Recover Lost Data When macOS Won’t Start Up

Picture this: you sit down at your desk and are eager to start the day with your trusty Mac, only to be greeted by a black screen and a stubborn refusal to boot up. Dread sets in as you realize that you might have essential files and cherished memories trapped inside a seemingly unresponsive Mac machine.

Don’t fret just yet! Every Mac user encounters unexpected challenges at some point, and there’s a lifeline to cling to – iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac. Step into the realm of Mac data recovery adventures, where a Mac data recovery tool infused with magic can be used to recover your data in macOS Recovery mode when macOS won’t start, bringing your treasured data back into the light.

What Is iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac?

iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac acts as a user-friendly and multi-functional data recovery application dedicated to helping Mac users retrieve deleted or lost files from SSDs, HDDs, USB flash drives, CF cards, memory cards, SD cards, and many more storage devices on Mac.

With its powerful technology and algorithm, iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac embarks on a quest to scan and recover your precious data, bringing back your cherished Office documents, photos, videos, audio files, archives, emails, etc. from various data loss cases, be it mistaken formatting, disk corruption, system crash, virus attack, file system corruption, bad sector, accidental deletion, and so forth.

It’s worth noting that iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac is characterized by its robust functionality, namely, file retrieval from an unbootable Mac in macOS Recovery mode, which can help you get your vital data back from a non-starting Mac with ease. Its versatility, high data recovery rate, safety, and ease of use make it the go-to choice for Mac users facing data loss challenges. Embrace the magic of iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac and let it unleash its powers to rescue your data when you need it the most.

Instances Requiring Data Recovery in macOS Recovery Mode

iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac does not specifically require macOS Recovery mode for its regular functioning, so when do you need to use this application in conjunction with macOS Recovery mode to recover your lost data? Here comes a list of Mac not booting up scenarios, such as Mac flash folder with a question mark, Mac black/white/pink screen, Mac stuck on the loading screen/apple logo/login screen, Mac starting up to the prohibitory symbol, to name a few. If you are coming across one of the above-mentioned situations, don’t hesitate to ask iBoysoft Mac data recovery software for further assistance.  

How to Use iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac to Recover Lost Data from a Mac that Won’t Boot?

When your Mac encounters startup issues and refuses to boot up, iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac is a powerful ally at your disposal. Whether you have an Intel Mac, a T2-secured Mac, or an Apple Silicon Mac, this versatile tool can help you recover your lost data when your Mac becomes non-bootable.

Step 1 Access macOS Recovery Mode. The method for entering macOS Recovery mode varies depending on your Mac model, so follow the steps carefully:

For Intel-based Macs: Ignite your Mac and swiftly press “Command + Option + R” simultaneously until you watch for the spinning globe, indicating your Mac journeys into Internet Recovery mode.

Recover Lost Data When macOS Won’t Start Up

For T2-protected Macs: Instantly press and hold down “Command + Option + Shift + R” as you power on your Mac until the spinning globe graces your screen.

Recover Lost Data When macOS Won’t Start Up

For Apple Silicon M1 & M2 Macs: Press the power switch (Touch ID) with a firm grasp until “Loading startup options” appears. With the selection of “Options” followed by “Continue”, you will boot into macOS Recovery mode successfully.

Recover Lost Data When macOS Won’t Start Up

Step 2 Wait for Progress Bar Completion. Entering macOS Recovery mode may take longer than a regular startup. Ensure your Mac is connected to a power source to avoid any interruptions.

Recover Lost Data When macOS Won’t Start Up

Step 3 Verify Internet Connection. iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac requires a stable internet connection to fetch the software from its server. Make sure your Mac is connected to a reliable and stable Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection.

Step 4 Open Terminal from Utilities. Go to the Apple menu, click “Utilities”, and double-click “Terminal” to open it.

Recover Lost Data When macOS Won’t Start Up

Step 5 Launch iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac from Its Server. Enter the “sh <(curl” command in the Terminal window, fetching iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery from its server with no need to get it installed on your Mac.

Step 6 Select Your Mac Hard Drive to Search for Lost Data. Once iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac launches, choose your Mac hard drive and click “Search for Lost Data“, and then the scanning process will commence automatically, searching for your lost files.

Step 7 Preview and Select Files for Recovery. After scanning completes, you can preview the found files. Take your time to review them and select the ones you wish to recover by ticking the checkbox next to them, and then click the “Recover” button.

Please note that you should connect an external storage device to your non-starting Mac and select it as the location for the recovered files. Double-check the recovered files on another computer if possible to ensure a successful recovery.

Final Verdict

Losing access to your precious data due to an unbootable Mac can be an anxiety-inducing experience. Luckily, iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac emerges as your guiding wand with simple access methods tailored to your Mac model, enabling you to recover lost data in macOS Recovery mode when your Mac won’t start up. Trust in the power of iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac to breathe life into your unbootable Mac, restoring the enchantment of your lost data!

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