Lose weight and get in shape! How can you really stand it? For women – unlike men, even this small change works, advises the fitness coach

Lose weight and get in shape

New Year is a kind of symbolic beginning for many of us. We make resolutions, we try to change something in our lives, eat better, lose weight or exercise. But we need a really strong will to achieve our goal and not throw it away in February.

New Year’s challenges for exercise, weight loss, and diet have begun
During the first days of the new year, many of us made up our minds and went to the gym, where they begin to lose extra pounds. At the same time, in January, a bag was torn open with all sorts of New Year’s challenges to change your lifestyle and get in shape at home through online exercises. These kinds of challenges experienced a huge boom this year, and women are enthusiastically practicing in their living rooms.

Professional trainers are also aware of the change in people’s preferences. “Compared to last year, there are fewer people in the gym than there used to be during previous Januarys. The corona has changed a lot and many people have been redistributed into the virtual world as well. New Year’s online challenges are much more popular now. Today, since there is a wide range of online exercises as well and it is possible to participate in various online exercises that people can do at home through videos with professional trainers, they prefer it to the gym,” said fitness trainer Matúš Špirko.

Lose weight and get in shape

How do you really stand up to your own challenge?

Whether you go to the gym or prefer to work out online in the comfort of your home, try to stick to your goal. In January, you may be full of energy, but gradually it may happen that you stop enjoying it. Try not to slack off this year.

“You should have a strong why. This means not only having a short-term goal of losing weight for the prom, for the swimsuit, for the wedding dress, for the vacation, but also to think about what will happen next and go into the challenge realizing that this is a lifelong process . . If you take care of your body, it will look good, it will be fit, it will be healthy. If you don’t take care of him, or only temporarily, then that is a huge mistake and it makes no sense, because you will fall into a vicious circle that will have no end. It’s precisely because you don’t think long-term right at the beginning,” the trainer recommends.

1) Movement is the basis

You don’t need to be reminded. You yourself know very well that you can’t lie at home in front of the TV while dropping pegs. You can get in great shape in a variety of ways, and it’s up to you which one you choose and which will suit you. If you don’t like exercises with dumbbells in the gym or circuit training, then try zumba, dance classes, but also running, swimming or badminton.

“It’s generally about movement. A combination of strength training and cardio training is ideal. Strength training with your own weight, or tools and equipment, which includes dumbbells, weights and various loads, and cardio is walking, swimming, running, hiking, cycling and other sports where you are at a certain heart rate. By combining these two, you will get in the best shape first,” recommends the coach from experience.

2) Of course, your diet is no less

Some women only change their diet or exercise to lose a few pounds. It’s not ideal, but it can help. “Nice results can be achieved even if we choose only one path, but the most ideal, and especially from a health point of view, are the best results in a combination of both diet and exercise.

3) We make mistakes, but that’s no reason to quit

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one whose appetite, enthusiasm and stamina wane as the months go by. You too can easily become complacent or sin. Don’t hang your head. “You have to realize that I am human and make mistakes, just like everyone else. The coach also fails. In such cases, it’s nice to be part of a community that will support and encourage you, or to have a coach who will pull you through obstacles and more challenging times. Remind yourself and realize that you are doing this for yourself, you want to do it for the long term, so that you will be fit, look good and be happy with yourself for the rest of your life,” motivates the trainer, who is also currently training with women through his online challenge.

4) A small change that really works for women

What kind? So that you are not alone in your determination. Take a friend, it will work together and it will work much longer! After all, what could be better than sharing your “suffering” with a person close to your heart. Set out to fulfill your New Year’s goals with a friend, mother, sister, colleague or partner. You will do better together. You can even agree to take turns cooking and preparing meals, support each other in difficult times, and then go shopping for smaller clothes together. “My experience is that men manage it better on their own, but for women it works better in a group or with a partner.

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