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If I have given a report, can you raise my car insurance?

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This question is one of the most frequently asked by policyholders when hiring a mandatory vehicle policy. We can give a quick answer, yes.

The insurance company is based on a system called bonus malus , and that indicates the type of penalty that drivers will have depending on whether or not they give parts to the company. For an insurance company, a claim involving third parties always entails a cost , so if you report every year, the fee will increase as stipulated in the contract.

Differences in cost and conditions between insurers

For this reason, and to avoid surprises, before hiring your car insurance it is convenient that you know in detail or what insurance companies offer. Knowing what the specific conditions are when giving a report is a very interesting way to save money and possible scares in the future, as well as looking for a better price for your car insurance on Rastreator if your insurer decides to increase it after giving a report . .

In any case, we must bear in mind that the increase in the insurance premium must be reflected in the contract , what is the annual percentage of your life if no type of claim occurs, or how much it will rise in the case of presenting one in which we are guilty.

The differences between one company and another can be notable, because we find the case of some that allow up to two current parts to be presented without the premium being affected in the future. Not all companies offer this possibility, so it is best to spend a reasonable amount of time studying all the offers before hiring this car insurance.

Keep in mind that the increase in the price of the insurance premium is explicitly reflected in the contract, you will not be able to make any type of claim if you consider that this increase does not meet your requirements. We must eliminate the bad habit of not knowing the exact conditions of what we are signing.

How much does the insurance go up if you give a part and you are guilty?

If we present a part to the insurance and we are guilty of doing other third parties involved, the average cost of the increase in the premium for the following year will be 25% . We speak of average figures, since not all companies apply the same criteria. If it were this, for a €600 policy, we would find ourselves with an increase of €180 for the subsequent year, a fairly significant amount.

If the increase in your car insurance has experienced a notable increase, the best thing you can do to clarify it is to request an appointment with your manager or call. Try to read the contract beforehand if you think that this increase does not conform to what was agreed. It will explain why this increase has occurred and so you can decide if you want to change the company or continue with the same.

You should also know that to unsubscribe from your car insurance and take out another, you must give notice 1 month before the expiration of the policy, and always in writing, attaching a copy of your DNI. Previously, you should have thoroughly studied all the offers and know if the effort of making the change is going to be worth it. Read the policies carefully before taking the plunge and changing companies.

The best way to avoid informing the insurance is by driving calmly and comfortably, anticipating movements and avoiding any kind of rush. Never drive with a rate of alcohol or drugs. In the event of an accident caused by our fault, the insurance will be completely disregarded

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