How to Make Money on Instagram by Writing (a $200/Day Guide)

If you are a writer, pay very keen attention to this article on how to make money on Instagram by writing.

There is no creative endeavor that cannot generate revenue online, particularly on Instagram.

Statistics show that the Instagram platform has over 1.5 billion users worldwide.

From being just a photo-sharing app, it has become a business platform.

Businessmen, entrepreneurs, brands are making good use of its selling power.

Why not venture to make money on Instagram by writing?

Many book and story writers have not just done it but are still doing it today.

It is not a walk in the park making a great write-up, but that is just the beginning.

The major work is knowing how to make money on Instagram by writing.


1. Know your specific audience

Instagram, just like any other social media platform, has demographics.

Hence, ensure it’s appropriate for your company first.

That said, it’s clear Instagram has a lot of promise for many writers.

Now, if you’re truly stuck for ideas, you can make money on Instagram by writing.

Your Instagram content, like the other of your writing activities, should be guided by who your target audience is.

The questions are:

What are their interests?

How do they pass and receive information online?

What requirements of theirs can you meet?

Keep in mind that needs are also emotional.

This is why memes are so well relatable and popular on social media.

2. Write about your personal experiences and encounters

It’s quite easy for people to relate to other people’s experiences.

The objective of your writing activities should be to make you more personable and approachable.

From time to time, take out your phone or camera and take down more of your experiences.

Ensure to turn those images into content that provides followers more insight into who you are personally.

If that captures their attention, you’ll begin attracting long-term fans who will follow and even pay for every writing you put out.

By becoming one whom they can connect to, you can earn their allegiance.


3. Put out unique and original content

It’s not easy to stand out in a globe where thousands of writings pop up daily.

But, only you can make use of a unique promotion method to make money on Instagram by writing.

This is what gives your brand its own identity.

Taking your time to think out 10 things that stand you out from your competition is a great way to begin.

It may have something to do with characters or the way you plot your writing.

Maybe also, it’s your fresh take on an old subject, or because you’ve lived an interesting life and have some great stories to tell that have nothing to do with the genre you write in.

Anything you can come up with can become an inspiration for content.

So, another question is: How are you going to turn those 10 (or more) items into images or visuals?

When you’ve figured it out, you’ll have in your hands, something to build on, into a brand.

4. Be relevant and stay relevant

As your content rises in relevance, the more interaction it will receive.

This will lead to increased followership.

As much as feasible, your writing promotion activities should have cultural significance; popular subjects, or interests.

It may seem hard.

However, if you approach your writing marketing like this, you will raise an atmosphere that will promote your writing in the long term.

5. Narrate a tale or a story

Looking for a topic or series to focus on my favorite things to do.

Doing it makes generating content so much simpler.

It also shows your consistency and gives your followers something to look forward to.

It’s yet another way to keep them wanting more.

If you’re writing fiction, do a series of character intros or jaw-dropping lines.


In the case of nonfiction, a series of advice on a single topic is a no-brainer.

6. Value on promotional content very highly 

Consider, first of all, the way to catch and keep your target audience’s attention.

Achieving this with weak material is quite hard.

Based on this, your initial thought should be publishing new material on a daily basis.

As a writer, there’s no better way to achieve this than to offer promotional content relating to your work.

You should always remember that the material in question must be relevant to your marketing objectives.

Do not forget also, that promotional content for writing is different from other Instagram posts.

There are only a few graphics to pick from other than the book cover.

Hence, the best thing to do here is to set up your own author persona on Instagram then market both your writing and it.

7. Paid ads and analytics can be used

The use of Instagram to create sponsored ads is evidently a very successful method of reaching the appropriate audience for your content.

These ads significantly make it more likely that consumers will buy your writing.

Considering that a good number of individuals watch tales regularly, paying for ads on Instagram stories is the right option.

Analytics tools keep track of progress and activity.

Paid ads and analytics can be used

They also determine what factors have a significant effect on your sales.

Analytics also provide you with other helpful information.

Information such as the right time to submit material, and how often it should be done is provided.

You’ll be able to better arrange your material and post the schedule because of this.

8. Instagram contests or giveaways can be hosted

As the saying goes, you don’t always have to pay money to make money.

Even though ads are effective and results in guaranteed, alternative and less expensive ways to make money on Instagram by writing exist.

One of those other ways is, for example, to organize a contest or a giveaway.

I’m sure you’ve seen those postings you were to tag a friend and follow an account for a prize?

Contests and giveaways also work in the same way.

Having to take a simple camera shot with a pet and tagging your account, for instance, may be part of your challenge’s requirements.

Next, as part of your offer, you could hand off a number of your books and writings to randomly selected Instagram followers.

This tip has been proven to be 100 percent effective.

9. Build a marketing strategy that fits into your business

It’s very important that you take up a variety of marketing techniques to help people learn about your writings quickly.

a marketing strategy that fits into your business

To help you to achieve your goals in taking round the news about your writings, you might decide to contact a book marketing agency.

Also, you have the freedom to choose from a wide range of book marketing services depending on your objectives and expectations.

10. Add a few teaser quotes

A catchy line is nearly always enough to tilt a reader’s interest.

This is where this step comes into action.

It will take some brain-racking, however, it will be worth it.

Come up with a list of the finest and most intriguing quotations from your writing and brainstorm them.

Next, to go along with it, come up with an engaging image, and you’ve got yourself the perfect bait.

Besides, isn’t it true that people enjoy really good pictures?

Isn’t this why they’re on Instagram?

Enticing readers with some memorable quotations combined with stunning pictures will draw a lot of attention!

11. Add user-generated content

People are more likely to trust something after reading favorable evaluations from other users.

Use hashtags to invite readers to post photographs of your writing with the hashtags.

Then, making use of reviews and photos, build a highlight.

Once you’re done with it, find comparable posts to highlight in your Instagram story.

In order to gain your readers’ devotion, you must acknowledge them and give them credit.

user-generated content

12. Inform and educate them about your characters

Let your readers get to know the characters in your writings if any.

If you have a book, do the same to entice them to buy it.

Post brief chapter openers if you’re writing nonfiction.

Post similar posts, for instance, every weekend, to make such a practice stand out more and personalized.

Readers and fans will definitely return to your page to read and share this content with their friends.

Use a professional essay writing service if you don’t know how to develop an engaging character or topic description.

Professional writers are available to help in creating and delivering high-quality material that meets your specifications.

13. Take photos in a Well-Lit Environment

Now is your chance to put your photography talents to the test.

The vibrations of your book should not be harmed by the environment around your Instagram photos.

Natural and light hues, as well as dark colors that create a mysterious mood, can be used with a neutral backdrop.

It’s entirely up to you and your personal tastes.

Poorly shot photos hardly entice readers to read the content, do they?

Remember that the image is what draws people’s attention.

So, make the most of it!

14. Use of Instagram’s Live Streaming feature

When you can chat with your favorite writer and see what they’re up to, it’s difficult to stay distant.

That is one of the advantages of using Instagram’s live broadcasting feature.

Not only will you be able to get to know your readers, but they will also have the chance to ask you questions.

Live Streaming feature

Seeing you one on one will allow them to better understand your personality and recognize your talents.

Streaming is also a wonderful way to introduce oneself and break down boundaries in your contact with your audience.

You can surely generate greater interest in your writing while speaking to the audience!

15. Improve the bio section of your profile

Instagram users frequently go to a profile’s bio to learn more about the account they’re looking at.

Leaving the description section blank is a major blunder that will hinder you from reaching your intended audience.

In order for people to rapidly obtain a clearer image of you as a writer, consider stating the facts about yourself using clever bullet points.

You may also provide a link to your writings/book’s website or other related sites for people to browse.

Users will be able to quickly access the website and make a purchase whenever they want if you include a link.

This will, of course, be quite useful.

16. Value the Importance of Hashtags

While SEO professionals use keywords to reach their target demographic, Instagram users utilize hashtags.


While hashtags might aid in the promotion of your writings on Instagram, there is one thing you should always remember:

Don’t overuse hashtags, especially ones that aren’t relevant.

Posting a booking photo with the hashtags #spring or #friends, for example, would be strange and misleading.

Figure out which hashtags are most relevant and utilize them to attract more readers.

17. Contact other writers

Don’t be afraid to follow writers that write in similar genres to you.

Participate in the campaigns of other authors and develop a relationship with them.

This will quickly introduce you to new people and allow you to learn about their major promotional methods.

Using a service like Kicksta, which can help you improve your author following, is one approach to locate other writers and profiles that are similar to yours.

If such authors are more well-known and knowledgeable than you, you will gain an understanding of the target audience’s preferences if you follow them.

The best part is that you’ll be able to explore the marketplace!

You’ll also have no trouble deciding what to do with your promotional methods in the future.

other writers


In the larger scheme of things, Instagram has shocked us all with how resourceful and strong it is.

It appears that one of the numerous advantages it has to offer is its usage as a promotional tool.

It’s only right that we get the most out of such a versatile instrument.

From marketing efforts to book promotions, analytics, and more, there’s something for everyone.

Consider all of the ways on how to make money on Instagram by writing.

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