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How to make money online jobs without leaving home

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Would you like to earn extra money or work without leaving home? Embrace the job opportunities from the Internet that the market offers you.

The job market has been changing, certain professions have become extinct or are about to disappear, while new professions are emerging, many of which involve working from the Internet. This situation opens doors to many professionals who identify more with freelance work and even people who already have a job, but who would like to have an extra income every month.

Of course, not everyone is looking for a long-term career. Often what they’re looking for is a flexible way to get some extra money to make up their monthly budget. The answer to this demand may really lie in carrying out work or jobs online.

However, if in the beginning, the Internet was a way to earn some money, today it is now possible to earn an income online, just like in a full-time job outside the home. For ordinary mortals, the sale of second-hand and handicrafts is no longer reserved for them. There are already several opportunities and some do not require a special qualification.

How to make money online jobs without leaving home: 11 OPPORTUNITIES TO CONSIDER

The “ digital nomads ” are the professionals of the future. It is estimated that a good part of the business fabric will be composed of freelancers who support the online activity on which we are all practically dependent. After all, there are online job opportunities in the most varied sectors of activity.

1. Blogger
Creating a blog is a possibility for anyone. But this option to earn money is slower as it requires you to keep a job without earning anything for the first 6 to 18 months. However, if you enjoy writing and helping others, this might be the one for you. The most fun is that you can choose a topic that is really your passion.

How can you make money with a blog?

  • Advertising: You can be paid for ads placed on your blog ;
  • Affiliate Marketing: You can receive a commission for any product you recommend or sell through your blog;
  • Digital Products: you can sell your own e-books, courses, etc.;
  • Services: If you enjoy working with people, a blog can be a great launching pad for coaching, consulting, etc.

2. Bropshipper
If you are considering work from the Internet, find out about Dropshipping. This is a business model in which someone acts as a seller and leaves the delivery and control of stocks to another company or companies.

Basically, with dropshipping, you create an online store using third-party products, that is, manufacturers that may not have an online presence, for example.

The profit margin will not be as high as if they were your products, but the financial investment will also not be as big and you don’t even have to worry about having a physical space to store them and, therefore, you can have a much larger portfolio of articles.

How does it work? The customer chooses the product in its virtual store, this order is forwarded to the supplier who will take it to the customer’s home.

3. Fiverr
Do you have a special talent you’d like to put to work? On this site, it is possible to transform that talent into a job through the Internet. The tasks you can make yourself available to do and the price charged are defined by you, you just need to wait for customers to contact you!

There are all kinds of job offers on this site: translation, proofreading, writing, design, project rendering, video and sound production and post-production, photography, in short, the options are diverse!

4. Pay to Click
This is possibly the least demanding online job from a technical skills point of view: you just have to click and view online ads and then get paid for the ads you see.

You can earn between €200 and €400 euros or more if you work 15 to 30 minutes daily on legitimate Pay To Click sites. To access this job, you will have to sign up for Pay to Click sites and visit them daily. Among the most reliable sites are theNeoBux , InboxDollar or ClixSense.

5. Type Captcha online
If you are looking for work from the Internet, you know for sure that Captcha is a cognitive challenge test, used as an anti-spam tool, very common on websites to distinguish a real user from a “ bot ” (false user).

Captcha images contain between 4 and 10 characters, which will have to be typed as identification to proceed with the task you are doing. You can make 1000 captchas in about 2 hours. Thus, 4 hours of this work per day could yield around €400. A site to be able to do this work is MegaTypers.

6. Online writing jobs
There is a great demand for freelance writers on the Internet. Content drags advertising views, which then revert to brands. You can find offers on the Upwork sites or on the aforementioned Fiverr

7. Creative work on a freelance basis
If you are a creative, know that on platforms like Behance you can find job opportunities on the Internet. Photographers, designers, illustrators, and architects, among others, will be able to get in direct contact with companies looking for these services. This site allows you to upload your portfolio for free and is visually appealing.

8. Social media manager
Are you on social media all day? Being a social media manager could be a good option for you to work through the Internet. Take advantage of your time online, managing a company’s social media is similar to managing your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. To be “popular”, you need to be active and interactive. When someone posts a comment or sends you messages, all you have to do is reply!

Companies usually have some flaws because they don’t have anyone entirely dedicated to staying active on the various social media platforms.

9. Virtual assistant
Becoming a virtual assistant for an online business is a possibility, these professionals typically handle things like scheduling, customer support, administrative assistance, email marketing, among other tasks.

10. Social media influencer
Do you like to look for offers on the Internet, coupons and discounts? Maybe you like to try on clothes or buy clothes or shoes. In fact, there are brands that pay you to share your “addictions” on social media. Choose a profitable niche, post consistently on your social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube – to increase the number of followers or subscribers. This is one of the simplest internet jobs you can do.

11. Programmer
All you need is a good computer, access to the Internet and the home office is ready to perform computer programming. This function is one of the most sought after in the job market and, of course, it is possible to perform it remotely.


With all these options, it’s hard to have time for other tasks, especially if you’re going to be using Internet work as a supplement to your job.

Get organized, create an email account just for online work and don’t accept more job offers than you actually have time to dedicate yourself to. You’ll see that this is how you start to build a good reputation online!

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