Nothing Phone 2 – THIS IS IT

The Nothing Phone 1 was a success as the company sold nearly 750000 units so far. 750K doesn’t sound big compared to what Samsung, Apple, and others sell every month but considering Nothing is basically a startup company and considering the phone was sold in limited markets, the Nothing Phone 1 certainly got off to a good start.

The company is gearing up to launch their second phone called the Nothing Phone 2, and this time, it’s going to be a top-of-the-line flagship phone which is launching globally including the United States, and competing with the best from Samsung, Apple, and others. Carl Pie has officially said that the phone 2 will launch in July which is less than two months away from now so let’s take a look at everything we know about the Nothing Phone 2 so far and whether or not it would be able to make a dent on the smartphone market.

First, the chipset. Carl Pie has officially confirmed that it’s going to be the Snapdragon 8+ gen 1, the same chipset we saw on the Z Fold 4. It’s a 5nm chip made with TSMC production and it provides great performance and is efficient at the same time.

Now, you might wonder why the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 when we have the latest 8 Gen 2. Well, it all boils down to the price. Since the 8+ Gen 1 is last year’s chip it’s now available for a significantly cheaper price than the 8 Gen 2.


Nothing wants to price their phone 2 aggressively to give it a competitive advantage over other flagship phones. And since the chipset is one of the costliest components in a phone, going with the 8+ Gen 1 will help the company to price their phone around $600 which will give them a huge competitive advantage. Also, considering the difference between the 8+ Gen 1 and 8 Gen 2 is minimal, I think it’s the right decision, for now, to go with a last year’s chipset.

Moving on, Carl Pie has also confirmed that the Nothing phone 2 will pack a 4700mAh battery and it will have a triple camera this time. Not sure if it will have the periscope zoom camera but the phone will be able to record 4K 60fps video as well as raw HDR. The screen will measure 6.7″ with FHD+ resolution and it’s going to OLED. Also, the phone will have narrow uniform bezels to give it an aesthetic look. Speaking of the look, we still don’t know what it looks like but the company has released a small little teaser showing part of its design. And interestingly there’s a toggle here. We don’t know what it’s for, it’s possible it could be a mute switch but since it’s placed at the back, it’s possible it could be just a design element. Since we’re less than two months away from the launch we’re going to hear a lot about the Nothing Phone 2

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