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How to Apply For a Master Scholarship in Germany

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How to Apply For a Master Scholarship in Germany

In order to be eligible for a Master Scholarship in Germany, you must have completed your Bachelor degree in the relevant field. You must also have two years of relevant professional experience. Apart from meeting the academic requirements, you must also show development-related motivation, have good language skills, and be responsible to society. In addition, you must be proactive in introducing change in your professional and personal environment. For further information, check out the DAAD, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, and the Helmut Schmidt Programme.


If you are interested in pursuing a postgraduate degree in Germany, you may be eligible for a DAAD Master Scholarship. These scholarships provide you with the financial support needed to study in Germany, including a monthly stipend, health allowance, and travel stipends. In order to be considered, you should have completed a Bachelor’s degree course and have two years’ work experience. While it is beneficial to have some knowledge of German, you are not required to speak or understand the language.

If you are planning to study in Germany for more than a year, you should start the process as early as possible. The deadline for applying for a DAAD scholarship varies depending on the semester in which you plan to study. Usually, you should begin your search for scholarships in early May and submit your application by July 15 for the fall and spring semesters. You should also know that most higher education institutions have a deadline between early December and January 15, but this is not a guarantee.

The DAAD Study Scholarship is available for international students studying in Germany. It can be used to pursue full Master’s or part-time doctoral programs at German universities. To be eligible, you must have completed at least two years of undergraduate study at an accredited US or Canadian university. You can apply to the German DAAD office if you are a Canadian citizen, a US citizen, or a permanent resident of the US. Foreign nationals may also qualify for a DAAD Scholarship, but they will need to apply to a separate DAAD office in Germany.

A DAAD scholarship will last for up to 36 months. The deadline for a DAAD scholarship varies based on your chosen degree program. You may receive up to 1,200 euros in monthly payments during your study. In addition, you’ll receive payment for health insurance, liability insurance, and even contribution towards your tuition. DAAD also offers an allowance to your family members. Applicants can apply for a DAAD Master Scholarship in Germany if they are studying a foreign language.


The Konrad Adenauer Foundation awards international scholarships to study in Germany. The Foundation promotes international networks, intercultural dialogue and the globalisation of science and universities. To apply, you must possess a broad general education and have an interest in political issues. You should have a positive attitude toward human rights and democracy and have actively engaged in voluntary work. You must have an open mind and be willing to participate in an ideational program.

The deadline for submitting the application is January 15 and July 15, respectively, at 12 noon (CET). For more details, visit the website. For the application process, you should be a German citizen. Applicants must also be fluent in English. After completing the application form, make sure to include the necessary documents. The application period ends on July 15 each year. It is important to note that the deadline for submitting the application is different from the deadline for other countries.

This scholarship program supports the studies of gifted and committed young people from different countries. It supports both postgraduate and doctoral studies. The scholarships are available for all fields and disciplines. To apply for the scholarship, you must demonstrate good academic performance and personal achievements. You will receive a monthly stipend of EUR 850 and will also be eligible for tuition and housing assistance. Applicants must be motivated to pursue further studies and pursue a career in Germany.

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung also offers fellowships for Harvard seniors. In conjunction with ideational support from the foundation, these fellowships cover living costs in Germany. Moreover, the foundation also offers similar fellowships to Harvard graduate and Ph.D. students, but the fellowships are different. You may need to be a doctoral or postgraduate student to receive the scholarship. The award varies from program to program, but it is a significant financial support for a postgraduate degree in Germany.


Whether you’re a recent graduate or are planning to pursue a master’s degree in Germany, the Stiftung Master Scholarship is a great opportunity to further your studies and pursue your dream career. The program awards scholarships to non-European citizens who demonstrate excellent language skills. The award will cover a student’s tuition fees and health insurance, and the scholarship will fund a semester’s worth of study expenses.

The scholarship program was created to support outstanding international students, particularly those with backgrounds outside of academics. It features a comprehensive seminar program, aimed at developing the academic and social competencies of scholarship candidates. The Stiftung works to erase social disparities and to provide opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds. As a result, it offers scholarships to students from the technical, social, and migrant fields. To learn more, visit the website of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung.

The Foundation is an intermediary organization for German foreign policy. It promotes international cultural dialogue and academic exchange between Germany and other countries. It also awards research grants to researchers at all stages of their careers. Scholarships are awarded to study in German universities and research institutes. If you’re a German citizen, you can apply online. However, you must apply online by 15 July. If you live in Germany, you must visit the official website to find out more information.

Aside from the Stiftung Master Scholarship in Germany, the Stiftung Doctoral Program is also a great way to further your studies. The program aims to support international students who have already completed their undergraduate or graduate studies. Moreover, the program encourages students to adhere to Christian democratic political and social values. Furthermore, it pays well to demonstrate your knowledge of German. The application process is quick and simple. You can apply for a scholarship in your field and country of citizenship.

DAAD Helmut Schmidt Programme (Public Policy and Good Governance) 2022

Applicants for the DAAD Helmut Schmidt Programme (Good Government and Public Policy) 2022 Master Scholarship in Germany should have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. The duration of the scholarship depends on the chosen master’s course and university. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Applicants must be at least 25 years old.

This scholarship program was designed by the DAAD to encourage the next generation of leaders from developing countries to pursue a Master’s degree in a relevant field. The courses are taught in both German and English and feature an international orientation. Candidates from Central Asia and Africa can apply for this scholarship. They must be fluent in both languages. The scholarship recipient’s academic record must also be outstanding.

DAAD Helmut Schmidt Programme (Good Governance and Public Policy) 2022 Master Scholarship in Germany is a competitive program. You must have a bachelor’s degree and good academic results. You must also have a certificate proving that you have enough experience to support your degree. You should also demonstrate your interest in the field and be highly motivated to pursue it. After completing the application process, submit all the necessary documents to two universities in Germany.

To apply for this scholarship, you must apply online in English or German. Applicants must indicate the Helmut Schmidt Programme (Public Policy and Good Governance) Scholarship Program in their application. To apply, read the details on the Scholarship Application page. The application form is available at DAAD. Please note that applications received after the deadline will not be considered. While DAAD Helmut Schmidt Programme (Good Governance) 2022 Master Scholarship in Germany applicants are eligible for scholarships, they should apply for a degree at a university in Germany.


Depending on your academic track, you may qualify to apply for a Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Master Scholarship in Europe. The scholarship is given to students from Eastern Europe and Latin America. Every year, about 40 scholarships are awarded in Germany. The DAAD funds these scholarships. DAAD-funded scholarships are highly competitive, but you can find out more about them here. The application process is simple, and you can apply before the start of the semester.

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Master Scholarship in Europe is intended for international students who wish to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree in Germany. To qualify, you must have outstanding academic records and demonstrate democratic values. The foundation also provides a world-class on-site liaison mentor to help you apply. There are 40 scholarships awarded each year to deserving students. The scholarship covers a monthly stipend, health insurance, and a family allowance. The funds are non-repayable.

The FES scholarship is awarded to highly talented students who have demonstrated excellence in the fields of their studies. They include a comprehensive seminar program that develops academic and social skills. Candidates must attend a German university or a state-recognized polytechnic college to be considered. Foreign students may apply, but they must be studying in Germany at the time of application. And while there is no need to pay back the scholarship, you will not be able to withdraw from the programme once you’ve graduated.

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Master Scholarship in Europe is competitive and is awarded annually to students from across Europe. Applicants must complete an online application form and submit the necessary documents. The application deadline for the Masters degree scholarship is 31 May 2021; PhD candidates can apply any time during the year. Please refer to the official website for further information. And remember, the deadline for applications for the Master Scholarship in Germany is 30 November 2020 or 31 May 2021.

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