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How to increase Youtube subscribers?

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Increasing Youtube subscribers is the desire of many content creators and, at the same time, a common doubt among them. After all, how to stand out in an environment with so much information available and increasingly niche segments?

Although it is a challenge, some good practices can help producers increase subscribers, keep the audience engaged and, on top of that, earn more money from productions. We prepared this article, full of tips and good ideas for you to apply to your channel and grow even more. Take a look!

Discover 7 creative strategies to increase YouTube subscribers

Is the channel on the air, performing well, but it still doesn’t have the number of subscribers you expect? Know that there are some steps (and best practices) that can help your channel grow and keep people more interested in what you have to say. Check it out:

1. Make an elaborate visual identity and create your brand

Creativity is one of the greatest allies of content creators and branding is another surefire partner. Defining colors, making a differentiated cover, and a well-done description can make your channel come out of the same and differentiate itself from the others.

2. Study the most searched keywords by your audience

The title, description text, and the tags themselves that accompany the videos are important ways to attract more followers. Do you know what your audience is looking for? Often, they serve as anchors that attract the audience, enrich the content and make it clearer what will be covered in the material.

3. Create Playlists

Choose an interesting topic and create a playlist of related videos. In addition to facilitating user navigation, you can achieve more views, as your audience will watch your videos in sequence.

4. Create a publishing calendar

The frequency of publications is important so that the public understands when the content will be available. This is also a good practice, as the platform itself understands that the channel is active, updated, and with relevant information for the audience, offering a greater reach of its videos.

Other than that, there are several important market dates (such as Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, and Christmas) that are opportunities for you to work on a targeted and specific agenda for each festivity.

5. Include CTA’s in your videos

CTA’s (or Call to Action) are calls that can be inserted into the content, and serve to invite the viewer to an action. You can invite your audience to subscribe, leave a comment and activate the bell, for example.

They are very common requests to see in content producers’ videos, and they affect the audience, as they help to increase engagement.

6. Invest in the production of YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts, or stories, are short, quick videos, primarily used to inform and entertain the audience. They are important to nurture your audience and offer a variety of content options to consume. In addition to being easier to make, they can be connected with the content that already exists on the channel.

7. Partner with other channels

Partnerships can be a good deal to attract a differentiated audience and increase the audience. Do a “market research” and analyze which channels are in tune with yours.

You can invite another content producer to do a joint action with you, record videos together, and produce something very interesting and creative that catches people’s attention.

How important is organic growth?

The success of a channel can be measured in several ways. However, there is a very important global metric that should not be ignored by those who produce content: organic growth.

Although curious, this term has a lot to say and should be taken seriously. Organic growth, which is followed on a day-to-day basis, is done naturally, with a good strategy and differentiated content. It goes hand in hand with public demand and increased interest in the material that is produced, in the most natural way possible.

Many people think or have thought that buying followers is a good idea. Right from the start, we say no. In addition to not being a sustainable practice, it can harm channel monetization and violate platform policies. The ideal is to invest in quality content that draws the public’s attention to the value of the information they deliver.

Monetization on Youtube: what are the main requirements?

Increasing the number of subscribers is also super important for channel monetization because the more people watch your videos, the greater the possibility of making money.

In addition to the tips mentioned above, it is worth paying attention to the requirements of the platform itself and understanding the monetization possibilities it offers. To start monetizing, the channel needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum of one thousand subscribers;
  • Have a Google AdSense account;
  • Produce authorial content;
  • Have 4,000 hours of public viewing in the last 12 months.

Tips9ja has complete content, full of tips for you to understand how the monetization policy works and what the platform requirements are.

It is worth remembering that payments made by Youtube are in dollars. To receive your money with security, agility, and tranquility, count on us!

In addition to producing differentiated content, do not forget about periodicity and quality in publications. By following the tips in this text, you will have more success and growth on your channel.

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