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How to make a job description for a banker

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A banker, sometimes also referred to as a bank manager, has a managerial position at a bank or other financial institution and is engaged in financial services. He provides financial advice to individuals or companies, sells financial services and products and is responsible for managing or investing money.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Banker

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The work of a banker depends on the type of bank and its specialization. One may focus more on financial advice for small and medium-sized businesses, while another may focus more on mortgages for individuals. In addition, one banker also has more managerial responsibilities and can also be asked to provide advice from other departments for his expertise. A banker’s duties and responsibilities may include:

  • Managing a bank or financial institution in the field of financial services
  • Provide financial advice to individuals or companies
  • Advise on the provision of mortgages
  • Drafting and monitoring personnel policy
  • Involvement in legal matters
  • Ensure that ICT is in order within a bank
  • Ensure that the laws and regulations are complied with when carrying out banking activities
  • Acquiring new customers and maintaining existing customer base

What does a banker do?

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A banker can deal with various matters. His daily tasks are often related to the core activity of the bank or department for which he works. In a general sense, the banker may be responsible for overseeing and executing payment transactions for customers, arranging for foreign exchange trading, issuing bonds and shares for companies and governments, trading securities for own account, asset management and safekeeping of securities. for third parties and the handling of stock exchange transactions.

In addition to managing accounts and performing financial transactions, a banker also provides advice in the areas in which a bank is active.

Skills and Qualifications of a Banker

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A good banker ensures that a bank or institution achieves good financial results with due observance of the regulations. He combines leadership qualities and knowledge of financial matters and products with good communication skills and an honest character. Important skills and qualifications for a banker are:

broad knowledge of financial products and services, affinity with numbers
have knowledge of relevant laws and regulations, work requires careful action
leadership qualities to manage employees
good communication skills, important in contact with customers and employees
decisiveness, being able and daring to make decisions
analytically minded, can distinguish main and side issues and gain thorough insights into financial situations of individuals or companies

Required work experience for a banker

The banker must have at least three to five years of relevant work experience in the financial services industry. Not only has he acquired broad knowledge of financial products and developed skills related to providing financial advice to clients, the banker must also have gained experience in a managerial role. He preferably also took up this managerial position in the financial sector, so that he is familiar with the challenges he will encounter there. Finally, in some cases work experience will have to be gained in related departments or financial institutions. A banker who often has to deal with mortgages in his day-to-day work must have gained experience with this.

Required education and courses for a banker

The banker must have completed at least a completed HBO study, preferably related to financial services. Think of studies such as econometrics or business economics. However, the banker may also have a different educational background, such as legal training. In that case, the banker is usually expected to have completed additional courses or training related to knowledge of financial products.


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