Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 – FINALLY

We have three big updates to talk about Samsung’s new flip phone the Galaxy Z Flip 5 which will launch in about a couple of months. Starting off with a key feature that went missing on Samsung’s Flip phones for some reason that we take for granted on their other flagship phones. You see, it’s incredible to think that the modern smart device we have today is basically a portable supercomputer.

Compared to the first computers, smartphones are thousands of times more powerful. Traditionally, desktops and laptops were the go-to devices for a full computing experience, but now Samsung DeX has changed that. With DeX, users can turn their smartphones into powerful desktop computer. But you see, the Z Flip lineup despite being a flagship phone with a flagship chipset, doesn’t support the DeX functionality.

Samsung didn’t officially say why they don’t offer DeX for their flip phones but it is being discussed on the internet that it’s either due to the Flip phones using older USB 2.0 technology which doesn’t offer the necessary speeds required for DeX, though you could argue they could at least enable the wireless dex feature. But the problem with that is the Z Flip phones have small batteries and a small surface area to dissipate heat.

Since DeX is resource hungry, the small form factor is probably the main reason why the Z Flip phones don’t have DeX. But that is changing with the Galaxy Z Flip 5 as Samsung is finally bringing the DeX functionality to the Flip phone. That’s according to Sammobile who have a great track record when it comes to Samsung leaks. Now, you might say, Sal didn’t you just say the reason Samsung didn’t enable DeX on Z Flip phones so far is due to the small form factor? Since the Z Flip 5 will also have almost the same form factor how is it that this phone supports the feature while the older ones don’t? Well, it all boils down to the efficiency and heat management of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

You might be aware already that the new Snapdragon chip on the S23 lineup is the most efficient Snapdragon chip in recent times. Not only that it also generates way less heat. The chip took care of the two biggest hurdles for the Flip phones to get the DeX. And now Samsung finally decided to bring one of their best features to their most popular foldable phone.


Moving on, when Onleaks revealed the renders of the Z Flip 5, he showed that the color of the area around the cover screen will match the rest of the phone. But that likely won’t be the case as Sammobile is saying that the area will always be gloss black no matter the color to better hide the display when it’s turned off.

And finally, we have the Unpacked event date confirmation. Recently we learned that the event will take place a couple of weeks earlier than usual and that is exactly the case. South Korean media is reporting that it will take place on July 26th in South Korea this time instead of the usual launch in the United States. Both the Z Flip 5 and the Z Fold 5 could go on sale two weeks later on August 11th.

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