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New notes surfaced in SEC lawsuit against Ripple

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New notes surfaced in SEC lawsuit against Ripple

In the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple , new notes have surfaced that appear to be in Ripple’s favor. However, the SEC refuses to transfer it.

SEC objects to motion
Ripple’s motion, filed Feb. 10 in Judge Sarah Netburn, is intended to have the SEC hand over the notes made during a 2018 meeting between Brad Garlinghouse and former SEC Commissioner Elad Roisman. However, the SEC has objected to this. It invokes the deliberative process privilege (DPP) .

In the motion, Ripple stated that the new document had been filed with the SEC. However, the SEC is in the process of adding the document to those exempt from transfer.

Ripple argued that the SEC should not keep the document away from the courts for several reasons. The motion noted that the meeting was between the SEC and a third party and thus could not be called an internal document.

It also added that the SEC had previously admitted that the meeting was in no way related to an investigation into Ripple.

“The meeting was between the SEC and Mr. Garlinghouse, a third party allegedly violating the privilege of an attorney/client. The SEC has admitted that this meeting was not about a potential Ripple investigation.” According to the motion.

SEC controversy
Members of the Ripple community have been investigating why the SEC does not want to hand over the document. According to a tweet from XRP supporter “WKahneman,” Brad Garlinghouse’s memory of the meeting shows that the SEC commissioner told him that XRP was not a security. He points out that the SEC’s reluctance to hand over the document is deeply troubling.

The sentiment is shared by many who think the SEC is not very strong against Ripple.

Meanwhile, the SEC has also been taken to court by Empower Oversight, a US advocacy group. Empower says the SEC has failed to comply with several filings it filed under the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA). It involved providing documents related to XRP.

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