How to prepare for professional video shooting?

How to prepare for professional video shooting?

How to prepare for professional video shooting?

Does your first video shoot for a website make your forehead wrinkled? You are not the first or the last. 

Stress, lack of experience with acting in front of the camera, fatigue or fear of failure. These and many other factors influence the impression your video will make on your (potential) customers.

Here are some tips to make your lines sound natural and relaxed, making your video more believable and engaging. As they say, hard on the training ground, easy on the battlefield.

1) Go through the script

We will make the video script available to you with sufficient advance notice so that you can familiarize yourself with your texts in peace.

If you saw your lines for the first time on the day of the shoot, it would most likely affect the result. You would be focusing your energy on what you say at the expense of your body language.

In order for your video to be authentic, verbal and non-verbal communication must be in perfect symbiosis. Every element of your performance has equal weight and contributes to the overall impression.

2) Focus on tone of voice, articulation and posture

Take your smartphone and a script and ask a colleague to film you speaking. How do you operate?

Talk as if you were communicating with your colleague. Relaxed, confident and clear. At the same time, do not forget about body language.

Embellish your performance with emotions. Try to get closer to your target group of customers. People will appreciate your brand when they sense humanity.

3) Tune in to the right wave

Filming can take several hours, so you should go to it in a good mood.

What can relax you, help you relax and put a smile on your face? Good music, coffee, a few pages of your favourite book, a quote or morning exercise? Engage in any activity that will give you the right energy before the shoot.

4) We do not recommend changing the script on the day of filming

When you arrive at the shooting location, no one should interfere with the script. If we were to rewrite already agreed lines on the spot, it may happen that your speech in the video will not have the effect we expected.

To avoid such a situation, we send the script for approval well in advance. This way you will be able to go through it in peace and think about comments or suggestions.

What is Tips9ja’s role during filming?

The task of the cameraman and sound engineer is to perfectly prepare the spaces for filming from a technical point of view. Our job is to ensure that the content in the video does not deviate from the intended concept.

We are the guardians of the main idea of ​​the video. During filming, we check whether the lines fit the agreed script and whether your performance has the right emotion. In addition, we provide props and everything necessary for filming the video.

But it’s worth it. A video can say a lot about your brand in a short time. It brings you a more personal presentation in the online space. It is something that even good copywriting is not enough for.

How does a day of filming go?

  1. Filming usually lasts the whole day. Even if we agree on 8:00 a.m., it may happen that we don’t finish until 4:00 p.m.
  2. Full of energy and enthusiasm, you usually go to the shooting location in the morning, where you will be greeted by the coordinator from Tips9ja, the cameraman and the sound engineer.
  3. The cameraman and the sound engineer will prepare the cameras and suitable light and sound conditions.
  4. In the case of difficult-to-remember lines or longer texts, we will provide a text reader. We will adjust the font size to suit you.
  5. If we have to shoot more videos in different spaces, we relocate ourselves and the equipment. Here we will again prepare the premises from a technical point of view.
  6. We will also have breaks during filming. If you want to relax, just let us know.
  7. The services of a make-up artist are also usually required. For the performers, we will therefore provide a certified make-up artist who will prepare your appearance for the performance in front of the camera.


It is difficult to perform all day in front of the camera, to look natural and relaxed, and to put the right emotions into your speech.

However, with the right preparation, you can do it with the left rear. Get inspired by our advice and the whole day will go like clockwork. And if something unexpected happens during filming, we always find a suitable solution.

For most clients, filming is an experience that is not repeated often. You stand in front of the camera and become actors, at least for a moment. So relax and enjoy these special moments.

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