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Online Volunteer Opportunities For High School Students

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Online Volunteer Opportunities For High School Students

If you’re looking for high school student volunteer opportunities, consider joining Career Village, UpChieve, Bookshare, Citizen Archivist, and other such organizations. All of these organizations need volunteers and provide students with real-world experience. To get started, sign up for a free account on the sites. Be prepared to wait a bit before getting a response. Some organizations are in need of volunteers, so be patient.

Career Village

The site has plenty of online volunteer opportunities for high school students. These high school students can learn from real life experiences as well as practical advice. These volunteer opportunities are not limited to high school students, but anyone can take advantage of them. You can volunteer from the comfort of your home! The website also offers helplines and a forum for high school students to get in touch with other people who have gotten out of school and want to learn more about their chosen careers.

Bookshare is one of the organizations that allows high school students to get involved in the healthcare industry. Volunteers proofread new books and interact with visually impaired people. Volunteers must live in Southern California to be eligible for this opportunity. They also work with children in shelters, vehicles, group foster homes, and even the streets. This organization focuses on health and education, so it is a good place to start if you are looking to volunteer after high school.

Amnesty, a nonprofit organization, is always in need of volunteers. If you’re computer-savvy and interested in volunteering online, this is an ideal opportunity for you. You can do projects like designing, testing, or programming, and you can even build a portfolio by teaching others how to code! Another nonprofit organization that offers online volunteer opportunities for high school students is You can help these nonprofits solve pressing problems in the world by helping them improve their products or services.


If you’re a high school student looking to give back to your community, UPchieve has several volunteer opportunities. You can help provide extra support for low-income students, help them improve their grades, and increase their likelihood of attending college. You can help students from anywhere in the world by signing up to become a virtual teacher. Getting certified as a UPchieve tutor will improve your chances of being selected as a volunteer tutor. You can set your availability and pick up requests directly from your dashboard.

Volunteering through UpChieve connects high school students with tutors who can help them learn how to solve math problems. The program matches volunteers with students who need help with English, math, and college counseling. UpChieve allows volunteers to connect with the students in low-income communities from any computer or mobile device. Tutors can provide support in the privacy of their own home or from a computer in their car.

UPchieve also connects high school students with industry professionals. Through this program, students can help mentor future tech workers or mentor aspiring students. Volunteers can answer questions or suggest items for career to do lists for students. Other types of work can help students learn more about different fields and map out their professional paths. These volunteer opportunities are industry related and require very little time commitment. All students can be part of a nonprofit.

Citizen Archivist

As an armchair archivist, you can create new knowledge by clicking through digital resources to find clues about people’s lives. Many institutions are in need of armchair archivists to help them catalog, decipher handwriting, and tag photographs. Then, copy and paste the url of each page into your transcription contribution page. You can find multiple opportunities to volunteer as a citizen scientist at VolunteerMatch, a website based in San Francisco.

Citizen Archivists at the National Archives create more searchable historical documents. They also transcribe documents, add tags, and add comments to make them easier to find. Volunteers are also needed to help the organization make public records more accessible. The National Archives’ Citizen Archivist program, which is free for high school students to join, enables high school students to participate in a unique online volunteer opportunity that preserves the nation’s public records.

The National Archives’ Catalog is a vast database of digitized historical documents. High school students can volunteer their time by searching the Catalog and tagging images. This will make them more useful to catalogers. Similarly, the Smithsonian’s Digital Volunteer Program, which involves the public in making collections more accessible, will transcribe collection records and historic documents to help preserve them for future generations.


A wide variety of online volunteer opportunities are available for high school students, from reading to helping those with disabilities. The mission of Bookshare is to make reading available to the world, so they’re looking for volunteers to scan and edit new books as well as existing ones. TED Translators, for example, needs student volunteers to add subtitles to their videos in over a hundred languages. Volunteers can meet with their partners on a weekly or monthly basis to discuss how they can help others.

One great opportunity for high school students is to help out the nonprofit organization Bookshare by proofreading and grading their scanned books. Volunteers who read these books will improve the collection by editing pages and categorizing images. Students can even help Project Gutenberg, the world’s largest digital library of free books. These online volunteer opportunities for high school students are just a click away. All you need is your computer, an Internet connection, and some free time.

Teenangels is another nonprofit organization looking for volunteers to educate young people about responsible internet usage. Teenangels has even presented before Congress. Mozilla, the organization behind the popular web browser Firefox, also needs volunteers. If you’re a computer whiz, there are also many opportunities online. Teenangels, for example, uses high school students to help out with testing and programming. Teenangels also needs volunteers to help with graphic design.

Translators Without Borders

Recruiting volunteers for Translations Without Borders‘ global humanitarian and development programs is a great way to give back to your community. Volunteers are needed in at least one language other than English and in a variety of areas, including medical texts, crisis response texts, and educational materials. Besides translating, you can also lend a hand with graphic design, web page development, and project management. Tutoring students is another great way to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Volunteers can meet with the students at any time they can get an internet connection and participate in the sessions.

Other online volunteer opportunities for high school students include translating TED Talks and supporting international organizations. BeMyEye, for example, allows high school students to translate texts and audios for the visually impaired. The translation team can assist visually impaired people with daily tasks, such as writing and interpreting. BeMyEyes also provides a video app for translating TED Talks. You can translate audios, videos, and texts for international organizations.

Volunteers at Bookshare can contribute to an online volunteer project aimed at bringing reading to the blind and disabled. They are needed to proofread scanned files and scan new books. They can also help TED by adding subtitles to TED Talks. By volunteering for these projects, high school students can contribute to the global awareness of TED. They can also offer their services in transcription and translation.


If you’re in high school and interested in computer science, Mozilla has some great online volunteer opportunities for high school students. The nonprofit organization is always in need of volunteers to help with its various projects. These roles include computer programming, designing, testing, and even giving tech talks. High school students can help build projects or teach others how to code using Mozilla’s Donate Code campaign. Mozilla also runs various other awesome campaigns that can further their interests.

Another way to become a volunteer at Mozilla is through the Audiopedia project, which empowers women in developing countries through education and literacy. The project requires Virtual volunteers who can proofread content, translate it into multiple languages, design artwork, draft correspondence, or program open source software. Teenangels is another way for computer-savvy high school students to perform community service through the Mozilla website. The organization also needs high school students to help with design and programming, as well as help with marketing and promotion.

Be My Eyes, which has a video app, allows volunteers to help people with vision issues. Through the app, Be My Eyes volunteers help the blind and low-vision people carry out their daily tasks. Those with limited vision can also help translate videos, text, or audios for international organizations. Be My Eyes and other nonprofits in the health and education sectors also have online volunteer opportunities. In both cases, the goal is to help people with disabilities improve their quality of life.

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