How To Earn From Instagram Page ( A $300 Per Day Guide)

The Instagram platform provides for diverse ways of earning on it so naturally, uses often ask about how to earn from Instagram page. With the platform’s large and diverse global audience, it’s only fair to say that there is a niche market out there for just about anyone. Irrespective of the content you create, you are bound to attract a sizeable amount of audience for yourself.

Instagram Promotion

Although it is a platform designed to share photos and videos, with the right approach, you can monetize Instagram. But before we talk about the different ways you can monetize Instagram, let’s look at what you’ll need to achieve that.

In this article, I will be discussing how to earn from the Instagram page (a $300 per day guide).

Can I make money on Instagram with 1000 followers?

Yes! Even with just a thousand followers, you can still monetize your Instagram account as long as you have a good engagement with them. Imagine if you actively engage with your 1000 followers and turn a good percentage of them into potential customers, it will surely boost your business’ sales.

How Long Does it Take to Monetize an Instagram Account?

In actuality, there is no time constraint on when a creator can monetize his or her Instagram account. Many have done this for months while some have taken years. A common factor though is that you must:

  • Build a loyal fan-following on the platform.
  • Develop steady engagement with your followers.
  • Consistently post content.
How do you start making money on Instagram?

If you are looking to start making money on Instagram, you need to create a strategy on how you will be able to create quality content, keep your target audience engaged, and continuously promote your account. The main idea is to reach out to a bigger target audience as possible to get more potential customers.

How It Works

Irrespective of the method adopted, your aim is to promote products and services so as to increase sales either for others or for yourself.

The platform provides several avenues to perform these promotions. Content creators can use posts, Stories, Reels, or IGTV videos for promotional purposes.

If you decide to promote brands and businesses other than yourself, the terms of the agreement have to be agreed upon mutually. Most content creators prefer to get rewards in outright agreement fees while others favor commission-based payments.

After an agreement is reached, creators produce contents that are promotional for the said brands. These contents are geared towards driving sales by recommending such brands or their products to followers.

How to Earn from Instagram Page

Earn from Instagram Page

There are diverse means of earning from Instagram. And in truth, there is no limit to the amount earnable from the platform. let’s take a look at some of the ways on how to earn from the Instagram page:

Earn from Instagram Page by Becoming an Influencer

Becoming an Influencer

An influencer is someone who has built a reputation and loyal following by sharing regularly on their social accounts. They have a good following and they’re able to convince their audiences to jump onto trends as well as purchase certain products. This influence is derived from the time spent building trust and relationships with their audience.

This is one of the most popular answers to how to earn from the Instagram page. Users that attain the status of influencers can leverage their profile to promote just about any product from any brand. So as an influencer, asides from having a decent follower number, you must also come up with posts that generate strong engagement from your followers.

Businesses and Brands are always on the lookout to partner influencers. This focuses on creating sponsored posts that can help boost awareness for such businesses and increase their reach. In return, top influencers make thousands of dollars per sponsored post. Earning money via influencing on Instagram is viable but potential influencers have to manage expectations.

To leverage influencing, it’s important to know your audience well enough. Learn who they are, and understand their interests, values, needs, and wants. This will help you know which brands best fit them. A quick tip is that Instagram business account users can learn more about their audience stats through the Instagram Insights feature.

Take care not to lose the trust of your existing audience in the process of earning money from sponsored posts. It’s often best to practice to make your audience aware that a post is sponsored by using hashtags such as #sponsored or #ad.

Earn from the Instagram page by Becoming a Brand Ambassador

Becoming a Brand Ambassador

Becoming a brand ambassador can be considered as an extension of the Sponsored posts or influencer method of Instagram monetization. Many businesses and brands would prefer to establish long-term relationships with influencers. In other words, they are more interested in getting influencers to act as brand ambassadors who can then promote the company on a regular basis.

Instagram is one of the biggest spaces for influencer marketing, making it a good platform for companies to seek out ambassadors. Large brands regularly send free products to influencers so they can review and promote them. Also, Micro-influencers in a specific niche is often sorted after as they provide a better-engaged audience to celebrities.

Becoming a brand ambassador requires satisfying different conditions but in the end, you need to sign a contract with the brand. Most brands look for ambassadors with the right target audience, engagement number, and right values. While there is no fixed rate for being a brand ambassador, estimates show that they earn around $40-50,000.

Earn from Instagram Page by Selling Your Products

Selling Your Products

For creators who have a developed product or service, you can leverage Instagram’s professional account to display, discuss, and feature your products. So naturally, you already have a means on how to earn from your Instagram page. You can as well promote the launching of your own business account by linking it to your existing personal account.  And by utilizing influencers to spread the news about your brand.

Regardless of either if your product is physical or digital, you can use Instagram to promote it and make more money. Certainly, physical products will require you to manually ship your products to buyers as well as owing stores and warehouses. Instagram makes it easy to have an Instagram shop and grow a solid following. This will improve your business account’s engagement rates which will increase conversions.

Using Instagram shop as a means of earning money on the platform will not produce instant earnings. This will take time as well as promotion antics on your end. For that, you can partner with both large and small scale influencers to help create buzz and awareness around your shop.

To effectively utilize this method, ensure your products are visible and provide a solution to a real-life problem the audience faces. Also, ensure to always include concise information about your products or services for easy understanding and ease of finding.

Earn from Instagram Page by Implementing Dropshipping

Dropshipping is one of the methods on how to earn from an Instagram page. Dropshipping allows content creators to own a store without actually needing a physical store. It’s one of the revolutionary business modes that have been further given popularity by the rise of social media platforms. All you need is a willing supplier who will directly deliver products to your customers. This model thus eliminates the need for expensive inventory and other services.

Thankfully, starting a dropshipping business is cheap and relatively easy. E-commerce giants such as Shopify and Oberlo are some of the prominent places to start with your dropshipping journey. Certainly, other platforms can also help you launch a dropshipping store, sometimes for free. Although you will have to search for a business niche to trade-in as well as a test product to get an idea of what sells well.

This is a very inexpensive way of owning a business, as it doesn’t require huge capital to start selling. The dropshipping business model is an avant-garde means of e-commerce that can easily work well on Instagram. With the right amount of effort and commitment, you can earn enough income to start a life.

Earn from Instagram Page by Selling Your Contents 

Selling Your Contents 

Instagram was originally created as a visually appealing content platform and as such, quality and original photos will attract a lot of buyers. Contents ranging from art illustrations, videos and animations, paintings, pictures, and even selfies can help you earn.

You might ask yourself why would anyone have interest in buying your content. But the fact is businesses and brands are constantly looking for appealing content to use in marketing their products and services.  Depending on the business, such as real estate, photography, product images, modeling, the content they will buy will be determined by what they do. Simply use concise captions, product tags, hashtags as well as customized watermarks to your pictures. Also, include necessary details of the content so as to capture potential buyers.

Thankfully, finding potential buyers isn’t difficult. This is because several third-party platforms can help you sell your images and videos for the right price. Marketplaces such as Twenty20, 500px, or Foap Community are all good avenues to market your stock images and pictures on Instagram. Certainly, there is no fixed price for selling content so you most likely will determine the rate at which you sell. Also, always try as much as possible to understand the technicalities involved as well as the terms and conditions.

Earn from Instagram Page by Providing Instagram Marketing Services

Providing Instagram Marketing Services

One of the best and easiest ways on how to earn from the Instagram page is to provide marketing services for the audience at a set fee. This also has the potentials to help improve engagement rates and build a solid following. Teaching others how to most effectively utilize their own accounts is a sure way of earning. You can also extend your marketing services to brands and businesses willing to pay you for your services.

Selling this type of service is helpful and lucrative since many people are not sure of where to start. If you’ve built up some experience on the Instagram platform as well as have some consistent marketing success, you can leverage your own efforts to create an additional money-making stream. You can create an email course, in which you write down all of your best tips and tricks, send out private Instagram stories to those who have purchased your services, or even sell physical products, like small workbooks detailing your tips and tricks.

Earn from Instagram Page by Leveraging IGTV

earn by leveraging IGTV on instagram

IGTV monetization feature lets content creators on Instagram earn money by serving short ads along with their IGTV content. This feature is not automatically active and creators will have to agree to follow the Partner Program Monetization Policies to use it.

Instagram in a statement said, “Ads will appear when an audience clicks to watch an IGTV video from the preview button in their feed. They will be mobile-optimized, vertical videos and last up to 15 seconds long”. The IGTV monetization simply provides monetary rewards for Instagram’s vertical long-form video option.

IGTV videos usually run several minutes or up to an hour long and are present on the platform as long as creators want them to be. Creators can also direct the audience to such content from a post in their feed or a Story. Also, the audience can access IGTV videos from within the Instagram app, or they can download the separate IGTV app if they wish.

Who is the highest-paid Instagrammer?

According to the latest Instagram Rich List reported by Hopper HQ, the highest-paid Instagram influencer is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, one of the most bankable celebrities in the United State. His reported cost per Instagram post is $1,015,000. As of April 2021, the actor has a massive follower count of 230 million. Next to Dwayne is the beauty mogul, Kylie Jenner, the second-highest-paid Instagram influencer with $986,000 per post.


Attaining financial freedom is quite every individual’s dream and learning how to earn from the Instagram page is one method of achieving that dream. Instagram provides for monetization through various means and as such users are sure of making money on the platform.

The platform is never short of the audience as well as businesses and brands looking to partner with successful creators on Instagram. This means earning around $300 per day on the platform is possible. Simply find the right technique that works best for you and utilize it maximally to your benefit. Also, you can combine a few methods to further increase your earnings.

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