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Rumor: Shiba Inu Will Partner With Microsoft?

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Rumor: Shiba Inu Will Partner With Microsoft?

Shiba Inu investors are speculating about a possible partnership with Microsoft. The rumor mill started spinning because of a recent tweet from Microsoft.

The rumor mill is running at full throttle
The tech giant’s official Twitter account made a joke about dogs participating in online meetings on its business communications platform called “Teams.”

Many believe the tweet could be a reference to popular cryptocurrency Shiba Inu. Microsoft has therefore been inundated with responses from SHIB investors. Some even went as far as predicting a possible partnership with the tech giant.

Optimistic but not impossible

The speculations of the Shiba Inu community may be a bit too optimistic, but it is not a very crazy thought. Microsoft is very interested in the crypto world. The company published a vacancy in February to develop its own Web3 strategy.

Last month, Microsoft also announced that the game company Activision would buy Blizzard for $68.7 billion to compete in the metaverse sector. The Federal Trade Commission is currently reviewing the massive deal.

Remarkably, Shiba Inu is also working on its own metaverse project and the crypto coin collaborated with a former executive of Activision Blizzard at the end of November.

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