Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra – YES! It Just Got Better

Samsung is bringing this big  change with the Galaxy S24 Ultra   which will significantly enhance the  image quality and user experience.   You see, the S20 Ultra was Samsung’s first  phone to feature a periscope zoom camera.   It had a 4x optical zoom. Samsung improved  it to 5x optical on the Note 20 Ultra.   

Users complained that they need a short-range  zoom as well so Samsung brought an additional 3x   telephoto camera on the S21 Ultra for short-range  zoom along with a 10x optical periscope camera   for long-range zoom. Samsung went on using  the same setup for the next two years.   

Now, it looks like, with the Galaxy S24 Ultra,  Samsung is bringing the biggest change to its   Zoom cameras over the past year three years  by upgrading one of the Zoom cameras.    No, I’m not talking about the continuous zoom  camera. Instead, Samsung will upgrade the 3x   telephoto camera with a 5x telephoto camera  on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. That’s according to   GalaxyClub who have an excellent track record.  So it means the Galaxy S24 Ultra will have two   zoom cameras, one with a 5x telephoto zoom  and another with a 10x telephoto zoom.

  This contradicts a rumor we heard a while ago that  Samsung is getting rid of the 3x telephoto camera   altogether on the S24 Ultra. But considering  Galaxy Club has a better track record than Ice   Universe, the leak from Ice was probably wrong. Now, I know some of you might have a couple of   questions. What about short-range zoom  then? The reason Samsung brought a second   3x telephoto camera was to provide a better  short-range zoom. If Samsung is going with   a 5x optical zoom on the S24 Ultra, how are  we going to take short-range zoom photos?   

Well, it looks like Samsung will utilize the high  resolution of the main camera which is 200MP for   lower zoom factors such as 3x telephoto zoom.  Optical zoom cameras are always better than   cropping in with the main sensor so I guess  we’ll have to wait and see if this is a good   decision. Ideally, the best decision would  be to use a continuous zoom camera with a   variable lens that allows us to zoom in  at any level without losing quality.  


That brings me to the second question that you  might have. Does this mean the S24 Ultra won’t   have a continuous zoom camera? Well, it indeed  looks like the phone will not have this tech.   Samsung will instead stick to a combination of  two telephoto cameras for the Galaxy S24 Ultra.   No further details have been shared by Galaxy  Club but the Galaxy S24 Ultra could bring some   huge power and efficiency gains.

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