How To Promote Your YouTube Channel On Twitter ( And Get 10k Subs)

A YouTube channel needs adequate promotion to earn from and we will show you exactly how to promote your YouTube channel on Twitter. Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platforms today and it can be leveraged to drive massive traffic to your YouTube business.

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Twitter remains an indispensable social network for the effective promotion of YouTube content. The platform hosts thousands of conversations daily and provides a perfect avenue for YouTubers to reach a large audience.

Asides from Twitter, the expansion of social media sites means there are no shortages of exactly where to promote your YouTube channel. Each platform comes with its own uniqueness and style, so it’s essential to know the basics of each before starting the promotion.


In this piece, we are going to discuss how to promote your YouTube channel on Twitter and get 10k subs.

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel on Twitter

promote your YouTube channel on Twitter

Searching for where to promote your YouTube channel on social media is not difficult, the task comes from the how. And, just as earlier stated, the answer is different depending on which platform you are promoting with. You wouldn’t promote your channel on Facebook, in the same manner, you would on Twitter. Technically, you can but you will be operating below par.

Create Value

create valuable and quality contents

As with every social media promotion, Twitter’s audience will expect you to create and maintain value through your promotional content. Since the aim of your Twitter promotion is to drive subscribers’ numbers higher on your YouTube channel, your Twitter account has to provide value.

This value should be sufficiently huge enough to attract an audience in its own right, not just because of the YouTube channel it is promoting. Post interesting, useful, informative, and relevant tweets that relate to your video. Further, create tweets that wake the curiosity of the audience about your content.

If your Twitter account exists just to tweet about the latest videos, the very little audience will follow it. In the end, this will be bad for promoting your YouTube channel videos since the audience is few.

You should try to use your account regularly, providing content that your potential audience enjoys. If you are a tutorial YouTuber, tweet tips and tricks from time to time. If you are a comedy YouTuber, tweet jokes. The idea is to get people to want to follow your Twitter account for the content you are putting out on the account. That way, when you promote a video, it won’t feel like you’re just advertising at them, and they are more likely to want to check it out because they already like your content.

Promote Your YouTube Channel with Your Twitter Bio

Promote Your YouTube Channel with Your Twitter Bio

Use the Twitter bio to inform twitter audience of your YouTube channel and the kind of videos you upload. To do this, include a link to direct viewers to your YouTube channel.

A good Twitter bio should build audience interest in your content and compel them to visit your YouTube channel.

Use Relevant and Trending Hashtags

One major antics of how to promote your YouTube channel on Twitter is to always tweet an announcement every time you publish a new video to your YouTube channel. Provide a direct link to your video along with a brief description of what it has to offer.

You can further leverage trending hashtags to help you increase your reach and visibility to a new audience. So when the audience search for your hashtags, they will find your tweet about your video. Keep in mind that not all hashtags will work well for your promotional antics. It’s best to perform lots of research and find out which hash will work best for your YouTube promotion on Twitter.

No promotional strategy is complete without advertisement. This is because organic reach will only take your YouTube channel as far as possible and if you want major impacts, you need to spend some cash. Now that nearly all social media platforms are becoming pay-to-play medium, advertising on Twitter is an awesome way to connect with your target audience.

Running adverts on Twitter will help improve discoverability and ultimately your reach. Advertising on Twitter can be done in two ways:

promoted tweet

Promoted tweets make your tweets appear in the Twitter streams or Twitter search results of specific users. This is a great option for YouTubers looking to get more people to subscribe to their channel. Your business will pay a monthly fee as long as you’re promoting a tweet.

Twitter will put your promoted tweets in a daily campaign targeting the type of audience you want to reach as previously indicated in your settings. All Twitter users have the ability to interact and engage with Twitter Ads the same way they would with your organic content.

Twitter Ads                      

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads is a great option if you’re using different types of tweets to achieve one goal for your YouTube channel. This is an ideal option since we are interested in growing our YouTube channel followers significantly through Twitter.

Host a Twitter Chat

host twitter chats

Twitter chat creates engagement with followers and interested audiences alike. This is one effective method on how to promote the YouTube channel on Twitter. YouTubers can schedule and host a Twitter chat to interact with their audience, discuss topics and seek opinions as well as input. This essential help the channel to create a growing community of loyal customers.

These customers are helpful as mentioned above and can further help spread the word about your business. This means they can provide the channel with free word of mouth marketing which can be an added advantage on Twitter. It also creates a more personal experience between your audience members and your business.

Hosting a Twitter chat is easy to set up. Simply select a topic, time, date and create a hash-tag for the chat. You can then distribute this information publicly via tweets, website, Twitter bio, or other platforms.

Once the chat commences, the audience can join and participate to view responses, questions, and comments regarding the topic. They can also share their own comments by adding the relevant hash-tag to their tweets. Further retweets even help spread the word and increase reach.

Promote Your YouTube Channel on Twitter Using Influencers


An influencer is someone who has built a reputation and loyal following by sharing regularly on their social accounts. They have a good following and they’re able to convince their audiences to jump onto trends as well as purchase certain products. This influence is derived from the time spent in building trust and relationships with their audience.

This is one of the most popular ways of promoting your channel on Twitter. Users that attain the status of influencers can leverage their profile to promote just about any product from any brand. To promote your YouTube channel using this means, ensure to select an influencer that can generate strong engagement from his or her followers.

Interact With Your Audience to Promote Your YouTube Channel on Twitter


Twitter is a social media and as such engaging with your audience is extremely important. By engaging with its Twitter audience, a YouTube channel can grow its follower count as well as reach. Post a tweet and ask your followers what they would like to see in your upcoming video.

Prompt a discussion about a particular issue or topic relating to your video. Additionally, you can also ask followers for feedback on your previous videos. This will help you create experiences for your followers and audience members that feel personal and keep them coming back to your profile all while fostering a sense of brand loyalty.

Leverage Collaboration


When thinking of how to promote your YouTube channel on Twitter, you can leverage collaborations. Many will often discard this as they regard it as getting in bed with the enemy. But in reality, you stand to gain more from collaborations than you will lose.

Make a point to reach out to people on social media in a similar space as your own to discuss the possibility of collaboration on your YouTube channels. This doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money. Create an email template that you can shoot out to lots of different companies you would love to work with (of course editing slightly each time to make them personal) and hit “send!”

Partnerships like these are mutually beneficial and very cost-effective. While you’re sharing content with your audience, you’ll also double your exposure by sharing on the partner channel, so make it count!

Promote your YouTube channel on Twitter with Contests and Giveaways

One of the fastest methods on how to promote your YouTube channel on Twitter is to consider hosting giveaways or contests. This is simply a way for YouTubers to subconsciously play to the human traits of liking freebies. Offer your audience something in return for all of their engagement on your Twitter page.

Hosting a Twitter giveaway or contest will reward your current subscribers, and help attract new ones. One thing to keep in mind here is that whatever you are giving away must be relevant to the channel’s niche. And since audiences love getting things for free, you are sure that they will inform their friends about it. Especially if the prize is worth it! Talk about free viral promotion.

For a giveaway to be an effective promotional tactics, require audiences to follow all of your social media profiles to enter into the contest.

Use Mini Video Teasers

When promoting your YouTube videos, you want to tease your audience. That is, you give them just enough information to pique their interest, but not so much that there’s no need for them to watch the full video.

Creating mini video teasers is a great way to achieve this. These are graphics that take a short snippet of your episode (normally less than 30 seconds) and accompany them with the subtitles of your audio. You can also do this by using just the audio from your episode and pairing it with a still image. Then, you can post these on your social media channels with a call-to-action to head to your YouTube channel.

Ask your viewers to subscribe

A simple ask request can’t hurt to try and sometimes, your audience just needs to be reminded. The subscribe button is conspicuous enough and you might also want to remind them to use the bell beside it. It sounds easy, right? The truth is you are simply making it easy for them to keep up with the awesome content you create.

Many YouTubers are using this and if you’re one, always remember to showcase why your channel is worth subscribing to. And make sure you do it right when they love you the most. For instance, right after you’ve provided new and useful information, or you’ve made them laugh.

Another way to directly appeal to your audience for a subscription is to write a comment and then pin it to your videos. When you do this, that pinned comment appears at the top of the comments list.

Apply Subscription String to Your Channel URL and Share on Twitter 

Apply Subscription String to Your Channel URL and Share on Twitter 

This is one smart way on how to promote your YouTube channel on Twitter. And it’s simple, all you have to do is add your channel link with “?sub_confirmation=1”.

So if your channel link is initially: Once you add a subscription string, it becomes

Once a viewer clicks on your link that contains the subscription string, they immediately get a pop-up to quickly subscribe to your YouTube channel. It is advisable to use a YouTube subscription string when promoting your contents on blogs, social media or any other place.


We have considered several options on how to promote your YouTube channel on Twitter. But this list is by no means exhaustive and there are other ways not mentioned here. With the few mentioned, we are sure YouTubers can now use Twitter to grow their subscriber count and increase engagement. This will further improve their earnings!

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