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Low Cost Business Ideas With high Profit Potential that You Can Start Today

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Below you will find dozens of ideas for various business activities. Consider if any of them meet your requirements. See if it can be adapted to your situation.

Remote business ideas

Let’s start with businesses that you can fully do from home. It is a convenient solution for all novice entrepreneurs. All you need to earn in this way is a computer and an internet connection.

The best remote business ideas are:

  • Writing texts on request (copywriting)
  • Running a blog/profile on social media
  • Online tutoring
  • Creating graphics
  • IT services
  • Conducting training
  • Translations
  • Online Shop

1. Writing commissioned texts

Writing texts on commission is currently one of the most popular forms of earning money on the Internet. The proper functioning of websites requires thousands of articles, product descriptions, and texts that help in positioning.

Learning copywriting is relatively simple, and the demand for texts is huge.

2. Running a blog / social media profile

You can also look for other ways to earn money online. One of the most popular (and profitable) ones is running a blog or profile on social media.

This is an idea for all people who love to create.

By writing engaging articles or creating other types of content, you will gain a loyal audience. Then you will be able to turn their interest into money by displaying advertisements or selling your own products. If such a business interests you – be sure to check my course. You will save a lot of time and you will not make my mistakes.

3. Online tutoring

Lots of people also decide to provide remote tutoring. It’s no wonder, actually. Especially considering what has happened to our education over the past few years.

The popularization of distance learning has definitely strengthened this market. After all, if children still learn via the computer – why not use the help of really good teachers?

Distance learning advertisements can be found on every major advertisement portal.

4. Create online graphics

Do you have artistic talent? You will certainly not complain about the lack of orders on the Internet. Creating ads, infographics, and pictures for social media – it’s a huge business that is just waiting for your offer.

5. IT services

The same is true for all people with IT skills. And it is not only about mythical programming, which in the common consciousness has become a synonym for good, quiet work and prosperity.

If you can handle applications such as WordPress, Presta Shop, Woocommerce etc. – you can earn a lot of money.

6. Conducting online training

Or maybe you’d rather turn your true hobby into money? This is a proposal for all people who have an interesting skill (not necessarily related to school subjects).

Do you bake cakes? Do you train in the gym? Do you play the guitar? You will find a lot of people on the web who would like to take advantage of your training. You can conduct training in person (as in the case of remote tutoring) or record specific material (e.g. in the form of videos) and then earn money by selling access.

7. Online translations

People who are fluent in a foreign language will not complain about the lack of classes. Currently, more and more domestic companies decide to operate abroad. Each of them needs a website translation of offers, product descriptions or texts.

Local business ideas

Doing business online is unlikely to suit you? Nothing is lost. Do not be under the illusion that modern entrepreneurship only manifests itself online. There are still tons of classic businesses that will help you achieve your goals.

The best local business ideas are:

  1. Food point
  2. Florist’s
  3. Personal training
  4. Assistance in writing diploma theses/applications/business plans
  5. Creating your own products (hand-made)
  6. franchise
  7. Organizing events
  8. Photography
  9. Agritourism
  10. Caring for children or the elderly
  11. Tourist guide
  12. Baking cakes to order
  13. Minor repairs (handyman)
  14. Furniture Restorations
  15. Making business cards/greeting cards
  16. Automotive consulting

1. Catering point

Let’s start with a real classic – a gastronomic point. In our country, you will find examples of thousands of people who earned money in this way.

The owners of eateries agree that three things count in this business: location, location and location.

Therefore, if you have a gastronomic flair and a potentially good place – it is definitely worth trying.

2. Florist

Perhaps a florist will be a better choice in your area? Remember that your business idea doesn’t have to be extremely original. The details and the process are important to ensure you get the right level of profits.

3. Personal training

Also, note that a lot of people still have a hard time using the web. This does not mean that such people give up their aspirations to broaden their knowledge.

Personal training still has a future. Perhaps it would be a good idea to use this niche just to expand IT knowledge (eg teaching older people to use the computer and the Internet).

4. Assistance in writing diploma theses/applications/business plans

If you have already gone through all the formalities related to obtaining a subsidy for your own business – you can use this knowledge to help other people.

On the Internet and in the local press, you will find lots of advertisements from people who need help writing their diploma theses, funding applications and business plans. If you are passionate about it – there is no reason to wait.

5. Creating your own products (hand-made)

Own products are a great business idea. Especially nowadays, when you can sell them all over the world via portals such as Alibaba or Amazon.

On this basis, people who create unique furniture, toys and other everyday objects will do their best. There is a large group of customers who appreciate originality.

6. Franchise

If you still lack business ideas – nothing is lost. You can use one of the ready-made schemes as part of the franchise network. In recent years, the Żabka grocery chain has been very popular.

The franchise will provide you with training and all the necessary know-how. Perhaps this is the best solution for you.

7. Organizing events

Do you like contact with people? This is an offer for you. There are thousands of companies that make huge money organizing events.

Choose the nature of the events that suit you best. You can focus on events for children, organizing corporate events or wedding consulting. If you think about it a bit – you will definitely find a profitable niche.

8. Photography

Photography is not just a hobby. It is also a good way to earn money. Again, it all depends on how you envision your new business.

Perhaps wedding photography will be a good idea? Or maybe you will offer your photographic skills to shop owners (product photography)? A good niche is also children’s photography or taking stock photos (for sale on the Internet). You can choose the color.

9. Agritourism

In a good business idea, you will manage to make the most of all available resources. One of them may be real estate in an attractive tourist location. Perhaps receiving guests will become your business idea.

10. Caring for children or the elderly

This is a job that will always be in demand. Especially if you do not limit yourself only to placing an advertisement in the local press.

Qualified caregivers earn a lot of money. It is enough to supplement the basic offer with one of the less accessible skills (e.g. rehabilitation, learning sports, foreign languages). Remember that various state and local government-funded programs will help you develop your qualifications.

11. Tourist guide

Do you love your neighbourhood and can talk about it for hours? This is enough to start earning. If there are trips (especially foreign ones) in your area, you will have no problems finding customers. When you can speak their language fluently – your salary will definitely increase.

12. Baking cakes to order

Is running a catering point a bit too ambitious for you? That’s okay. If you love baking – you can still earn money this way.

Just a few ads or photos of your baked goods on social media. If you have a culinary talent, over time your business will start to resemble a snowball, and you will not be able to shake off new orders.

13. Minor repairs (handyman)

Don’t be persuaded that only IT specialists are making good money these days. If you are familiar with minor home repairs – you will surely find clients willing to pay for your work.

If you supplement your offer with minor renovation works – you have a great chance to start a profitable business.

14. Furniture renovation

The same goes for renovation work. If you have craft skills – all you need to do is think about the method of acquiring customers. There will be plenty of people willing to pay for professional furniture renovation.

15. Making business cards/greeting cards

An idea for artistically talented people. Lots of customers want their invitations, business cards or greeting cards to arouse admiration and be truly unique. Use it.

16. Automotive consulting

Can you assess the technical condition of the car and advise the customer whether it is worth buying? This is enough to run an incredibly profitable business. Most people buying used cars have no idea about the automotive industry.

Given the health of this market, not only will you be able to earn solid money, but you will also do a good deed to protect consumers from dishonest sellers.

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