Preserving Your Nintendo Switch: The Importance of Proper Shutdown

Instead of shutting down the Nintendo Switch properly, many players use standby mode to save time. However, Nintendo is now issuing a warning.  All Switch owners are reminded that in certain situations, it is imperative to turn off the Switch completely to avoid potential problems.

Switch is sweating? Better switch out

Even though the Switch now has 6 years under its belt, Nintendo does not miss the opportunity to provide users of the hybrid console with some tips and tricks at regular intervals. These could sometimes extend the battery life or save the console from a defect.

Recently, Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter account published another tip that gamers should take to heart:

In the tweet, Nintendo points out that all players should turn off the Switch if condensation forms on the console. This can happen, for example, when the temperature in the room where the Switch is used changes abruptly. After turning off the Switch, players should place the console in a warm room and wait for the water droplets to dry. Only then can the console be safely put back into operation.


The explanation is obvious: Nintendo wants to prevent a potential short-circuit with this notice, which could possibly damage the console permanently.

How do you properly turn off the Nintendo Switch?

Briefly pressing the power button on the upper left side of the Switch only puts the console into stand-by mode. To completely shut down the Nintendo Switch, you need to press and hold this power button for 3 seconds. A new menu will then open. Instead of “Standby Mode”, first select “Power Options” and then “Power Off”.

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