer courses in which you’re the expert, right? That’s the whole point of them enrolling in the first place.
  • Outline your course content. Try to outline the content as comprehensively as possible, but at the same time, keep in mind its flexibility. Ensure that people can easily complete the course online with little to no hassle at all. Of course, ensure they’ll learn at the end of it.
  • Create your course materials. You may outsource the creation of your course materials if you want to. Just ensure that these materials are sufficient in completing the course of your online business.
  • Market your courses. There are plenty of ways to market your online business courses in an online business setting, like through word of mouth or hiring third-party services to market them.

Best Platforms for Online Courses

Don’t know how to start your online business courses on your own website? There are online platforms your can rely on, which are the following:


A dropshipping concept for online business

If you don’t know what this one is or how to start an online business through dropshipping, it’s basically just opening an online business shop. However, instead of having your products in stock, you just order them whenever a customer orders them.

Technically, you just show in your online shop that you sell an item you currently don’t have in your inventory. Once a customer orders, you’ll contact the third party who sells the product and have it delivered directly to your customer.

You’re just like a middleman but in an online business setting.

This one is a good online business since you don’t have to have a physical store or a place for storing your products; just order them whenever a customer buys them.

How to Start a Dropshipping Business

Here are some steps you can follow to start an online business about dropshipping:

  1. Choose your niche. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Whenever you open an online business, it’s always crucial to choose an area you’re interested in. In this case, choose a product you want to sell online.
  2. Do some market research. A successful online business always starts with good market research. Research some competitors in the area and get some ideas from how they do their dropshipping online business.
  3. Find a supplier. Since dropshipping relies on companies with the product in stock, contact some and form a partnership with them if necessary.
  4. Create your online store. Now that you have a network of suppliers for your online business, it’s time that you set up your online store. You may outsource this, or if you know and are passionate about creating a website, then you can do it on your own.
  5. Market your store. Of course, having an online business won’t just stop in setting up your online store. It needs to reach your potential buyers. So, market them through numerous advertising platforms, such as TikTok for Business or Meta’s Ads Manager.

Best Dropshipping Platforms

If you don’t know how to start an online business in dropshipping, there are multiple already-existing online platforms that cater to dropshipping online business ideas.

They even have the right resources for you to officially start an online business about it!

Here are some of them:

Print on Demand

Three people looking at a huge laptop screen, showing an online business

This one works just like dropshipping since you can totally outsource everything and just be a middleman.

It’s a profitable online business, and many do it.

How to Start a Print-on-Demand Business

  1. Set up your website. Have a professional-looking print-on-demand site while making it look engaging. Ensure that it’s not too intimidating; it should be easy to navigate.
  2. Create your designs. You may have a catalogue of original designs that your customers can browse when they visit your website. Of course, most of them might have their own designs already, and all you have to do is just print them.
  3. Market your designs. You may rely on different advertisement platforms to market your designs. Most of them will tailor your designs to target audiences, so there’s nothing to worry about whether or not your business will reach potential buyers.

Best Print on Demand Platforms

Here are some of the following print-on-demand online business sites you can totally trust if you want to start an online business about it:

Affiliate Marketing

Two men shaking hands in a laptop screen

Affiliate marketing is another online business you can do that makes successful online business ideas into reality. The best part of this is that there’s no need for you to set up an online store nor have products and services to sell.

All you need to do to start an online business about it is find an affiliating program wherein you can generate a unique link.

You will then share this link with your friends or followers, and you can start earning! This is basically how this online business works.

Of course, you’ll just start earning if someone clicks on the link.

That’s why you must have a good deal of followers beforehand.

If you don’t have lots of followers yet, still try it. Who knows, you might find ways to grow your followers along the way.

How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business

A diagram showing how to start affiliate marketing business

Before you start your affiliate marketing online business journey, know that you’re at least signed up for a popular social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

If you’re a blogger or have your own site where you share your content, that will do.

Still, social media platforms are proven supreme when it comes to affiliate marketing since many people are on them, meaning you can garner lots of people to click on the affiliate link.

Now that’s settled, these steps will help you start your online affiliate marketing business on social media platforms:

  1. Find a niche. I’m so sorry for repeating this, but it’s crucial for you to know the step-by-step process; thus, this will keep appearing as long as necessary. So, as usual, find something that interests you or that you’re good at.
  2. Grow your following. One effective way of having many followers is by posting regularly. Stick to the niche you chose so that your potential followers will know that you’re an expert in it.
  3. Find an affiliate program. There are many affiliate programs you can find online, like Amazon Associates or TikTok Shop (they offer affiliate programs for sellers). 
  4. Subtly insert your unique affiliate link. Remember, it’s crucial that the affiliate program you choose is in line with your niche to subtly insert affiliate links. People might find it bothersome that your content is bombarded with selling tactics.

Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms

Here are some of the best affiliate online business marketing platforms (and legit and trusted ones) aside from the ones already mentioned:


An ebook in a phone screen

If you love writing, like me, but would like to create in-depth content about something than just blogging, then maybe writing a book (an eBook, to be precise) might be up your alley.

eBooks are what most people read in today’s world, especially since they’re easy to navigate through your phone or tablet.

But how do you start writing your own eBook?

How to Write and Sell eBooks

First of all, know that writing a book without a publisher is the best option you have if you want more freedom in your book’s content. It’s called self-publishing and is one of the best legit online business ideas.

Most, if not all, publishing houses have their own standards and checklist when it comes to the books that they publish, and their selection process isn’t that easy.

That’s why it’s the best option to pursue being a self-published author than the traditional way.

Although it might not sound so promising, there are quite a few successful self-published authors, like El James. I mean, who doesn’t know her? She’s just the one and only who authored 50 Shades of Gray.

And if you’re not into writing but are more into designing notebooks, paper pads, and such, then you can still earn from it; they’re called low-content books.

Best Platforms for Selling eBooks

A diagram showing the best platforms for selling ebooks for online business

So, as an amateur eBook writer, how do you start?

Well, let me tell you a secret: it’s through Amazon. Yes, almost all self-published authors I know opt for Kindle Direct Publishing when it comes to publishing their eBooks.

It all starts with writing your book on Google Docs or MS Word (whichever you prefer).

So, you need to outsource your own editor since you’re self-publishing. Some even do self-edit, but that’s not advisable. There might be things that you’re biased with, so better entrust the editing process to someone else. Of course, a professional at best.

If you don’t know one, try seeking one at Upwork. It’s the haven of freelance editors.

Once you already have your professionally edited manuscript, follow these steps in self-publishing your eBook:
  1. Create an account in KDP. Sign up for Kindle Direct Publishing; it will only take a few minutes. Moreover, it’s not that difficult since it works just like any other sign-up process. In fact, your Amazon account is sufficient enough.
  2. Tap “+Create.” Once you’re in the dashboard of KDP, tap the +Create button. It’s easy to locate since it’s inside a yellow rectangular shape that’s too bright and big to ignore.
  3. Select “Kindle eBook.” Keep in mind that KDP offers four options: Kindle eBook, paperback, Hardcover (still in beta), and series page. Since you’re writing an eBook, select “eBook.”
  4. Input details. KDP requires three stages in publishing your eBook: Kindle eBook details, Kindle eBook Content, and Kindle eBook Pricing. Just follow the instructions per phase.
  5. Publish. Once you’re good to go, publish your eBook. Keep in mind, though, that your submission is still subject to review, so wait at least 24 hours for KDP to review your eBook.
  6. Market your eBook. One of the most effective ways of marketing your eBook is through social media marketing. However you do it, just ensure that it’ll reach your target buyers. It won’t hurt to come up with a business strategy for selling your eBook.

If KDP is not of your liking, then the following platforms might be:

Selling Online

A girl selling clothes online

Do you like selling products? Why not take it online? Selling products online is one of the best and most proven effective online business ideas turned into reality.

In fact, it’s easier and cheaper to sell online nowadays than to have a physical store.

You see, e-commerce has been booming ever since the pandemic; there’s no other option for people to purchase products but online.

Two known sites, Amazon and eBay, are the most well-known e-commerce platforms that proved to the world that one can earn a lot of money through selling online.

Types of Products to Sell Online

Some of the common products to sell online are the following:

  • Clothes
  • Electronics
  • Automotive Parts
  • Books
  • Household Appliances

Best Platforms for Selling Online

Aside from Amazon and eBay, and if you’re more into selling digital products, here are some popular sites that can help:

Online Marketplace

Are you familiar with online marketplaces wherein you can buy and sell stuff? It’s like a wet market wherein you buy various items, ranging from brand-new products to hand-me-downs.

If you want to buy things near you, this one might help.

And the best online marketplace so far in existence is Facebook Marketplace.

Virtual Assistance

A girl doing her tasks in front of her laptop

The modern world has become busier every year, and many companies, especially those who run theirs solo, need assistance in almost every single aspect of running their business.

That gave birth to virtual assistants.

In fact, there are now companies that capitalize on this.

However, freelance virtual assistants (let’s call them VAs from here onward) are still the trend.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant

To become a VA, all you need to have are the following:

  • Organization and management skills
  • Working laptop or computer
  • Internet
  • Headset with microphone
  • Camera

That’s it! They’re the only things you need to have to start your VA online business.

Best Platforms for Virtual Assistants

Here are some good platforms for a VA:

Stock Photography

A man taking photo in his studio as online business

Have you seen those photos on common blog sites that seem so otherworldly and natural at the same time? You know, the kind of photo that you commonly see on desktop backgrounds or TV screen savers.

They’re called stock photos, and there’s money in them. In fact, this is usually used in social media marketing.

If you’re into photography and would like to earn some extra cash from it, then stock photography might be for you.

How to Start a Stock Photography Business

This business is sometimes inclined to individuals who already have a camera set.

You see, taking high-quality stock photos requires cutting-edge camera lenses to capture pictures with high resolution, and you might need to hire some models in order to capture an image worth considering stock photography.

Basically, there’s a need to invest in your camera gear before starting this.

Once you have the necessary equipment, you may start by following these steps:

  1. Create a business strategy. Since stock photography is commonly done as a freelance job, it’s highly advisable that you have an effective business strategy to do this kind of work.
  2. Set up your rates. Ensure to have reasonable rates that your clients won’t see as a deal breaker. Try to look for the average rates of freelancers online to know where you can start.
  3. Create an online portfolio. Start capturing stock photos and put them in your portfolio. This will be helpful when you look for potential clients you’d like to work with.

Best Platforms for Stock Photography

Here are some platforms you can rely on for your stock photography online business:

A woman doing some online business

Final Thoughts on How Online Business Start

There are a lot of online businesses you can start with today; it only takes a proper business model and someone such as you to give it a push.

While starting a business online might be intimidating, it isn’t that difficult. A business online is possible, given that you have what it takes to start one.

If you’re interested in one of the mentioned online businesses in this blog, just follow the steps mentioned to maximize your best online business ideas about it.

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