New Samsung technology will change smartphones forever

Samsung has presented a completely new OLED display. It not only has a full-surface fingerprint sensor, but can also measure the heart rate. In the future, the technology could be used in smartphones and smartwatches.

Display with heart rate sensor presented

Samsung’s display division has unveiled a new OLED screen with integrated fingerprint and heart rate sensor at SID Display Week 2023. Via the built-in light sensor, smartphone or tablet manufacturers thus no longer need to attach a separate fingerprint reader under the OLED panel, which should save costs and space, according to the global market leader.

The new light sensor technology can apparently not only recognize fingerprints from multiple fingers at the same time, but also capture heart rate data. Besides more accurate and faster biometric authentication, Samsung also sees the field of application in blood pressure measurement. Furthermore, the stress level of the owner should be able to be detected and processed.

Unlike existing fingerprint scanners, users no longer have to place their fingers on a specific spot on the screen. According to Samsung, the entire display functions as a recording surface (source: Samsung Display).

The technology could be used in smartphones, but also in smartwatches. According to Samsung, it is the first display of its kind that can simultaneously read fingerprints for accurate identification and check heart rate. The latter function could become standard in the Samsung Health app in the future.


No release date yet.

It is not yet known when exactly Samsung will release its special OLED display. It can be assumed that the company will not only equip its own smartphones and smartwatches with it in the future, but also other manufacturers.

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