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How to find a job abroad. Aitovites have launched an employment platform for refugees

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A team of IT entrepreneurs, volunteers and experts has created a UA Talents employment platform for Ukrainians who have been forced to move to other cities in Ukraine or abroad due to Russian aggression.

The initiative has attracted support from technology giant Meta (Facebook) and companies such as StepStone, Axel Springer, Zalando, Bolt, Flink, Gorillas, SumUp, Ada Health, as well as a number of venture funds, including Atlantic Labs, FoodLabs, Capnamic , Earlybird, HV Capital, Project A and Revent.

Already at the start of the platform, 5,000 job offers are available.

UA Talents is an initiative of Ukrainian entrepreneurs Ivan Kychaty and Nikita Overchyk, based in Germany. The 2hearts community, Europe ‘s largest migrant technology community, also joined in.

The development team noted that since the full-scale Russian invasion, the number of temporarily displaced Ukrainians has reached one million and will continue to grow.

People lose their jobs , customers and run away from danger without savings and further plans. To help them survive a period of instability and support Ukraine’s economy, a non-profit job search platform, UA Talents, has been launched, the authors said.

Each of us has relatives in Ukraine. We cannot be on the sidelines. That is why we are creating a technological solution that aims to support as many people as possible who were affected by the war. Each of us constantly receives inquiries from friends and their friends who have lost their jobs or clients and are looking for ways to earn a living and help Ukraine. We strive to provide work for everyone who needs it , ”the founders commented on the initiative.

Finding a job for a refugee: fast and convenient

On the site of the employment platform, the searcher should specify:

  • personal data;
  • age and length of service;
  • knowledge of foreign languages;
  • practical skills.

The UA Talents platform focuses on two groups of people: people from Ukraine who have been forced to move to another European country, and displaced persons within Ukraine. The goal of the founders is to enable Ukrainian immigrants to quickly find work, including remote work, both abroad and in their home country.

Currently, the focus of the platform is vacancies in the technology sector, but there are quick requests for work in other areas as well.

At UA Talents, European companies will inform about vacancies not only in Ukraine, but also about the possibility of employment abroad.


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