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Samsung adds crypto wallet to Galaxy S22 models

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Samsung has announced their latest smartphone series, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series. The South Korean electronics giant is investing in crypto, among other things, and comes with all kinds of functions, including a crypto wallet.

Samsung announced the new S22 series during their ‘Unpacked 2022‘ event, where the crypto wallet was also discussed. The Samsung Wallet , as the wallet will be called, will be able to store, access and explore cryptocurrencies . Users can also share their digital assets with other addresses. In addition, the Samsung Wallet is also suitable for safely storing personal identification. This includes driving licenses and student passes, but also credit cards, digital keys and vaccination certificates.

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The (crypto) wallet will be compatible with Samsung Pay, Samsung’s payment platform. In addition, the security of the app will be controlled by Samsung’s Knox Vault. Blockchain keys and other sensitive information are isolated from the main mobile phone operating system.

Last year it was already announced that Samsung was going to support crypto wallets such as Ledger. So now they come with their own wallet.

Samsung in the metaverse
Samsung announced the new Galaxy S22 in the metaverse, which is not the company’s first step into the virtual world. Last month it was already reported that Samsung was going to open a digital store in the metaverse, via decentraland (MANA). It is a version of a brick and mortar store that is located in New York.

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With the step to a virtual world, Samsung wants to add new experiences for their users. Technology, fashion, art, music and sustainability come together in this world and offer unique and new opportunities for Samsung supporters.

Samsung has already taken more steps in the world of blockchain and crypto. The multinational has previously announced that it will be possible to buy NFTs (non-funglibe tokens) via their smart TVs.

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