Limited time only: Get this awesome shooter for free on Steam

If you love atmospheric shooters, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity. The makers of the popular Metro series are giving away the cult game Metro: Last Light in the Complete Edition. We reveal all the important key data.

Metro: Last Light – how to get the shooter for free

The post-apocalyptic shooter Metro: Last Light is celebrating its 10th birthday. To celebrate, you can get the game for free on Steam. All you have to do is visit the Steam page until May 25, 2023, add the shooter to your library, and bam, the atmospheric cult game is yours.

But beware: This is the original version from 2013 and not the revised Redux version, which was released a year later. This is interesting because you can’t even get the original version on Steam anymore.

What you need to know about the Metro games

Metro: Last Light is the sequel to Metro 2033 and once again transports you to an alternate Russia that has been massively devastated by a nuclear war. In the role of Artjom, you’ll explore the eerie subway system of the Moscow Metro and also visit the hostile surface – always on the lookout for other survivors, mutated monsters and supernatural beings.

Metro: Last Light is basically a first-person shooter, but on higher difficulty levels it requires a thoughtful and slow approach. Ammunition and other resources are scarce and you should use every bullet carefully. Especially since your gas mask can quickly break.


The concept of Metro was quite well received by the trade press and gamers, and so the shooter still holds an excellent score of 82 percent on Metacritic.

It is important to mention in this context that the Metro games are pure single-player games and the focus is strongly on the story and the oppressive atmosphere. If you prefer such games in general, you might also be interested in this picture gallery:

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