Samsung’s Charging Dilemma: What’s Changing with the Galaxy S24?

People are really excited about the new Samsung Galaxy S24 phones that are coming soon. They say these phones will have cool features like AI and strong frames. But there’s one thing that many people think Samsung needs to fix, and that’s how the phone charges without any wires.

The Problem with Charging:

A long time ago, in 2018, Samsung made it possible for their phones to charge without any wires at a speed of 15W. But guess what? They haven’t made it faster since then! Other companies have made their phones charge much faster, but Samsung’s stayed the same. The most recent phone, the Galaxy S23, is supposed to charge at 15W, but if you use a charger from another company, it only charges at 10W. That’s not fair, is it?

How Other Phones Charge:

Other companies like Apple are trying to make things fair. They are letting you charge your phone faster with any charger. Samsung should do that too. Charging has become better now. It used to be slow and make the phone hot, but they fixed that. Phones from other companies can charge very fast now. Some even charge at 100W! That’s much faster than what Samsung is doing.

Problem with the Best Samsung Phone:

The best Samsung phone right now is the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It’s really good, but there’s a problem. It charges very fast with a wire, 45W to be exact. But when you want to charge it without any wires, it’s only 15W. That’s not very “Ultra,” right? And if you want to use a charger from another company, it’s even slower. Not fair!

What Samsung Should Do:

When the new Galaxy S24 comes out, Samsung needs to make things better. First, they should let us use any charger we want. Apple is doing that, so Samsung should too. Second, they need to make the charging faster, especially for the best phone, the Ultra. Other phones are charging way faster, and Samsung should catch up.

We Don’t Know Yet:

Right now, we don’t know if Samsung will make these changes. The rumors are not saying much, and Samsung won’t tell us until the new phones come out in January. Some people say Samsung might make the wired charging really fast, up to 65W. If they do that, maybe they will also make the wireless charging faster. But we are not sure. Let’s hope Samsung makes the charging better in the new phones!


We really want Samsung to make the charging better in the new Galaxy S24 phones. Other phones are getting better at charging, and Samsung should not be left behind. We hope the new phones will let us use any charger and charge faster, especially the Ultra. Let’s wait and see what happens!

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